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1514 Brought This On Yourself

Feeling the pressure from the truth realisation states, Yu Jinan knelt down. He wanted to slap himself a few hundred times. He dind't even find out who Ye Mo was and came here to seek death.

The skinny truth realisation state looked coldly at Yu Jinan and said coldly "are you regretting not finding out Ye qian bei's identity first…"

Hearing this, Yu Jinan almost fell. Even truth realisation state level five He Qumei called that young cultivator qian bei, just who was he? He was crazy to take on someone like that for a dead Qu Liang.

"He qian bei, wan bei, wan bei…" Yu Jinan didn't want to get revenge from Ye Mo at all. He just wanted to go back to the sect and go into solitary cultivation and not come out until he reach truth realisation state. before truth realisation state, he was worse than an insect in front of them. This feeling was intolerable for him, a cultivator who had been at the top for so long.

The skinny cultivator said "Ye qian bei came to East Black State to set up interstate teleportation formation, you offended Ye qian bei, no one can save you."

Then He Wumei shot out a dark ray into Yu Jinan's chest. Yu Jinan couldn't move immediately, He Wumei turned back to a disaster transformation state level seven and said "Shang Fei lock him up first and wait for Ye qian bei's decision."

"yes." A cultivator came up and took Yu Jinan away immediately.

Yu Jinan knew Shang Fei but even if he wasn't sealed he didn't dare to do anything.

He breathed easy after leaving the room, he really couldn't take that pressure inside.

Shang Fei took Yu Jinan to a room and saluted with his fists "sorry sect leader Yu, you can only stay here and wait for Ye qian bei."

Yu Jinan took out a jade bottle to Shang Fei "brother Shang, on the account we know each other can you tell me who that Ye qian bei is?"

Looking at the jade bottle, Shang Fei couldn't resist but take it and say "sect leader Yu I only know some simple things. The teleportation formation from East Black State to South Peace State is seriously damaged, that Ye qian bei is a level nine formation grand master coming to repair it."

Yu Jinan dazed, a level nine formation grand master was indeed very important but not to the degree for He Wumei to call him qian bei.

Shang Fei sighed seeing that Yu Jinan hadn't realized things "sect leader Yu, your sect is 8 star sect but Ye qian bei can probably completely stamp clean your sect in less than 5 minutes. The East Black State teleportation formation is damaged but it can still teleport jade slip. 9 star sect Heaven Demon sect's sect leader Xi Luan are friends with Chi qian bei. This time XI Luan qian bei went to North Far State. before she went, she sent a jade slip to sect leader Chi and it introduced Ye qian bei's character and power."

Shang Fei shook his head "sect leader Yu, if you knew that the South Peace State disaster was saved by Ye qian bei by himself, if you knew two 9 star sects in South Peace State were easily annihilated by Ye qian bei, if you knew the 10 star power of South Peace State Pill City sent 11 truth realisation state cultivators to attack Ye qian bei and was killed clean by Ye qian bei and yet Pill City didn't even have the courage to get revenge, you wouldn't look for trouble with Ye qian bei."

"huh…" Yu Jinan was completely dazed. He didn't expect the young cultivator he wanted to look for trouble with was this power. This was completely beyond truth realisation state cultivator. No wonder He Wumei called this person qian bei.

Before Shang Fei left he said "Chi qian bei and them are here waiting for Ye qian bei, they've been waiting for a month or so…"

Yu Jinan completely collapsed. He knew that with one word of Ye qian bei, he would be completely over and so would his sect.

The spirit rest tower's happy atmosphere was made sullen by Yu Jinan.

Chi Pei was annoyed, this Yu Jinan was an unlucky charm.

Xi Luan was very close to him. When they first set up the teleportation formation, they two regretted meeting so late. Her jade slip was very detailed and he only told the others some basic things.

Ye Mo could be said to be the number one person in South Peace State now. level nine formation grand master, level nine pill king and he annihilated thousand km spirit devouring bug by himself, killing a few hundred million sand soul beasts. He killed 11 truth realisation states including a truth realisation state level nine with low grade immortal artefact.

Fighting against someone like that is asking for death.

Just when Chi Pei was annoyed, the body condensation state reported again saying desperately "Chi qian bei, qian beis, Ye qian bei is at the teleportation formation studying the teleportation formation…"

"quickly go." Chi Pei rushed out of the spirit rest tower already. The rest of the cultivators followed. They all wanted to see what sort of person this Ye qian bei was.

Ye Mo knew that Luo Ying wanted to go back but Ye Mo wasn't going to fly across the Heartless Sea. he just needed to repair the teleportation formation and go back through there.

They just arrived for a while and Chi Pei brought everyone over.

"East Black State Chi Pei greet grand master Ye…" Chi Pei wanted to call Ye Mo qian bei but Ye Mo was much younger than him and only a level higher than him in cultivation level. He knew he would probably be instantly killed by Ye Mo but he was too embarrassed to call Ye Mo qian bei.

Ye Mo heard of Chi Pei, Luan Xi told him it was her good friend.

Even if he wasn't Luan XI's friend, Ye Mo would give some face to him for being East Black State truth realisation state so he politely greeted everyone including the disaster transformation state level formation grand masters.

After that greeting, they realized sometimes stories weren't true. Luan Xi said Ye Mo was very powerful and they most not offend Ye Mo. This made them think Ye Mo was a cold master.

But Ye Mo treated Chi Pei with the same attitude he treated body condensation states.

Chi Pei breathed easy and then spoke about Yu Jinan. Without hesitation, he knew it was Yu Jinan's wrong. Qu Liang he knew was very lustful.

Ye Mo's wife was an extreme beauty in this world. Qu Liang wasn't going to let her go after seeing her.

Hearing this, Ye Mo's face immediately sunk. He just realized that he let Yu Jinan but this guy instead wanted to find people to kill him.

Seeing this, Chi Pei immediately realized what to do without the need for Ye Mo to say anything. He said to the truth realisation state level two behind him "sect leader Yu has made a huge mistake, he must die, the Chang Qing sect can change elders."

"yes, sect leader." The truth realisation state turned to leave.

Ye Mo didn't expect Chi Pei to be this decisive. Ye Mo wasn't going to let go someone like that.

"Ye qian bei how should we set up this formation please tell us, we can do the work." This was the only level nine formation grand master of East Black State.

Ye Mo nodded " I'll set up this formation, the spirit chi here is too bad, the formation materials are too low quality too, I will switch it all."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Then Ye Mo said to Luo Ying "Susu, go with Qianqing and them and stay at the spirit rest tower for a few days. I need about five to six days for this formation."

Ye Mo was level one immortal formation master, he had no problems for this teleportation formation and he had plenty of materials in his storage ring. He was willing to do this for East Black State. he wanted that after he set up the teleportation formation, any cultivator could use it to get to South Peace State and not be limited like before.

"mhm. " Luo Ying nodded.

Seeing Ye Mo take out an extreme grade spirit range and put into the formation, even Chi Pei was dazed. Even his sect didn't have it and yet easily took one out to set up the teleportation formation. This wasn't just wealthy.

The few formation grand masters saw Ye Mo make formation flags on the spot and knew Ye Mo wasn't repairing formation, he was setting up a completely new teleportation formation.