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1374 Su Jingwen’s Mother’s Suspicion

Knowing this, Ye Mo immediately scanned with spirit sense and soon found the hospital. It wasn't in the city center but it was very luxurious.

Knowing this, Ye Mo didn't want to waste time talking to Su Mei anymore and dashed out. No one watching could feel Ye Mo leaping away.

Ye Mo didn't use any extraordinary means as disappearing into thin air was too absurd, but when Ye Mo leapt out, another person stopped him.

"Patron Ye's killing intent is too dense, come with me to cultivate in serenity for a while," a peaceful voice sounded before Ye Mo.

Seeing this person to be a Wu Dao monk, Ye Mo was speechless. He only killed a few Xi Tang people after coming back and this was considered too murderous. But Ye Mo felt strange, he only killed the Dongfang people last night, how did Wu Dao know?"

"Old monk, long time no see." Ye Mo smiled. Wu Dao was no match for him before, and now he wouldn't even need to move to annihilate him. But Ye Mo had a good impression of this old monk who didn't mind his own business so he didn't attack. "Old monk, I have some business to do. if you want to find me, then go to Ming Xin Hospital quickly, or I won't wait for you."

"Patron Ye, you might not be able to leave now." Then, Wu Dao grabbed at Ye Mo's wrist.

Seeing this, Ye Mo knew that Wu Dao improved a lot. He was on par with Li Cheng of the small world but he didn't have time to waste with this old man. He leaped out again.

Wu Dao didn't mind seeing that Ye Mo tried to escape. He thought it was impossible for Ye Mo to leave in front of him.

But then he was dazed. He missed and Ye Mo was nowhere to be seen. He spun around and Ye Mo was nowhere to be seen.

At this moment, a voice sounded by his ear, "Old monk, those people I killed last night deserved it, you wouldn't think I killed wrongly right?"

Wu Dao was extremely shocked. He instantly knew that Ye Mo's power wasn't something that he could even fathom. He immediately disappeared in the crowd and headed towards Ming Xin Hospital.

"Hmm, where is he?" the woman with Su Mei asked in shock.

"Hmph, this guy has always been sneaky." Su Mei was confused why Ye Mo disappeared but she was still unhappy.

"Master Mo went to Ming Xin Hospital." The middle aged man reacted quickly and immediately dashed out, clearly heading for the hospital.


In the Ming Xin Hospital, Ye Mo saw the old and feeble Mu An in a top grade room. He sighed, Tang Mengrao was many times older than Mu An but she was so young.

"Is Wenwen back?" Mu An was about to pass away but she seemed to notice Ye Mo coming in and struggled to sit up.

Ye Mo really wanted to give Mu An some pills but then he realized it was inconvenient for him.

He had many good pills but they all removed poison and impurities from the body. Who would help her wash? He should've brought Su Mei here.

"Jingwen isn't back, she's very well, I came to visit you first," Ye Mo said.

"You're Ye Mo? That rune master?" Mu An recognized Ye Mo and called out in joy. She knew her daughter was in love with Ye Mo and went to find him.

She asked again, "Is Jingwen alright? Did she find you? Did she come back?"

Hearing this, Ye Mo thought of that snowy day on the streets of a small city where Jingwen almost died. If she did, how would he face this mother?

Seeing her expectant eyes, Ye Mo comforted Mu An's body with his cultivation essence and said, "Aunty don't worry, Jingwen is with me. She didn't come back this time but she will come back and visit you in the future."

There was a sliver of disappointment in her eyes and she said, "You need to treat her well. She's a little emotional and very stubborn on some things…"

Then, she said again, "I heard you have two wives?"

Ye Mo nodded awkwardly. He had more than two.

Mu An sighed, "Jingwen has to like you. She came later on, don't look down on her, sigh…"

"Where is Jingwen? I'm going, I really want to see her?" Mu An couldn't resist asking.

Ye Mo could only say, "Jingwen is in a place cultivating to become an immortal. When her cultivation is ready she can come and visit you."

"You…" even though she knew Ye Mo had the ability to make runes, she was still so angry she fainted upon hearing this.

Ye Mo could only wake her with cultivation essence as he said helplessly, "Aunty, everything I said is real."

Ye Mo quickly said, "Don't you feel much better just now? This is treatment with cultivation essence."

He also quickly took out the crystal ball of when Su Jingwen reached hollow spirit state. "Aunty, if you still don't believe me, look at this. This is when Jingwen reached a milestone in cultivation."

Looking at Su Jingwen flying around in the sky after the divine damnation, she was dazed. Her daughter was younger than before and even prettier. Were there really immortals in this world? Was her daughter an immortal?

But then, she realized she was tricked and said melancholically to Ye Mo, "Don't trick me with these computer synthesized images. Jingwen is my baby - tell me, where is she?"

Ye Mo was speechless, "Aunty, see if I have aged. I've been cultivating too so I look very young."

"Huh…" Mu An just remembered that the last time she saw Ye Mo was many years ago and he was still this young now. Was he really an immortal?

But then, she realized that Ye Mo was a rune master, he would have the ability to keep himself looking young. She tried to calm herself and said to Ye Mo, "Ye Mo I just want to know where my daughter is. Don't lie to me saying it's cultivation. Okay, even if she's cultivating, I think it's fine for me to see her right?"

Seeing that Ye Mo was speechless, Mu An said with despair, "You say you're an immortal. Then treat my illness and make me look young again. If you can't even treat me, why lie to me that you're an immortal? I know you're a rune master and I have this energy now due to your treatment before, but I really miss my daughter. Ye Mo, please I beg you. Let me see my daughter."

Ye Mo's heart was aching hearing this. he knew that Su Jingwen was very close to her mother while her father was focused on his career.

If possible, he really would like to bring Mu An to see Su Jingwen but he couldn't.

Ye Mo said seriously, "Aunty I can make you a few decades younger and treat your illness in less than an hour. But I can't do it here, if you regain your youthful look it would cause an uproar."

Mu An smiled but there was no real smile on her face. It was like her watching the show of a liar. "Cure me. If you can really cure me in an hour then I will believe you. Otherwise, please tell me if Su Jingwen is alive or dead."