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1497 Sea Corner, No Exi

Ye Mo knew what Wang Jing thought, he was scared that he wanted the city lord position and would kill him. But how could Ye Mo stay here and be city lord? He would rather tear open void and go into void fissure than stay here and die.

Ye Mo stopped him "I'm Ye Mo, city lord Wang I won't stay here and be city lord. I just want to ask one thing, has there been any clues of leaving here after all these years?"

Wang Jing smiled bitterly "brother Ye, I don't know if the qian beis before me thought about going out but I've tried many times and each time I almost died to the corner soul weed especially the dark weeds. Later on, I gradually gave up the thought. Each year, there would be many cultivators trying to leave here but none of them came back. I don't know if they found a way out or died in here. There's no exit in the sea corner."

Ye Mo frowned, he didn't expect the city lord to have no clues after searching for all these years.

"brother Ye now that Feng Xian isn't here, his home is very luxurious, that place belongs to brother Ye now…" Wang Jing said.

Ye Mo interrupted and said "no need, I have my own place, than you city lord Wang."

Ye Mo didn't have any good impression of this Wang Jing, plus there were many places to stay in the city.

Then, Ye Mo took Luo Ying and Jie Youkui to an empty ground and released a house shaped magic artefact. Instantly, it turned into a mansion that was a few hundred meter squared area. It was a house cultivation artefact.

All the cultivators were dazed, even Jie Youkui looked at Ye Mo in a daze, who would spend money to buy such a cultivation artefact? It was extreme grade cultivation artefact too, did he not have a place to spend spirit stones?

Only Luo Ying knew that Ye Mo made this house cultivation artefact himself, there was everything inside.

Ye Mo took the two inside. He didn't worry there would be danger outside, this was a space cultivation artefact and he set up a level nine defense formation. Even truth realisation state cultivator wouldn't be able to break it quickly.

Seeing the three go in, Wang Jing shook his head. This cultivator was too wealthy, extreme grade cultivation artefact house, this was luxury amongst luxury. It was completely just for the looks, only an idiot would spend large amounts of spirit stones on that.

"brother Ye you have such good thing? My dad said extreme grade cultivation artefacts are very expensive.." as though remembering Ye Mo gave her an extreme grade cultivation artefact, she quickly took it out and gave it to Ye Mo "brother Ye, you lent this to me, I don't need it now."

Ye Mo pushed it back to her and said "I have a lot of these, you can keep it."

"huh…" this was the first time she had heard someone say he had a lot of extreme grade cultivation artefact. Even a top grade forgery grand master wouldn't have a lot of that.

Luo Ying smiled "Ye Mo indeed has a lot of it, just take it."

Ye Mo was a top grade forgery grand master and got a lot of materials from Suo Anshan. His things were all top grade and he also collected a lot of materials himself in the void fissure. In terms of materials and spirit herb, it was hard to find someone wealthier than Ye Mo.

Hearing this, Jie Youkui accepted it.

"brother Ye what do we do now?" Jie Youkui was very happy getting an extreme grade cultivation artefact but being trapped on this island was very depressing.

Luo Ying wasn't worried at all, her face was very calm. She believed Ye Mo would have a way out.

"don't worry, Wang Jing was rubbed of his edges by time and just wants to live. but there are still many relentless cultivators here who would want to go out. Even if they find a way out, they wouldn't tell anyone. We just need to set up a sign saying that cultivators who want to go out and know some clues can collaborate with us." Ye Mo said.

The island wasn't small but the city wasn't big so news spread quickly.

In half a day, the news that a top grade master who killed the vice city lord in less than ten seconds spread out. Those cultivators who had enmity with Feng Xian rejoiced.

News of them staying in an extreme grade cultivation artefact house spread even faster so when Ye Mo was searching for collaborators to leave here, news spread out to everyone.

Wang Jing was constantly watching Ye Mo's news and when he heard about this, he shook his head in contempt. Countless people had wanted to leave here in history but who could do it? how many people were trapped in the sea corner, who dind't want to come to the island? But which few lucky ones could come to the island? They were at the island now, they should be rejoicing, not finding a way out and killing yourself in the process.

"don't worry about him, after a while, he would know there's no way out and he would settle down and come back to the island." Wang Jing waved his hand to his men.

Almost everyone was discussing about Ye Mo.

"that Ye Mo actually wants to collaborate with people to leave the island, do you think there would be idiots to go join him? A few bored body condensation state cultivators were discussing in the market. An extremely tall man said in contempt.

"would you go cooperate?" someone asked.

"am I an idiot? Would I go do it when I know it leads to death?" the tall male cultivator rebuked unhappily.

"pity.." one cultivator said.

"pity what?"

"pity those two female cultivator, especially the yellow robed one, it's definitely the prettiest female cultivator I've seen in my life. would they be able to live if they go with Ye Mo?"

"do not want to live?" Shi Xiuwu dared to pay 1000 spirit stones to buy her and he was almost slapped to death by Ye qian bei. Feng Xi backed him up and was killed. City lord Wang Jing killed Shi XIuwu in order to suck up to Ye qian bei, how dare you discuss that female cultivator…"

"can you be quiet? No one would know here, are you going to dob me in. where did Xin Xi go? He wouldn't dob me in right?"

"he's not that type of person but it's possible he might be willing to collaborate with Ye qian bei."

In a simple room, a skinny black man and a square faced robust man sat opposite each other. The skinny black man was Xin Xi. He couldn't sit anymore hearing that Ye Mo was looking for ways to leave the island.

"you're saying we should collaborate with that Ye Mo who just came?" the square faced man replied heavily. He was Xin Xi's brother Xin Yi. A few decades ago, they got caught in here chasing a spirit beast.

"yes, brother, do you not want to go home? We're both body condensation state if we waste more time here he would die." Xin Xi said.

Xin Yi shook his head "you know I've been wanting to find a way out, how do I not want to go home? If I don't want to leave why do I go out everyday searching for a way out. But that Ye Mo's too powerful and very decisive in killing. If we accidentally offend him we would be dying here."

Xin XI immediately answered "Ye qian bei is very powerful indeed or he wouldn't kill Feng Xian so easily but the stronger he is the better. It's our opportunity, otherwise, even if we have some clues we wouldn't be able to leave. Plus we're men, so what if we die, it's better than doing nothing and living here? Sister in law has been waiting for you for a few decades, do you not miss her?"

Xin Yi sighed "but we're only body condensation state and he's a truth realisation state qian bei, what right do we have to cooperate with him?"

"We have decades of experience of searching the sea corner and some knowledge of getting out. If we dont' grasp this chance, we won't ever get an opportunity." Xin Xi said.

Xin Yi fell silent for a while and suddenly got up "but we need watch for a while and see what sort of person that Ye qian bei is."