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1464 Truth Realisation State Female Cultivator and Young Girl

Ye Mo was repairing the teleportation formation while helping Mo Yue concoct some high level pills.

The nine headed void devouring bug was killed by Ye Mo so the cultivators hiding in Pei Hai city all left. They all came to say goodbye to Ye Mo. There were quite some sects at Pei Hai city too.

Two days later, Ye Mo repaired the Pei Hai teleportation formation and the city emptied up. There was still a lot of people but not as abnormal as before.

The day Ye Mo finished repairing the teleportation formation, Ye Mo left North Far State.

Standing at Mo Hai city again, Ye Mo exclaimed. He went from demon prison forbidden grounds to West Extreme State and then from there to North Far State. now, he took teleportation formation back to South Peace State. other than East Black State that he hadn't been, Luo Yue continent's three states were like his backyard.

Ye Mo headed to the teleportation formation immediately. He was going to go South Peace city and then fly home to Mo Yue City.

But as soon as Ye Mo came here he felt an unusual temperature. Two golden core state cultivators were discussing outside the teleportation formation hall.

"I'm certain that female cultivator is a truth realisation state qian bei. She crushed that cauldron filling state cultivator with one hand, it's definitely cultivation essence giant hand…"

"Luan Yi has been an overlord at Mo Hai city because his father is a cauldron filling state powerful being and the vice city lord. Now, he met someone tough. He even dared to harass truth realisation state qian bei's disciple, this is asking for death."

"but that truth realisation state qian bei's disciple is indeed really pretty."

Ye Mo heard this and immediately thought of Tang Mengrao and Yimo. Was that Luan Yi harassing Yimo and was killed by Tang Mengrao?

Ye Mo felt it wasn't so, if he encountered this, he would kill the person but Tang Mengrao brought Yimo to South Peace State. she knew there were countless masters here, how could she be so impulsive?

Suddenly, the golden core state cultivators found out there was someone in front of them. They couldn't see Ye Mo's power level and yet he came before them without a sound.

"qian bei…" the golden core state level four got up nervously.

Ye Mo nodded "I heard you guys talk about a truth realisation state qian bei taking a young girl here and killed the vice city lord and his son right?"

One of them nervously said "qian bei, we, we…"

Ye Mo smiled "no need to be nervous, that female cultivator is my friend so I'm just asking, don't worry. What happened? Do you know where she went after killing those two? Did she leave through teleportation formation?"

Hearing this, the two golden core state finally felt assured.

Now that Ye Mo asked about her, the golden core state level four quickly replied "yes, yes, it happened on the main street. The truth realisation state qian bei killed Luan Yidu, many cultivators saw this. then the vice city lord Luan Chang came. He was also crushed by the qian bei's cultivation essence giant hand. But she didn't leave through the teleportation formation. After that the truth realisation state elder of the city came and they started fighting…"

Hearing this, Ye Mo was shook. Tang Mengrao was only truth realisation state level one, how could she fight other truth realisation state cultivators.

He then asked desperately "then what happened?"

The golden core state shook his head "we don't know, the Mo Hai city truth realisation state qian bei didn't want to break the city so they went to the Heartless Sea to fight. We don't know the results."

"where is the young girl?" Ye Mo asked.

The golden core state answered " the female cultivator took the girl with her. They left towards east."

The golden core state added "I heard the other truth realisation state elder of the city also chased over."

"when was this?" Ye Mo was worried. Tang Mengrao couldn't even beat one truth realisation state much less two.

"yesterday…" the golden core state answered but realized the cultivator had disappeared.

"another truth realisation state qian bei?" the two glanced at each other and quickly left this hall.

Ye Mo released Blue Moon and brought its speed to the max. he didn't know why Tang Mengrao still hadn't left Mo Hai city till up to yesterday but she was in danger.

Ye Mo used his strong dimensional sense to find some space ripples. The battlegrounds of truth realisation state cultivator would still have some minor residue even after a day but even Ye Mo could only barely find it.


A huge explosion sounded in the Heartless Sea, Ye Mo chased over without hesitation.

When Ye Mo saw the three people there, he immediately knew he completely guessed wrong. There were two bodies on the island. One man and woman were at a stand off. Both of them were truth realisation state peak stage, the male cultivator was heavily injures. He detonated some rune but it didn't injure the female cultivator and instead disrupted his cultivation essence.

Ye Mo didn't know this female cultivator but she was much prettier than Tang Mengrao and had this royal temperament. More importantly, the girl watching wasn't Yimo but Ye Mo knew her.

Ye Mo suddenly waved to the girl "Jie YOuning, long time no see, how is your father."

Ye Mo suddenly appeared there on the island but when the female cultivator saw Ye Mo was only truth realisation state level seven, the female cultivator showed a contemptuous look. She only started watching Ye Mo again when she heard he knew the girl.

"you're Ye qian bei?" the girl immediately ran to Ye Mo's side.

"that's right, I'm Ye Mo, why aren't you with your father? It's quite some journey from your Zhu Yin island to here. Why did you guys run so far?" Ye Mo smiled and asked.

The girl's eyes went red and sniffed "I don't even know if my father is alive or not. We three sisters ran out with aunty Yi. And then, then…"

The girl glanced at the female cultivator and didn't dare to keep talking.

Ye Mo felt the eeriness of things. Jie Youning seemed to be scared of this truth realisation state female cultivator. Is she was her aunty Yi, she shouldn't be scared of her. Plus, Jie Feng was truth realisation state peak stage. His cultivation essence and spirit sense were very powerful. Who would dare to do anything to Zhu Yin island.

Ye Mo said to the girl "Youning, I'm friends with your father, if you have anything tell me. I will help you. You can leave with me, I really don't believe anyone dares to do anything to you."

"mhm…" her father seemed to have told her about Ye Mo's power and she boldened up.

The female cultivator sneered "such big words."

Ye Mo didn't know the relationship between the two so he ignored her and said "tell me what's going on."

The girl glanced at the beautiful truth realisation state peak stage female cultivator and said carefully "I'm actually Jie Youkui, Youning is my little sister…"

Ye Mo coughed awkwardly "my bad, continue."

"a mere truth realisation state level seven dares to be this cocky." The female cultivator said to the young girl "Jie Youkui stand on the side, I'm going to kill firs.t"

The heavily injured man said to Ye Mo "friend, this demon killed the vice city lord of Mo Hai city and killed two truth realisation state elders. Her power is very powerful. We need to join up against her."

"haha…" the beautiful female cultivator laughed as though hearing a ridiculous joke.