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1501 The Ugly Woman Waiting for Ye Mo

There was countless corner soul weed and Ye Mo decisively stopped collecting more. he felt he collected enough. He turned and left the depth of the sea corner without hesitation.

Before, he was really careful and was still hit by corner soul weed a few times but now with his speed, he was completely fine. This further made Ye Mo realise the importance of spirit sense cultivation method.

He had decided to find a complete spirit sense cultivation method to cultivate no matter what. his spirit sense cultivation method was completely learned from the three eyed purple frog, it was incomplete and not very high level.

If there was an extremely high level spirit sense cultivation method, Ye Mo was certain he would be much better off in here but there were too little people who knew spirit sense cultivation method. He had seen a few spirit sense attack cultivation artefact but no one with spirit sense cultivation method. The only person worth doubting with that Jiu Qian. He was completely unaffected by the 12 pill king steps.

Just when Ye Mo came back to the island, he saw a cultivator lurking at the border. Seeing Ye Mo,t hat cultivator immediately jumped up and came to Ye Mo.

This was a cauldron filling state level three female cultivator, she was extremely ugly, there were cuts all over her face. They had formed scabs and left worm like lines all across her face.

Even her hands and neck were covered in such wounds.

Ye Mo looked at this and sighed, how could he not know this woman did this to herself. Even though her wounds could be healed with pills, she left them.

"wan bei Jin Qianqing greet Ye qian bei." The female cultivator bowed respectfully.

"you stayed here waiting for me?" Ye Mo asked.

"yes wan bei is indeed waiting for qian bei here, please punish me qian bei." Jin Qianqing didn't seem scared at all.

Ye Mo nodded "why are you waiting for me, speak."

"wan bei dares to ask to collaborate with qian bei." Jin Qianqing said.

Hearing this, how could he not know what she meant? She was only cauldron filling state level three and wasn't too old, she probably at most spent around ten years.

If it was someone like Gu Hezhou wanting to collaborate with him, he would be overjoyed but a new cultivator like Jin Qianqing didn't interest him at all. If she was older, perhaps he would be happier as that would mean she knew more about the sea corner.

Jin Qianqing probably realized what Ye Mo thought but she didn't seem scared at all and said "qian bei wants the way out of here, not how long one has being staying at this island for. Some people stayed ehre for a few thousand years and never thought of leaving. Qian bei just came here for two weeks and wants to leave."

She looked calmly at Ye Mo and continued "I believe Ye qian bei know what wan bei means, if it's a cultivator who doesn't want to leave, even if he stays here for 10000 years, he isn't someone qian bei wants to collaborate with."

"that's right." Ye Mo nodded "tell me about your way, if you have some good way I can collaborate with you."

He was shook with this Jin Qianqing's acute mind. He had only seen such insight of Jing Yingli. He met such a smart woman again. Like Jing Yingli, they were both observative and ugly.

Jin Qianqing said "the sea corner is actually an immortal formation and a high level one."

"how do you know?" Ye Mo asked in shock.

"because my ancestor is a immortal formation master, a level five immortal formation great master." Jin Qianqing said.

Ye Mo didn't answer, he would definitely not believe a level five immortal formation great master would appear in the cultivation realm. Chu Jiuyu was that powerful but he was probably at most a level one immortal formation master. There was no immortal crystals, how could there be level five immortal formation great master?

Jin Qianqing continued "there's no way there would be a level five immortal formation great master in the cultivation realm. my ancestor is an immortal, although he was only a golden immortal, his formation skills are very high. He was forced to the cultivation realm to set up formation and seal. My ancestor knew he would be killed as soon as he was done with the formation so when he set up the formation he said there was limitations by the cultivation realm and he couldn't set up high level formations.

The person forcing my ancestor was powerful but his formation skills weren't as good as my ancestor. He was too powerful and couldn't come to the cultivation realm so he could only leave everything to my ancestor. Thus, my ancestor left loopholes everywhere on the formation. That person was only leaving something in the cultivation realm and could only come down after ten thousand years. He didn't know what my ancestor did. My ancestor secretly set up an escape spirit formation after setting up that huge formation."

Hearing this, Ye Mo thought of that Lu Zhengqun and those seal flags. If an immortal formation master wanted to hide them, he couldn't do it? was this done by this Jin Qianqing's ancestor?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"what's your ancestor's name? is he still here?" Ye Mo suddenly asked.

Jin Qianqing looked at Ye Mo in confusion, why did Ye Mo suddenly ask for her ancestor's name? this had nothing to do with going out.

But she still answered "my ancestor's name is Jin Jinlin. He's no longer here, it was just a hollow immortal who killed him but that hollow immortal didn't expect my ancestor to have set up escape spirit formation already and escaped with part of his essence spirit. When my ancestor got home, he knew he wouldn't be able to stay for long so he resisted the disperse of his essence spirit and spent a month to leave behind multiple jade slips."

"what did he leave behind?" Ye Mo suddenly asked.

Jin Qianqing frowned and said after a long while " that's my JIn family's belonging. I want to collaborate with qian bei because I'm a level seven formation grand master so I can understand part of this immortal formation. But my power is limited and I can't leave here alone."

Ye Mo knew that she meant she got the teachings of her ancestor's immortal formation knowledge and thus knows some things about the sea corner. They could collaborate and go out but the jade slips were her personal things.

But Ye Mo wanted the jade slip her ancestor left behind. No matter how powerful his Three Birth Chant, without the model for immortal formation, he wouldn't be able to imagine the ways to set up immortal formation. If he saw the real means of setting up immortal formation, he would be able to use Three Birth Chant to create it.

Ye Mo knew these thing were extremely precious to Jin Qianqing and she definitely wouldn't tell him this if it could be avoided. If she met a cruel cultivator, he would definitely kill her and take things.

Seeing Ye Mo not talk, Jin Qianqing was also nervous. In here, she could only collaborate with Ye Mo. She had seen through the truth realisation state cultivators here, if she revealed her secret, she would be killed.

She came to Ye Mo because she could tell Luo Ying loved Ye Mo extremely. She warned the disaster transformation state level two before activating the attack formation.

If Ye Mo was a cruel person, he wouldn't get the bone etched love of such a woman.