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1414 The City Lord is Always Ye Mo

Ye Mo already saw the cultivator who came, it was a cauldron filling state level three cultivator. He had dense hair and powerful cultivation essence, he was obviously no ordinary cauldron filling state cultivator.

"Manager Yu!" the two nascent soul state cultivators quickly greeted.

Ye Mo said coldly, "You're right, I'm the city lord of Mo Yue City."

"You're asking to die!" Manager Yu was furious and released a thick metal sword. The city lord was Liu Oulan, where did this arrogant fool come from, daring to call himself city lord?

Ye Mo didn't care and hacked over with Zi Xu.

All the cultivators just saw a purple ray flash and there was a howl of pain. Manager Yu didn't even release his magic artifact fully and turned into a corpse.

An essence spirit ran out in fear and released a bright spark.

Ye Mo didn't kill his essence spirit and waited for him to signal the alarm.

Even an idiot now realized Ye Mo was here to start trouble.

In the blink of an eye, tens of dashing lights came. A bulky man with a ferocious face's sounded out, "Who dares to start trouble at Mo Yue City? Have you lied enough?"

Manager Yu's essence spirit charged up and said shakily, "City lord Liu, it's this person. He's been killing cultivators outside the city and he even destroyed my body because I said something."

Ye Mo looked at this man in confusion, he didn't seem very cunning how could he be Mo Yue City's city lord? He was only cauldron filling state level six.

The big man calmed down instead. This young cultivator could easily kill manager Yu meaning that he could easily kill him. The strongest that came with him was only disaster transformation state middle stage. In order to take on Ye Mo there needed to be one or two truth realisation state cultivators, otherwise, he would need to activate the formation.

He stared coldly at Ye Mo. "I'm Mo Yue City's city lord Liu Oulan. Who are you, how dare you kill innocent people outside my Mo Yue City? Do you think Mo Yue City can't kill you? Do you believe that I only need to throw down a few formation flags and you will be trapped by level nine trap formation? Then, any golden core state cultivator will be able to kill you."

Ye Mo smiled. "I don't believe it."

"You…" Liu Oulan was furious. He didn't activate the trap formation as he couldn't control it well and it used up a lot of resources.

But seeing so many cultivators watching him, Liu Oulan couldn't hold it and threw out a few formation flags.

Nearby cultivators were all anxious, fearing to be trapped too.

But soon, they calmed down. They found that Liu Oulan was a liar, nothing happened when he threw down the formation flags.

Liu Oulan's face was green. He would ask Ji Ling later why this happened. Did this old man do something to the trap formation? Did he think he was strong just because he was truth realisation state level one? He could easily kick him out of the city.

Ye Mo sneered - trapping him with the formation he set up? This was a joke! He intentionally asked, "Liu, why haven't I been trapped yet?"

Everyone heard this and couldn't help laughing.

Liu Oulan in his embarrassment and in his fury said coldly, "Who the hell are you?"

Ye Mo said loudly, "Mo Yue City's city lord Ye Mo, you don't even know me and you dare to call yourself city lord?" Ye Mo waved his hand and those formation flags Liu Oulan threw out appeared in his hands. He crushed them and they turned to dust.

With this, all the cultivators were startled. Some had long recognized Ye Mo but they didn't dare to make a sound. Now that everyone was boisterous those cultivators dared to show off. "See I told you that was city lord Ye Mo."

"Two city lords, this will be fun."

"Hehe, I don't favor pill king Ye, Silver Moon pill king and Guan Tian pill king both aren't here.."

"Not necessarily I think pill king Ye might be a truth realisation state qian bei, look at his means before."

Lin Zhishen looked at Ye Mo in shock, he didn't expect that he came over with the city lord of Mo Yue City Ye Mo. Luckily he didn't talk shit about Ye Mo on the way, otherwise even if Ye Mo didn't kill him he wouldn't have the face to stay.

But then he thought now that Ye Mo came back, what would happen to Mo Yue City?

"Huh…" Mu Qingxiu exclaimed. "So martial brother Ye was Mo Yue City's city lord? We came with the city lord? I actually came with Mo Yue City's city lord to Mo Yue City, my god…"

"Shush." Lin Zhishen quickly stopped her. It was undecided who was the city lord yet.

Lin Zhishen realized he was too serious and eased his tone. "Martial sister Qingxiu, you know who killed that Tian Aofeng? It was city lord Ye. It was because Tian Aofeng was so cocky and he offended city lord Ye. So I hope you can understand what I said to you before."

Unexpectedly, this time Mu Qingxiu didn't argue back and nodded. "I know martial brother."

Liu Oulan was dazed and asked in shock, "You're Ye Mo?"

Then he felt his tone sounded weak and roared, "So what if you're Ye Mo? I'm the city lord of Mo Yue City now, not only do you not support me, you kill my manager instead…"

Before he finished, a lightning sword flashed and manager Yu's essence spirit turned into nothing.

"This is killing him," Ye Mo said plainly.

Ye Mo would've killed Liu Oulan too if he didn't know what his relationship with Shen Guanqing and Yue Qichao was.

"You, you…" Liu Oulan's face was so green that he spat blood.

"Ye Mo…"



"Haha, brother Ye!"

"City lord Ye!"


A few more dashing lights came. Seeing them, Ye Mo's heart was warm. This was his home. No matter who dared to stir trouble on his land, he wouldn't let them go.

Luo Ying, Ning Qingxue, Su Jingwen, Ye Ling, Tang Beiwei Song Yangzhu, Ji Ling, the Lin Yiban couple, Meng Hanan, Xu Changji, Shi Tie, Ye Wucai Xin Zhida and them all came. He even saw Xu Ping amongst them.

Seeing they were all fine, Ye Mo finally felt assured. Although he saw Blue Moon leave the Heartless Sea, he was still worried.

Su Jingwen, Luo Ying and the rest's eyes almost melted upon seeing Ye Mo.

After a long while, they calmed down from the joy of reunion. Ye Mo didn't even need to say anything, one glance and they knew some things needed to wait a while.

Seeing this, Liu Oulan couldn't resist and raised his voice, "Ji qian bei, Ye Mo killed Mo Yue City's manager as soon as he came here, is he asserting his dominance? I, Liu Oulan, am the city lord here!"

Everyone quietened down wanting to hear Ji Ling's reply.

Ji Ling said calmly, "Mo Yue City was set up by brother Ye, the spirit ranges below and formations outside were all set up by him. If he doesn't give the city lord position to someone else, then Mo Yue City's city lord is forever Ye Mo."