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1362 Immortal Ascension Tunnel

"Suo Anshan." Ye Mo thought of this name instantly and went into his golden page world.
Exposing the golden page world to save his life was worth it.
Rumble… a terrifying explosion sounded. Hundred meter tall explosion waves rose at where Ye Mo was. Nothing existed in that place anymore.
The space wind blades and space fine sands weren't blown away by this explosion. They were all bound in a domain. A black snake head sweeped past and they were all devoured by the snake. If Ye Mo didn't go into the golden page world and wanted to dash out, he would also be devoured by the black snake head.
From the formation disk Ye Mo threw out, he could only see the explosion wave and that huge snake head. The instant he came out of the golden page world, Zi Xu brought a purple ray towards at the snake head.
Whimper. The snake head didn't expect there would be someone alive in the space where the burst truth bead exploded. This strike hacked right into its head splashing black blood everywhere.
Suo Anshan in the distance spat blood again and at a piece of green without hesitation. Then he looked at Ye Mo in shock "how did you dodge the burst truth pill? how did you know, how did you disappear?"
The burst truth bead plus the explosion of space was much more powerful than ordinary burst truth pills.
Ye Mo looked coldly at him "Suo, I forgot you had void life force marrow, no wonder you found your life back so quickly. Didn't you say you hate vice city lord Shi the most. Why did you ambush me immediately? Are you farting with your mouth?"
Suo Anshan's face was green. If people dared to say this to him usually, he would've cut that person into pieces.
Soon, Ye Mo knew why Suo Anshan was attacking him. Shi Taa could protect himself now in his formation. He kept throwing out formation flags clearly wanting to set up a defense formation in his space 9 illusion attack formation. But Shi Taa didn't know his formation at all, even if Shi Taa could set up a defense formation, it wouldn't be able to be accomplished quickly.
Shadowless was flying wobbly. There were a few hundred truth realisation state corpse puppets on the ground. Ye Mo knew shadowless was at its limit.
He took shadowless back. There were still a lot of puppets left but Shi Taa couldn't even protect himself now. he just needed to keep using lightning sword at Shi Taa.
Shi Taa realized this too and his face was scarily pale. He kept eating pills wanting to control the corpse puppets.
Suo Anshan sneered and didn't say anything. He waved and that huge mountain appeared in his hands again. Clearly to him, killing Ye Mo was the most important. He didn't dare to attack Ye Mo first as he knew Ye Mo wasn't easy to mess with. He had great worry towards Ye Mo. If Ye Mo would let him leave now, he would leave without hesitation.
The octagonal cauldron spun above Ye Mo's head. Suo Anshan had recovered his cultivation essence, around 80%.
Just when Ye Mo was about to fight Suo Anshan, Suo Anshan's face changed and he had the look of surprise and joy.

He saw the void open up again, there was suddenly the view of the sky. It was getting closer to them but narrower near them and wider near the black rock city. It's as though someone tore apart the void near black rock city.
With this, it meant that they could leave here. Ye Mo rejoiced and charged over without hesitation. However, he was stopped by a powerful force. Meanwhile, Suo Anshan charged out without any trouble.
Before Ye Mo could react, Shi Taa also looked surprised and joyful. He charged out of the void like Suo Anshan disappearing into the sky. Ye Mo's level nine attack formation couldn't stop them at all.
Immortal ascension. Ye Mo immediately realized and his face looked bad. At this crucial moment, the immortal ascension tunnel opened again. What was the reason?
If it wasn't for this, Suo Anshan and Shi Taa would eventually become his loot. Ye Mo was very unsatisfied. He couldn't leave through that immortal ascension tunnel, only truth realisation state peak stage could leave through there.
Shi Taa left in such a hurry that he didn't even take a single corpse puppet. Now, they were all running around frantically like flies.
Seeing that his formation wasn't able to do anything to these puppets, he just took it away and without the formation binding, they all dashed out into the endless void.
He didn't know puppet control and didn't want to take these puppets that were so cruelly created.
Just when Ye Mo wanted to contact DI Xueming, he charged over and quickly threw out a jade slip at Ye Mo "the reason is in here, I'm going to immortal ascension, brother we'll meet again in the immortal realm…"
Then, Di Xueming instantly disappeared in the cracked open void.
Ye Mo quickly took the jade slip and felt at loss. His friend left and so did his enemies, he was the only one left in this void.
Scanning his spirit sense in, there was Di Xueming's desperate voice "my friend told me that there was internal conflict at Black Rock city. Black hades isn't in the city and his city lord estate was completely smashed. They found a huge seal there and some extremely precious spirit item was sealed there. When someone broke the seal, they found that the immortal ascension tunnel was opened…."
There was also another map behind the words. Ye Mo could tell it was the tunnel DI Xueming told him about.
Ye Mo fell silent and decided to go see Black Rock city. If all the truth realisation state peak stage cultivators ascended then there was no threat for him at the city.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo dashed quickly towards the city, half way, he heard the rumbling sound in the sky. The immortal ascension tunnel was slowly closing up.
Ye Mo felt strange but he still dashed towards the city.
He was disaster state body refinement now and he flew at full power. In just ten days, he arrived at black rock city.
When he came back here again, he could only feel everything was dead.
Ye Mo scanned with spirit sense, there were bodies everywhere. Clearly, there was a huge battle not long ago.
Seeing that so many truth realisation state cultivators were so close to immortal ascension but died in this battle, Ye Mo sighed.
Suo Anshan couldn't react at the time but he would definitely be able to realise that he had a small world. if he saw Suo Anshan in the immortal realm, he would need to kill him.
Ye Mo walked on the streets alone, all the shops were in shambles.
Those dead cultivators' items were also looted.
Ye Mo didn't search street by street. All the good things wouldn't be on display outside, it would be kept in storage rings.
So the first place he went to was the city lord estate. He wanted to see what spirit item was sealed there.