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"immortal demon crystal?" Ling Xiaoshuang called out in shock. She only raised her voice a little but it seemed eerily sharp in the demon prison forbidden grounds.

As though to respond to her call, there was a huge rumbling in the distance as though someone attacking something.

The three quickly came to the place of the sound and found there were a few hundred cultivators gathered here. They surrounded a dried up river bed, there were many bones inside.

Seeing this, Ye Mo immediately knew this might be the bone river.

"rumble…" Ye Mo saw a disaster transformation state shoot out a red flame and with a sharp howl a crystal fell to the ground.

Another immortal demon crystal, Ye Mo had understood, all the people here were waiting to get the crystals. Even their position was decided after some battles.

"Shan qian bei…"

"goddess Ling…."

There were less people who knew Ye Mo and they felt strange when Shan Bingfeng came with Ye Mo.

Some cultivators knew about the Pill City, Infinity Sect and Lightning Cloud Sect things and wanted to come up and greet Ye Mo. However, they were afraid of losing their spots if they left.

Ye Mo just wanted to find someone to ask where Silver moon pill king went when he saw a few cultivators fly over from the side of the bone river. They quickly said "dao friends please help, so many demonic spirits chased over, we're no match."

Many cultivators already noticed the demonic spirits chasing over. Unlike the evil spirits, demonic spirits could be found with spirit sense if cultivators knew of the frequency.

Tens of cultivators charged over and there were more than ten demonic spirits, under the attacks of countless flames, they quickly turned into immortal demon crystal.

"don't stay here, go to that side. That's demon prison plain, there's a lot of demonic spirits there. We have too little people." The saved cultivators said desperately.

Hearing this, all the cultivators left the bone river and followed them into the plain.

Soon, there was only them three left.

"master are we going to the plain too?" Ling Xiaoshuang asked.

Shan Bingfeng looked at Ye Mo wanting to know what he thought.

Ye Mo said uncertainly "Shan qian bei, I don't feel the demonic spirits here are that simple, they're too easy to kill. There's some eerienss about the whole thing."

Shan Bingfeng fell silent and said after a while "I believe you've been to too many dangerous places like the ice god forbidden grounds. It's indeed very dangerous but theoretically the demon prison forbidden grounds is the number one forbidden grounds, it should be more dangerous than the ice god forbidden grounds. That's why you have this feeling. This place is indeed dangerous but the blood pool has dried and the bone river doesn't have that calling. I believe some incident occurred here causing this."

Even she thought so, Ye Mo didn't continue explaining.

Seeing this, Shan Bingfeng said "there's three directions ahead of the bone river to enter the depth of the forbidden grounds. One leads to the plain, another to the three birth bridge, another leads to sand river…"

"sand river?" Ye Mo repeated in shock. West Extreme State had a sand river too and West Extreme State had a demon realm too. There was two ways of getting there, one was from the sand river. If that really was the case, then there were two ways from South Peace State to West Extreme State, one was through the Heartless Sea another through here.

Ye Mo came from earth and knew planets were round. Luo Yue continent was huge but no one knew if it was round or not. Who can be sure it wasn't?

If Luo Yue continent was a round planet, then things could be explained.

Shan Bingfeng nodded "yes sand river. I've heard qian bei mention it, but I've never heard of those who went in and came back."

"since no one has come back, how do they know one path leads ot sand river?" Ling Xiaoshuang asked.

Shan Bingfeng smiled "there would always be someone who knows, there's no reason for it."

In a short while, more than 100 cultivators came over where they came from.

"martial uncle Shan…"

"martial sister Qingshuang…"

"brother Ye…"

There were even some people Ye Mo knew.

Seeing QInghan and Qingyi and them, Ye Mo felt warm at heart. They had gone through hardship together in the Truth Fall Palace so Ye Mo greeted them "why didn't Qingyue and Youshan come?"

"they're in solitary cultivation." QInghan quickly answered. She exclaimed at heart thinking that although Ye Mo annihilated Lightning Cloud Sect and Infinity Sect, he was still the same Ye Mo.

"how did you guys all come here?" Shan Bingfeng looked at the Clear Dream Mosque nuns and asked in confusion.

"sect leader said that demon prison forbidden grounds opened up and told us to come for a trial." The nuns said.

Shan Bingfeng nodded. She knew what the sect leader meant, Luo Yue continent was about to descend into chaos, so was South Peace State. if they stayed in the sect and never experienced things, they would always be soft. Only through blood and battle could they grow.

Ye Mo fell silent, was keeping Luo Ying and them in solitary cultivation good or bad then?

"city lord Ye, I'm going to take my disciples to demon prison plain, what about you?" Shan BIngfeng asked. She knew that since the Clear Dream Mosque disciples were here, she couldn't' keep going with Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded "okay, Shan qian bei go as you please, I'm going to stay here a while."

Then, Shan Bingfeng and them left the bone river and headed into the plain. The rest of the cultivators followed too. In the turn of an eye, Ye Mo was the only one left here.

Ye Mo didn't go because he felt there was something wrong with the bone river. He couldn't tell exactly what it was.

He was bewildered that with all the countless bodies here no evil spirits formed.

Ye Mo stood by the bone river and scanned in with his spirit sense. even though his spirit sense was extremely powerful, he couldn't find anything inside. He still felt it was strange though.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo released mist lotus heart fire and used Heaven Flame Nine Suns.

A blue sun shone above the bone river. Instantly, a few shadows seeped out. They were very fast.

Ye Mo's face changed, there really were evil spirits here. Ye Mo didn't understand why they didn't attack those cultivators.

Truth realisation state cultivators could use their domain fire to kill evil spirits instantly but if they were possess by evil spirits, then it would be very difficult.

Although Ye Mo could only use one blue sun with Heaven Flame Nine Suns, this sun would even be able to melt top grade spirit artefact much less these evil spirits.

Howls sounded and the evil spirits were immediately melted away.

Before Ye Mo could breath, a figure dashed out of the Heaven Flame Nine Suns rapidly. It had a dark red color.

Without a doubt, it was a very powerful evil spirit or it wouldn't become dark red and ran from the Heaven Flame Nine Suns.

Instantly, Ye Mo chased over not noticing that the evil spirits he killed didn't drop immortal demon crystal.

The dark red evil spirit was very fast and moments later it appeared at the cross road. Without hesitation, it chose one and went in.

Ye Mo looked at the ten meter tall black stone tablet by the side, it had the bloody words demon prison three birth bridge.