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1393 Who is Asserting Dominance?

Gong Zhe saw that Ye Mo didn't want to dodge at all and Lan Qirui didn't move either and was very shook. He didn't want to kill Ye Mo but only wanted to teach Ye Mo a lesson to warn Lan Qirui.

As long as Ye Mo had the will to dodge he could save him, but Ye Mo didn't even want to move. He didn't even flinch.

Ye Mo didn't move because although these lightning arcs would be enough to kill truth realisation state primary stage cultivators, they were just like a tickle to him.

He was god state body refinement now and even if he wasn't, devouring lightning source was all too easy for him. These lightning arcs would at most break his clothes.

*Thud thud*

The lightning arcs fell on Ye Mo's body and made eerie low thuds. There wasn't the sound of crisp lightning strikes that there was supposed to be.

Everyone thought that after that blast, Ye Mo would be turned to dust.

But after that vibrant wave of lightning arcs, everyone's was dazed. Ye Mo patted the dust off his shirt and seemed very at ease. Not even his clothes were creased nor a hair out of place.

The scene was dead silent.

Everyone saw the power of the lightning arcs. No one believed they would be able to dodge it without even creasing their shirt.

But Ye Mo did this without a magic artifact or taking any action. He just stood there.

Lan Qirui's eyes spasmed, he felt he underestimated Ye Mo. Ye Mo was more powerful than he had imagined.

Teng Xiong's heart sunk, he realized who Ye Mo's support was. Ye Mo was pretending to be weak this whole time. With this power, not even Jie Feng would be a match for him.

He had the power to take a few spirit ranges. He finally realized why Lan Qirui kept his head low coming here. He didn't force Ye Mo to come over, Ye Mo forced Lan Qirui to lead the way.

Jie Feng took a cold breath in. He also felt concerned about the lightning arcs, but Ye Mo was able to take it without moving. Not even truth realisation state peak stage cultivators could do this.

He felt the same as Teng Xiong, Ye Mo had hid his power. Thinking that he didn't force Ye Mo before, he rejoiced his decision. If he forced Ye Mo and angered Ye Mo, then not only would he not be able to make such a friend but he would lose his two daughters also.

The scene was dead silent as what Ye Mo did wasn't something truth realisation state cultivators could do. This was on the level of a hollow immortal.

Gong Zhe was also shook, but the instant he reacted his back was covered in sweat.

Before he could retreat, Ye Mo sneered. "You want to retreat after blasting me with lightning? Keep dreaming…"

Ye Mo waved his hand and a lightning sword was released.

It was the size of a grown man's arm and it was black like ink. With a rumble, the lightning sword was about to land on Gong Zhe.

The danger of being killed came, Gong Zhe in his worry didn't even take back his mace to block this strike. He just wanted to dodge the lightning sword.

But the next moment, he sweat even more. He felt the space around him turn solid and he could barely move. In that instant, he could only barely move his head aside.

With a rumble, the black lightning sword slashed into Gong Zhe's shoulder.

Gong Zhe was smashed and etched into solid ground, his entire arm now missing.

After spitting blood, Gong Zhe crawled up and quickly took back his magic artifact. "Pill king Ye, I exit the spirit range figh…."

Before Ye Mo replied, he roared, "Palace lord Teng, island lord Lan - You can't just watch me die! We five islands…"

Gong Zhe knew from what Ye Mo just showed that he was hugely lucky he wasn't instantly killed.

Plus, that was only one lightning sword before. If Ye Mo used a few more - or ten more - what would he do then?

Lan Qirui took a cold breath in, he had other cards but so did Ye Mo. This lightning sword was so powerful just with one, who was certain that Ye Mo could only use one? If Ye Mo used more than ten and trapped him, wouldn't he be in the same situation as Gong Zhe?

Lan Qirui and Teng Xiong instantly realized the situation and before Ye Mo could attack again, the two stood out and saluted with their fists. "Pill king Ye, since island lord Gong admitted his wrongs already, please have mercy."

Ye Mo did intend to kill Gong Zhe to assert dominance but he had some concerns. He didn't know the relationship between Jie Feng and Teng Xiong and them. He wasn't afraid of Teng Xiong and Lan Qirui, but if the two joined forces, he wouldn't have a lot of upper hand. If Jie Feng was involved, then his main purpose would be affected.

He came here not to kill but for the spirit refining pearl. Even if he didn't kill Gong Zhe, he already asserted his dominance so he nodded. "Since you two asked, I'll show mercy to this man. If he dares to offend me again, I will crush him."

Gong Zhe's face was pale like snow, and now that Ye Mo finally let him go, he was overjoyed.

Seeing this, the two breathed easy. They weren't confident in taking on Ye Mo together. Plus, they hadn't been on good terms with Jie Feng and had long wanted to annihilate Yin Zhu island. If Gong Zhe was dead, they would have one less ally. If this balance was broken, it wasn't good.

Even though he knew Lan Qirui was forced over by Ye Mo, Teng Xiong still asked, "Island lord Lan, where did Huang Qi go?"

Before Lan Qirui could reply, Ye Mo said coldly, "I killed him."

Huang Qi had been Lan Qirui's follower and now that Ye Mo said he killed him in front of Lan Qirui, Lan Qirui didn't show any expression. Teng Xiong and Gong Zhe all felt fear. They had even dared to try and capture Ye Mo for pill concoction.

Gong Zhe hid on the side not even daring to overtly eat pills. He was regretful to the extreme. Jie Feng and Teng Xiong, the two old foxes, must've seen something and thus didn't make a move. But he didn't think carefully and just jumped straight in. He was very lucky to even be alive.

Jie Feng walked up and saluted with his fists to Ye Mo. "I really didn't expect brother Ye to be this powerful, and I even dared to give you a few pointers."

Ye Mo said, "I admire island lord Jie's character, I wish to be friends. Island lord Jie is older than me, if you think we're friends, just call me Ye Mo."

"Haha, then I won't be too polite. It's my luck to know a friend like brother Ye." Jie Feng laughed.