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1348 The cultivator abandoned by heaven dao

Ye Mo felt very annoyed while running, why was it that he always offended those bastards with powerful backgrounds.
Lightning Cloud Sect Tian Aofeng, Infinity Sect Yuan Guannan and some Tong Hai cult Yong Wuzi and Yong Yuer. Ye Mo didn't even know how many of these people he had offended but he knew this was related to his character. If it was some other cultivator, he probably would've handed up his storage ring.
But he wasn't going to, he had too many good things inside. If he was going to transfer it, perhaps the truth realisation state old man would notice and his golden page world would be exposed. Plus, even if he didn't have any good things, he wouldn't give his storage ring unless there was no other way.
After a while, Ye Mo stopped. He believed that those black rock city people wouldn't be able to chase up to him in this void chaos flow city. He was king state body refinement power and with this speed who could catch up to him.
But Ye Mo stopped for less than 15 minutes and few multiple extremely powerful cultivation essence wave scan over.
Ye Mo was shook, clearly this was truth realisation state peak stage power. With this many people all coming towards his direction, it was obvious they were coming at him.
How were there so many masters in the black rock city? Ye Mo didn't understand. Even if they were masters how could they move so fast in this void? Clearly they were all experienced in body refinement.
Ye Mo knew that even though he had left so early and was still caught up, it was pointless to run. However, he had to keep running. If he stayed here and got surrounded, he would be dead for sure. No matter how absurd he was, he was only a truth realisation state level one cultivator.
Just when Ye Mo wanted to change a direction to run, he heard a voice not far ahead say "follow me, this way."
Ye Mo was shook, this voice was so close to him but he didn't even notice it. if this person didn't speak to him he wouldn't be able to notice even till now. but Ye Mo knew this voice probably had no ill will, otherwise, he would've been ambushed already.
Realising this, Ye Mo headed towards the direction of the sound without hesitation. Moments later, he saw the person making the sound. He was hiding behind the space chaos flow, no wonder he couldn't see him before.
This person looked skinny and black, there were some moustache on his chin, he wasn't very handsome but he had distinctive features. The man immediately said to Ye Mo "don't turn back, come with me now. if you fall into those bastards' hands you will die for sure."
Ye Mo saluted with his fists "thank you friend, I'm Ye Mo."
The man nodded "I'm Di Xueming. This isn't the place to talk, lets leave first."
Then, the black skinny man turned and Ye Mo saw his figure fading. Ye Mo followed quickly. 8 hours later, the man stopped by a space whirlpool and closed his eyes for a long while before opening them "it's fine now, they have lost track of us."

Ye Mo quickly asked "I've left that much earlier, how do they know my tracks? And what is this place?"
Di Xueming studied Ye Mo and said "you're very amazing, you're only truth realisation state level one but you can come into the void fissure and survive till now. pity, with your age, if you didn't fall into void fissure you can easily ascend into the immortal realm at any realm."
Ye Mo didn't answer to this.
Di Xueming said again. "the cultivators living here call this place void fissure. It's a void space between two realms. If nothing special happens, those who come here can't go out and will stay here till they die,"
"what? you can't go out?" Ye Mo asked.
Di Xueming nodded "I'm not lying to you. I'm truth realisation state peak stage but I've been stuck here for nearly 600 years. So don't think about going out."
"wait, I heard people can tear open dimensions. If you tear open dimension here you would be able to go out?" Ye Mo asked in confusion.
Di Xueming sneered "even if you have the power to tear open space you can't go out in here. Those masters who tear open dimensions tear open the void space between two realms and can go to another realm. but there's another possibility and that is the position you tear open the space is wrong and you encountered a void fissure. Once you go in, you would never be able to find the dimension spot and thus would never be able to go out."
"of course, there aren't a lot of cultivators who can tear open dimensions, most were unlucky and fell into void fissure."
Then, he saluted with his fists "brother Di, I saw 5 or 6 truth realisation state peak stage cultivators at the city gates. How do they have so many truth realisation state peak stages?"
Di Xueming laughed "that's called a lot? I'll be honest with you, there's about 100k truth realisation state cultivators in the black rock city. At the peak, there were about a few hundred thousand of them. Look, I'm a truth realisation state peak stage. Plus, aren't all the truth realisation state cultivators you see truth realisation state peak stage? Oh, you're an exception. I really don't get how a truth realisation state level one can live to find Black Rock city and offend them. You're quite amazing."
Ye Mo was completely shocked. More than 100k truth realisation state peak stage cultivators in Black Rock city, this was too absurd. What level city was this? level 11?"
After a long while, Ye Mo asked in shock "how can there be so many truth realisation state cultivators in Black Rock city? Are there this many people falling into space fissures accidentally?"
Di Xueming said sadly "because most cultivators were scammed. They came from their respective realms and when they were about to ascend into the immortal realm, they found they couldn't get in at all. When they wanted to go back to the cultivation realm, they found they couldn't go back so they were all trapped here. You can say that they've been abandoned by the heaven dao."
Di Xueming looked at the endless void fissure and chaos flow before sighing "they had great joy and hopes of ascending into the immortal realm to seek a higher cultivation state but what greeted them wasn't that. It was endless void chaos flow, wind blades and sand storm…"
Ye Mo took a cold breath in. he thought of the big seal in the West Extreme State sand river that stopped all cultivators from ascending into the immortal realm. he didn't expect that other realms that allowed immortal ascension were stopped half way. Was there a huge seal in the immortal realm blocking all those cultivators wanting to ascend into it?
Thinking about this, Ye Mo looked at Di Xueming "brother Di are you too?"
Di Xueming nodded "I'm also a cultivator abandoned by heaven dao. I came from Shen Qiong cultivation realm. you think 100k truth realisation state peak stage is a lot? No, this is very little. Only one in a few would be able to survive in the space fissure and find the Black Rock city.
Those cultivators trapped here can only increase their life span everyday in hopes of breaking into the immortal realm during their life time. Even if they can't go into the immortal realm, they would be willing to go back to their cultivation realm but the fact is, over the countless years, no one has succeeded."
Di Xueming didn't seem to want to talk about this anymore and looked at Ye Mo with curiosity "you're a truth realisation state level one cultivator and it's already a miracle that you survived in the void fissure. I really don't' get how you offended the guards of Black Rock city and they even send people after you."
Ye Mo patted his head in frustration "because I killed a young master Yue and a woman called princess Chuan."
"what?" Di Xueming exclaimed in shock.