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1382 Return to Luo Yue City

Ye Mo gave Ning Sishuang a clear mind spell and only then did she wake up. She grabbed Ye Mo's hand and asked nervously, "Brother in law, we're flying?"

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, this is the cultivation I was talking about. Your sister isn't here so she can't come see you, but if you want to learn I can teach you."

"Of course I want to!" Ning Sishuang reacted and said in surprise and joy. She realized why her brother in law told her to quit, if she could cultivate, why would she go study?"

Chu Dan thought for an entire night in her dorm and the next morning, she ran to Ning Sishuang's dorm.

Le Yan got up and saw it was Chu Dan and immediately looked unhappy. She said coldly, "Chu Dan, Sishuang was moved away because of you, what else do you want?"

Chu Dan had an apologetic face. "I came to apologise to her, I regret what I did yesterday. Give her number to me, I will apologise to her personally."

Hearing this, everyone in the dorm was dazed. Chu Dan had always been very dominant, it was absurd that she came to apologise.

Le Yan reacted quickly. "No need for apology, after we ate with Sishuang and her brother in law, they probably left Ning Hai."

"So you have Sishuang's number or do you know where her house is?" Chu Dan asked hopefully.

Le Yan was more vigilant, she shook her head. "I had her number but she doesn't use that phone anymore. She told me that if anyone called her just let them know that she had already left. As for her house, I don't know."

"Huh." There was disappointment in Chu Dan's eyes but she didn't fuss about it. She thanked Le Yan and left.

After Chu Dan left, Le Yan said, "Do you think this Chu Dan isn't very normal? I won't believe someone like her would apologise."

"Would this woman be jealous of Ning Sishuang's boyfriend and want to steal him?" Yi Ming asked.

Yi Xiaoshan crawled up and suddenly said, "That might really be possible. Chu Dan isn't a good person and she would never talk to us in such a low manner."

Le Yan rolled her eyes. "Sishuang already said that it was her brother in law."


Chu Dan didn't go back to her dorm but instead called her father Chu Hang.

"Father, do you think there are immortals in this world?" Chu Dan didn't like people being stronger than her but she respected her father a lot.

Chu Hang was just ready to go to his office and received this strange call. "Dan Dan, why are you thinking of something this strange in the morning? There's a meeting at the company, I'm busy."

"Dad, just answer me, are there people who are able to fly on clouds?" Chu Dan interrupted.

Chu Hang frowned but didn't reproach his daughter. "You can't say it's impossible. Our Chu family ancestor seems to be involved in cultivation. Our Chu family dragon door disk is passed down from our ancestor."

Chu Hang said, "You only need to know it's possible, focus your efforts on studying. It's not something you should be caring about now."

"Then dad, you taught brother to meditate and practice Qi Gong, is that passed down from ancestor?" Cu Dan asked.

Chu Dang agreed, "You don't even want to learn those things why are you asking now? That's right, it's passed down from our ancestor but it's only some Qi Gong to strengthen the body. It's very different than ancient martial arts and rarely do the people in our family get sick. We live long lives also due to this. If you're interested, I can teach you when I come back."

"Dad, if I told you I saw someone fly on the clouds yesterday would you believe it?" Chu Dan suddenly felt her Chu family wasn't ordinary.

"Blasphemy! I'm going to have a meeting, don't think too much. It's going to affect your studies. We can talk at night." Chu Hang hung up.

Chu Dan was dazed for a moment before saying to herself, "I knew you guys wouldn't believe it."

At this moment, Ye Mo got the last two fish tails and was with Mu An and Ning Sishuang.

Mu An saw Ye Mo land in the backyard from the sky with Ning Sishuang and completely believed Ye Mo's words. She really didn't expect there was something such as cultivation in this world.

But after knowing that her daughter was no longer on earth but on Luo Yue continent, she couldn't control her longing for her daughter.

However, Ning Sishuang was getting more and more excited, stars were about to pop out of her eyes.

Looking at the two fish tails, Ye Mo was thankful to Ning Xuyan. If these two fish tails were lost, it wouldn't be easy to find them even with his spirit sense.

"Ye Mo is it hard to come back after we go to Luo Yue City this time?" Mu An asked.

Ye Mo shook his head. "After going to Luo Yue City, I will be leaving. It's very hard for me to come back but if you want to go to Ning Hai you can go at anytime. However I suggest not to come back too often, you need to have a peaceful heart for cultivation. Otherwise, your progress won't be much. Who knows when will be the next time I can come back with Jingwen and them? Maybe ten years or maybe 100 years…"

Ye Mo didn't say that if he ascended into the immortal ascension it would be even harder to come back to Earth.

The dimension was much sturdier in the immortal realm than in the cultivation realm.

"Brother in law, didn't you fly back with me on a cloud? Why is it a flying boat now?" Ning Sishuang thought flying on the clouds was much cooler.

Ye Mo was speechless. "Using clouds is not practical. It's slow and wastes cultivation essence."

Even though Ye Mo used a top grade spirit artifact, they still reached back Luo Yue City in a very short time.

Although he had seen Luo Yue City's prosperity in his spirit sense, when he truly saw it, Ye Mo was still excited. Although he didn't build everything, it was founded by him.

Seeing Ye Mo come back, Ning Zhongfei and Lan Yu's eyes turned red. They wanted to ask Ning Qingxue's whereabouts immediately but they knew Ye Mo would tell them.

Ye Mo spent more than half the day explaining to them what he said to Ning Sishuang and Mu An last night.

The couple were disappointed that Qingxue wasn't back but thinking that if they focused on cultivation, they might be able to see their daughter again, they forced themselves to calm down.

Just wen Ye Mo wanted to go see Huang Yinian and them, Lan Yu asked, "Ye Mo, did you see Chi Wanqing there?"

Ye Mo immediately remembered and felt guilty. She wasn't his wife but she went with Jingwen and them to Luo Yue and disappeared. But he never thought of visiting her parents.

"Her parents came to Luo Yue a few times asking if you were back. Eventually, they just moved to Luo Yue City waiting for you and retiring here," Ning Zhongfei said.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and soon saw a row of small houses in which Tang Qianping lived. Her face looked very similar to Chi Wanqing and Ye Mo guessed she was Chi Wanqing's mother. It should be her father next to Tang Qianping.

Ye Mo frowned. "Why are they living on the outskirts?"

Ning Zhongfei sighed.