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1449 West Extreme State’s Number One Master

Li Changtian sneered but ignored this cultivator.

The truth realisation state peak stage who came with LI Changtian however saluted with his fists to the female cultivator. "Wei Lanfeng greets big sister Quan."

This female cultivator just nodded and didn't seem to be very polite.

Ye Mo had recognized who this person was, it was Snow Forest Pond's Quan Luan. This woman took advantage of him at the Heartless Sea before. When he beat Yin Xu, she took the chance to kill Yin Xu and take his spear.

There was a female cultivator behind her, it was Mu Feihuan. When he first saw this woman, she was truth realisation state level seven, now she was truth realisation state level eight.

Quan Luan didn't keep scorning Li Changtian and just stared at Ye Mo and sneered. "Ye Mo, people really meet again everywhere. You ran away at the Heartless Sea before, today you can come with me to Snow Forest Pond. I need your help."

Ye Mo said calmly, "Sorry, I'm not interested."

When he was truth realisation state primary stage, he wasn't afraid of her, he was injured and with Su Jingwen and them, thus he didn't fight her. Yet, this woman thought he was afraid of her and dared to look for his trouble.

Quan Luan said in contempt, "That's not up to you."

Seeing the conflict break out between the two, Li Changtian didn't keep talking. He wanted the two to fight. When Fang Yizong fought them three, the three of them were at a disadvantage immediately, but Ye Mo could beat Fang Yizong himself and not fear his divine damnation. Eventually, he forced Fang Yizong to immortal ascension. Even so, Fang Yizong still lost an arm.

He was certain that two of them combined were no match for Ye Mo, but Quan Luan was different. He really wanted to see the two beat other so he could take advantage of things.

Then, Quan Luan flung her hand and a blue shadow came out. It had a sword chi that instantly sealed the space around Ye Mo. Clearly, she was scared of Ye Mo running again.

Feeling her domain, Ye Mo shook his head. She was much stronger than Li Changtian but her domain was far weaker than Yu Zizhen's. When he was truth realisation state level three, he could beat Yu Zizhen fleeing and spitting blood. Now that he was truth realisation state level seven, he didn't feel any sense of challenge fighting someone weaker than Yu ZIzhen.

She then released another net shaped magic artifact. She wanted to capture Ye Mo alive. To her, Ye Mo was a goat waiting to be captured.

She knew Ye Mo's value very well, his power was secondary but he was a level nine pill king. 

But when the net shaped magic artifact just left her hand, Quan Lan felt things were wrong. Her blue sword didn't trap Ye Mo as she willed. It slowed down immediately as soon as she released it. Her net magic artifact couldn't even leave her hand.

This was a domain many times stronger than hers, Quan Lan instantly realized this. Only a cultivator much stronger than her could instantly bind her with domain.

Knowing that she was bound, Quan Lan's face changed greatly. She burst out her cultivation essence and wanted to break free while burning essence blood.

Mu Feihuan had seen Ye Mo's power, when she fought with Ye Mo, she knew the terrifying power of Ye Mo's domain. Now that grandma fought Ye Mo, her face went pale and was burning essence blood as soon as the fight began.

Even Mu Feihuan knew that grandma was far weaker than Ye Mo.

Without hesitation, Mu Feihuan used her Clear Moon Dual Blades, wanting to help Quan Lan block a strike from Ye Mo but as soon as she went into Ye Mo's domain, she was also bound. The only thing she helped Quan Lan with was to reduce the time it took for her to break free.

The purple sword rays came and Quan Lan was scared soulless. She was a truth realisation state cultivator about to achieve immortal ascension and was invincible in the West Extreme State, yet she couldn't even last a single move against Ye Mo.

Luckily when the purple sword rays came, she already broke free from Ye Mo's domain and retreated without hesitation.

With a splurge, blood splashed and Quan Lan fell on the sand. A gash appeared across her stomach. If she didn't retreat fast enough, she wouldn have been cut in half from the waist down.

"Grandma…" Mu Feihuan rushed to Quan Lan and helped her up while eating a few pills.

"I'm fine," Quan Lan said in a hoarse voice. She ate a few pills and finally stabilized herself. She looked at Ye Mo in shock, she didn't expect she couldn't even last a single move against Ye Mo. His power was too astounding, was he even matched on Luo Yue continent with such power?

Ye Mo didn't pursue her when she got injured. If Ye Mo did, there was no way for her to escape other than using a forbidden magic.

Just one move and she was heavily injured, her magic artifact was also in Ye Mo's hands. She finally understood why someone as cocky as Li Changtian was actually like a coward in front of him. A cultivator who passed the Heaven 36 Domains was this terrifying?

Like Quan Lan, Wei Lanfeng was also extremely shook. He thought that with Quan Lan attacking, Ye Mo this young cocky cultivator was dead for sure. However, Quan Lan only lasted one move and was almost killed. This was probably Ye Mo not even trying to kill her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Since when was there someone like this in the West Extreme State? How come Li Changtian knew his power but he didn't? What was going on?

Li Changtian broke into a cold sweat seeing Ye Mo heavily injured Quan Lan in one move. He originally wanted to ask Wei Lanfeng to fight with Ye Mo, but now seeing the battle here, he knew Ye Mo was many times stronger than when he fought Fang Yizong.

Before, Ye Mo showed his power to be truth realisation state level one, now he was truth realisation state level seven.

"You're powerful to this extent," Quan Lan said in disbelief and hesitated before saying, "I admit defeat…"

Li Changtian and Wei Lanfeng glanced at each other in shock, they knew this Quan Lan too well. She was stubborn like a rock but there was one day where she admitted defeat.

Ye Mo said calmly, "Last time at Heartless Sea…"

Before he finished, Quan Lan took out a storage ring and gave it to Ye Mo. "That person's things are here, I didn't touch them."

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense and saw that Red Ruin Spirit Spear was still there. Ye Mo didn't keep looking and just threw it into his storage ring. He was planning to leave here. 

The five low level cultivators were completely dumbfounded. Whether it was Quan Lan or Li Changtian, Wei Lanfeng and even Mu Feihuan, they were all very famous and each of them stood at the peak of West Extreme State.

Yet this young man who crossed from the demon lands not only made Li Changtian act like a coward but even the number one master of West Extreme State couldn't even last a move against him. This was too shocking. If they didn't see this with their own eyes, they would've thought this was a joke.

Ye Mo looked at Li Changtian and asked plainly, "Domain lord Li, do you have anything to say? If not, I'm going to go."

Li Changtian quickly saluted with his fists. "No, no, the two wan beis who offended brother Ye deserved to die. If brother Ye is willing to be a guest at the Endless Forest, I will welcome you greatly."

"No need for that, I'm busy, goodbye." Then Ye Mo was about to leave.

Mu Feihuan walked up to Ye Mo and said respectfully, "Martial brother Ye, that blue sword is a heritage item of our Snow Forest Pond, please…"