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1369 The Sudden Extra Sister in Law

Ning Xuyan forced a smile and said "let's go."
How could Ye Mo not know what she thought but he pretended he didn't know and came with them to Ning Xuyan's place. it was a holiday resort but wasn't open to public. It was only open to people with status.
Ning Xuyan calmed down instead now. regardless, Ye Mo had come in.
As for Sishuang who intentionally left the door open, Ye Mo ignored that.
He had two purpose here, one to take away those two masked guys and another to ask about the fish tails.
"I'll help you get some water…" Ning Xuyan just wanted Ye Mo to leave after drinking water so she said desperately.
She didn't even dare to look at Ye Mo and hurried to get water.
Meanwhile, the young girl was dazed after seeing Ye Mo's face in the light. She had never seen a man with such aesthetics. The edges on his face was very distinct, perhaps he wasn't the most handsome but he was the most perfectly shaped. The only thing was his skin was a little too white. What shook him was that this man was filled with this immortal temperament. This made her want to get close to this man.
In fact, cultivators do have a faint spiritual temperament. Any cultivator had this. cultivators saw it everyday so they were used to it but this girl saw it for the firs time.
Most cultivators were very promiscuous and just slept with whoever they liked. Those cultivators would have lesser spiritual temperament and more of a mixed chi.
Ye Mo's life was very strict. Other than his wives he never touched another woman. Plus he has been cultivating beside the bitter bamboo so comparatively, Ye Mo had much greater immortal temperament.
Ning Xuyan was just about to pass the cup of water to Ye Mo but the moment she saw Ye Mo, she was extremely shook. Her hands shook and the cup fell out of her hands. No matter how perfect Ye Mo's body was, his looks were still there. It looked exactly the same as before but with more temperament.
Ye Mo smiled and didn't move and that cup was somehow in his hands.
Ning Xuyan said dazily after a long while "you, you're Ye Mo…."
Ye Mo put the cup down and smiled "that's right, I'm Ye Mo."
Ning Xuyan heard this and her eyes went red as she knelt down in front of Ye Mo. Tears covered her face.
Ye Mo frowned and pulled her up "if there's something just say it, no need to be like this."
Meanwhile, the young girl screamed at Ye Mo in surprise and joy "you're Ye Mo? My brother in law?"
Ye Mo looked at this young girl, she did look a little like Ning Qingxue. She wasn't as pretty as her but she had this youthful energy.
Was this Ning Qingxue's sister? But Ye Mo knew Ning Qingxue didn't have a sister.
The young girl said again "brother in law, I'm Ning Sishuang, my sister is Ning Qingxue. Where are you living with my sister? Where is she? Did she come back, I've never seen my sister."
Ye Mo looked at this girl who was 16 and suddenly realiesd. He had left Earth for so many years. Ning ZHonfei and Lan Yu had another child.

Ning Xuyan calmed down and wiped her face "ever since Qingxue left, Sishuang's parents have been thinking of her a lot, then they had Sishuang. The name means, keen to see frost as when frost came Xue would here. "(Xue means snow)
Ye Mo exclaimed, time really flew by. Ning Xuyan's sister was even 16 now.
"yes, brother in law, is my sister alright?" Ning Sishuang said again "XUyan and I saw you not wearing clothes before and we thought you were a bad person."
Then Ning Xuyan poked out her tongue and quickly closed the door and added locked it.
Ye Mo wanted laugh, putting that lock on only meant they couldn't escape but Ye Mo felt warm at heart. Ning Sishuang clearly considered him as family.
But Ye Mo knew that Ning Xuyan's family and Ning Zhongfei's family had great conflict. Why were the two together now and seemed very close? But Ye Mo wasn't interested in asking.
"by the way, brother in law, why are you still so young? Is my sister as young as you?" Ning Sishuang asked.
Ye Mo waved his hand "Xuyan what did you want to say? If I can help you I will."
Ning Xuyan nodded and sniffed "because there was no outstanding talent in the Ning family and the great grandpa knows this, so he gradually changed the focus of the family to business. Because we still have quite a solid foundation, in a few years we're a world renowned family corporation."
Ning Sishuang nodded "yes, Xuyan like my sister is a business prodigy. there wasn't anyone skillful in the Ning family so grandpa gave the Ning family's business authority to sister Xuyan. Under her management, in a few years the Ning family light energy electronic products swept the world becoming the second biggest in the industry after Luo Yue."
Then, Ning Sishuang looked carefully at Ye Mo "my grandpa wanted to settle at Luo Yue city but city lord Huang didn't dare to agree saying that he didn't have your order. Eventually, my grandpa passed away unhappily but put more than 80% of the Ning family's assets under Xuyan's name."
Ning Xuyan intervened "great grandpa said "think about calamity and live, live peacefully and die. He said more than once that the reason the Ning family didn't have someone like was that they lived too peacefully. So, great grandpa wanted everyone to go out and fight. As for putting the assets under my name, it's just for me to manage. But, but I upset great grandpa's expectations…"
Ning Xuyan sniffed and couldn't even speak anymore.
With Ye Mo's experience, how could he not know that business went wrong under her management?
Ning Xuyan said again after calming down a little "I was managing grandpa's business so it was fine. At the prime of our Ning family electronic business, I met Fang Chong, he came back from Cambridge university, he was much better at managing business than me. he eventually became my assistant and took the Ning family electronics to a higher level. I wasn't planning to marry soon but Fang Chong was too nice to me and I can't leave him. We married and had Feifei."
"mum, Fang Chong is my dad right?" Ning Feifei asked.
Ning Xuyan quickly said to Feifei "Feifei, go watch TV first."
Feifei was obedient and went to watch TV.
Ning Xuyan continued "Fang Chong agreed to everything I said but after having Feifei, he wanted Feifei to have the Ning last name and let the second child have the Fang last name."