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1384 Dominant Ye Mo

"city lord Ye…" everyone who stood up called out in surprise and joy. Ye Mo didn't change at all, instead he looked even younger.
Huang Yinian was overjoyed. He didn't expect to be able to see Ye Mo again as none of those who went to the small world could come back but Ye Mo came back.
Huang YInian got off his seat without hesitation and said "city lord Ye sit here."
No one felt strange that Huang YInian moved aside, as Ye Mo was back.
"city lord… Ye Mo…." Suo Zhen called out in shock.
Ye Mo ignored him and smiled "sister Yu, Lu Lin, Guo Qi, Li Sandao, Shi Xiu, Fang Wei, director Qianqian, long time no see."
The heavy atmosphere in the meeting room became lightened.
After Ye Mo sat down on Huang Yinian's seat and let everyone sit down, he said to Huang Yinian "city lord Huang, thank you for leading Luo Yue city to such prosperity, sit beside me."
Huang YInian was overjoyed that Ye Mo approved of his work and sat down next to Ye Mo without hesitation.
Seeing Ye Mo sit down in the city lord seat without hesitation, there was a sliver of discomfort in Suo Zhen's eyes but he said nothing.
Suo Zhen's discomfort was caught by Li Sandao. Li Sandao sneered, how dare he act like that in front of Ye Mo. Even powerful people like Qian Longtou and Dongfang family were annihilated clean by Ye Mo. There was blood everywhere in this meeting room but Suo Zhen was too young and didn't see it.
Suo Zhen wanted to remove Ye Mo's status in Luo Yue city just because he made some contributions to Luo Yue city. He was mad. Luckily he didn't tell Ye Mo to leave like the Dongfang family or no one would be able to save him.
Ye Mo said "I've left Luo Yue for more than ten years and Luo Yue is looking so prosperous. Clearly everyone here has worked hard, I thank you for that."
"Luo Yue city is our city, we are willing to do all that." Suo Zhen said.
How could everyone not know what Suo Zhen meant, he was implying that Luo Yue isn't the Luo Yue before, it has nothing to do with you. We're not doing this for you but for Luo Yue city.
It was natural that capable people were cocky but this guy dared to try take away Luo Yue lake, this touched Ye Mo's bottom line. He established Luo Yue to build a peaceful environment but it was important that Qingxue, Luo Ying and them liked this environment.
Put straight forwardly, he built this place for his family and friends, not to maintain world peace and equality. He wasn't that noble. He didn't allow anyone to assault anyone especially anyone to assault his family and friends.
Huang Yinian heard this and immediately knew things weren't good. Suo Zhen was capable but his words already angered Ye Mo and so he quickly said "Luo Yue city looks likes this today mostly due to director Qianqian and vice city lord Suo."
Ye Mo nodded "I heard that Luo Yue city land prices are very high. City lord Ye, tell me the recent policies."
Ye Mo wasn't going to intervene in politics and economy here but since it involved Luo Yue lake, he wasn't going to go easy.

"yes." Huang Yinian sighed. He knew Ye Mo's character decently. He was old and didn't mind losing some face in front of young people for Luo Yue. After all, when he retired, Luo Yue would depend on these young people. But the founder was Ye Mo and he wouldn't allow anyone to do that.
"Luo Yue city's immigration policy was changed. It's arranged due to assets only those with certain financial power can move to Luo Yue city. Those poor families can give their residence to wealthier people to live here." Huang Yinian said.
Ye Mo immediately said coldly "from today on, Luo Yue city will stop migration, as for those who forcefully make poorer families move out of Luo Yue, kick them out of the city."
"yes." Huang Yinian immediately nodded.
Huang Yinian knew this would let Luo Yue become wealthy rapidly but it wasn't the best long term plan. Suo Zhen's face was very bad but he didn't say anything, he made this policy.
Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense and saw ships loaded with weapons about to leave and immediately asked "why is Luo Yue weapons being shipped out?"
"because our weapons are leading the world and many countries have ordered from us. If we sell wepaons we can earn large amounts of foreign income." Suo Zhen said.
"who made this policy?" Ye Mo asked.
Suo Zhen immediately replied "I did, those economic policies that allowed Luo Yue to rise up shortly were all made by me."
"yes, the reason Luo Yue can have today is due to vice city lord Suo's economic plans. Due to this, he is the anointed next city lord. Everyone agrees to this and so does the people of Luo Yue." Another man in his 30's got up and said.
Seeing Ye Mo look at this person, Yu Miaodan quickly said "this is our new Luo Yue commercial vice director, Luan Ming. He's the next commercial director. He graduated from Harvard university."
Ye Mo said plainly "the next city lord will be Shi Xiu, the next commercial director will be decided by Shen Qianqian. Choose someone who came from Luo Yue. As for Suo Zhen and Luan Ming, from today onwards won't have any duties in Luo Yue city…"
"city lord Ye, you…" Suo Zhen got up furiously seeing Ye Mo kick him out. "Luo Yue is everyone's I worked arduously for Luo Yue for so many years. What right do you have to do this? you have no position in Luo Yue right now and left Luo Yue for so many years. What right do you have to point fingers at Luo Yue management. Luo Yue belongs to everyone, not someone, you have no authority to do this."
Ye Mo said coldly "I said Luo Yue is everyone's not you."
Suo Zhen's face was green. Ye Mo meant that he didn't have the righ to say Luo Yue is everyone's.
Ye Mo asked "Suo Zhen's details."
No one knew what Ye Mo meant but only Lu Lin. Moments later, a girl came into the meeting room.
Luo Yue's security was on par with military bases. Ye Mo was powerful and thus he could come in without being noticed but this girl wasn't stopped too.
The girl held a paper but she didn't come in and just read at the door "Suo Zhen, parents are American citizens. Graduated at Harvard 13 years ago and went to Cambridge, after studying for four years he graduated and came to Luo Yue. He came into the city lord estate within three years due to his knowledge and cleverness. Four years ago, he was vice commercial director two years ago, he became vice city lord and was anointed the next city lord. During his term as vice city lord, he was in content with American business tycoon Aircy. Aircy also has another identity, he's a member of a spy organization."
Suo Zhen was shivered hearing this, he had only been in contact with Aircy once and this was investigated. Not only this but even Aircy's identity was exposed. Just how many secrets were in Luo Yue that he didn't know?
"Luan Ming, graduated from Yale ten years ago. He has been in contact with Meduci from the CIA during his time studying. 6 years ago, he came to Luo Yue city and became the vice commercial director." The girl read emotionlessly.