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1383 Wrong, You’re No

"What's going on?" Ye Mo asked. He had a good impression of Chi Wanqing and she was lost in Luo Yue continent due to him. He should stand up for Chi Wanqing's parents.

Lan Yu looked at Ye Mo's face and knew he thought that what happened with the Dongfang Family happened again.

Lan Yu quickly said, "Her parents were very worried that Chi Wanqing left. After her father retired, he didn't stay in the military and moved to Luo Yue City. Luo Yue City has become the world's prettiest city under the work of city lord Huang and them."

Mu An nodded. "Yes, in order to find JIngwen, I came here a few times. I heard that those who live in Luo Yue City have better health on average."

Lan Yu nodded. "But it's a pity, there are too many people wanting to come to Luo Yue City. Because of this, Luo Yue City's land prices are soaring higher and higher. It's not something ordinary people can afford. Wanqing's parents have some savings but they can't afford a better place."

Ye Mo frowned and asked, "Wanqing's mother has a big company and their family is wealthy, how can they not afford to live better?"

Lan Yu sighed. "After Wanqing went missing, her mother didn't have the mind to run her company and it soon started losing money. Soon, it was taken over by another company. They didn't care about the company profits so they just came to Luo Yue City."

Just when Ye Mo wanted to talk, his spirit sense scanned that at the centre of Luo Yue City. Huang Yinian and them were having a meeting. There was a man in his thirties sitting next to Huang Yiniang. He slammed the table, seeming very angry.

But neither Huang YInian nor Yu Miaodan and them said anything. Instead they listened to the man yell at them.

Ye Mo was immediately unhappy, regardless if Huang Yinian was right or wrong, he was the city lord. How dare someone slam the table in front of him? This was too absurd! Huang Yinian led Luo Yue City to such prosperity, how could he allow such person to be in the city lord estate meeting?

Ye Mo got up and said to Lan Yu, "Aunty I'm going to the city lord estate once. I want you to bring Wanqing's parents to live at Luo Yue Lake too. It's pretty big after all. Of course, I want you to tell them what I told you. If they want to see Wanqing again, they have to cultivate at Luo Yue Lake."

Then, Ye Mo took out three bottles of pills and gave them to Mu An. "Aunty Mu, you've had these pills already, just give everyone one."

Lan Yu and them hadn't seen these pills but they knew they were substantial. Mu An was a prime example. They hadn't seen her for so long and yet she seemed so young. Clearly this wasn't normal.

"Go do what you need to do, I will go check on Wanqing's parents with Zhongfei soon," Lan Yu quickly said.

"City lord Huang, I don't get why not? You've seen the development of Luo Yue City in recent years. I'm not wrong - if we change that to be the world trade and economic center, it would boost Luo Yue's economy again." The middle aged man slammed his hand.

Huang Yinian waited till the man was done and said, "If I say no, then no. Other places are fine but not there. Suo Zhen, I know Luo Yue's development is inseparable with your planning but that is non negotiable."

Huang Yinian called him by his full name, clearly city lord Huang was unhappy too. Suo Zhen slammed the table again and got up in agitation. He was almost yelling, "City lord Huang, why is your brain as hard as wood? Luo Yue Lake is taking up such a huge place and only the Ning Zhongfei couple are living there. This is a waste! And Luo Yue Lake's owner Ye Mo didn't do any procedures, one could say that land belongs to the government. We're not saying they can't live here, but we're just telling them to change places and make Luo Yue Lake the economic center. Look at all these economic policies I've made, which one was wrong?"

Yu Miaodan suddenly got up and said, "Suo Zhen, if you dare to call city lord's name straight out like that I will remove you from the list of future city lords. No one who doesn't respect the city lord deserves to become the city lord. City lord is being polite saying that Luo Yue belongs to everyone, but Luo Yue City is city lord Ye Mo's city. Agree or not, that's the reality."

Suo Zhen looked calmly at Yu Miaodan and said, "Does vice city lord Yu think this is a fascist time? You can remove my name however you like? One person's city? Luo Yue is now a democratic city, no one dares to call it one person's city."

Huang Yinian got up. "I agree with vice city lord Yu on this. Luo Yue City is one person's city, Ye Mo's city. No one can change that. Those who agree with us can stand up, those who don't can remain seated."

Lu Lin, Guo Qi, Li Sandao, Shi Xie, and Fang Wei got up without hesitation. Shen Qianqian also got up after a slight hesitation.

There were more than ten people in here and more than half got up. Suo Zhen looked at Shen Qianqian with annoyance. "Director Shen, do you think I'm wrong? During these years, which of my policies didn't encourage the development of Luo Yue? Which one was of selfish intent?"

Shen Qianqian's face changed and after a while she said, "Vice city lord Suo, you're right and your contribution to Luo Yue City these years are undeniable, but I really don't get why you must take that Luo Yue Lake?"

"I've said it many times, it's the place that can allow Luo Yue to soar into the skies," Suo Zhen said unhappily.

Shen Qianqian shook her head. "I don't really mean it when I say I don't get it. Due to your contribution to Luo Yue knowing that city lord Huang and Yu won't agree, I haven't said anything. But every meeting, you're trying to force this matter."

"Oh, then tell me director Shen. Everyone sees how wholeheartedly I worked for Luo Yue City. There's nothing I can say." Suo Zhen calmed down.

Shen Qianqian continued, "If it was something else I would agree, but I owe brother Ye a great deal. Without him, there wouldn't be me today. I love business, but after all these years, I've already realized my dream. I stay here not for my ideals but to genuinely help brother Ye's Luo Yue City."

Shen Qianqian looked coldly at Suo Zhen. "Do you know why I didn't stand up immediately? It's because I really don't want you to have conflict with everyone. Everyone knows vice city lord Suo's capabilities and this is the main reason city lord Huang lets you off. In here, no one is more suited to be the next city lord besides you, but you're doubting who Luo Yue City belongs to. I'll tell you right now, Luo Yue City is brother Ye's no matter the time. I know you might not work wholeheartedly for Luo Yue City after this, but this is reality."

Suo Zhen grunted, "No matter what you say, my passion for Luo Yue City won't be lesser than any of you. No matter what opinions you have of me, I will still work for Luo Yue City. Everyone isn't calm now, I suggest to end the meeting and discuss it next time."

Shen Qianqian shook her head. "Since I chose to speak out today I don't intend to discuss it next time. I know what you want, you indeed don't intend to harm Luo Yue City, but you're too selfish."

Suo Zhen was about to say something but Shen Qianqian waved her hand. "Don't get agitated, let me finish. I'm saying you're selfish because of Luo Yue Lake. Brother Ye chose that place himself. It's the best place in Luo Yue City. It's not just a place anymore, it's a symbolism of Luo Yue's creator. The longer the time passes, the more the citizens of Luo Yue City will respect it, and you…"

"You want to take it first because that's the best place, but more importantly your ambitions are too great. You want to replace brother Ye and when the world economic center is built, people will gradually forget the founder of Luo Yue, Ye Mo, and only remember the person who built this economic center, which would be you."

Suo Zhen's face looked bad. "This is a democratic world, not individual heroism. Director Shen, please don't say things like that."

Shen Qianqian said calmly, "You know you're definitely the next city lord so you just want everyone to remember you."

"I am the next city lord, but…" Suo Zhen grunted.

"Wrong, you're not the next city lord," a calm voice interrupted him.