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1343 Body Refinement Nine States

As soon as the formation disk landed out, Ye Mo saw a grey world, or space. It was boundless and had no living beings, there were just the occasional asteroids floating past rapidly.
Space wind blades flew in the space flow everywhere and there were some unknown fine sands floating in the air. As for the Kun beast, it was nowhere to be seem.
The surveillance formation disk didn't last long and was torn apart by a space wind blade. Ye Mo realized what was scraping his skin and bones, it was these fine sands.
Ye Mo threw out a few surveillance formation disks and every one was torn apart. How can he get out of this place?
After a long while, he tried coming out of the golden page world wanting to test how powerful the space here was.
But as soon as he came out, countless fine sands came striking at him. One fine sand flew over and his armor was sliced apart. He couldn't dodge all those space wind blades at all. There were too many here.
Screech. In a short time, Ye Mo's clothes and armor disappeared and he dind't have a single area of uninjured skin.
Ye Mo wanted to hide into the golden page world but a black sand swiped pass his waist. He couldn't even dodge it.
Ye Mo saw a few more black lines coming over, he didn't dare to stay anymore and quickly went into the golden page world. if he was slower, he would be dissected into countless parts by these lines.
In the golden page world, Ye Mo laid naked and full of injuries. He had gashes everywhere but he didn't intend to heal himself at all.
He thought of that Fang Yizong, how was he able to survive in this space tearing dimensions. Even if it was using the power of the space transmission rune, it was still very powerful.
Ye Mo was certain that even if he could tear space he wouldn't be able to get to a place that he could tear space. He was a rather powerful cultivator and in this void space, there was nothing he could do at all to survive.
Just what sort of cultivator would be able to survive in here. This was only the void space of the cultivation realm. if it was the void space of the immortal realm, wouldn't it be more horrifying?
Only then did Ye Mo realise how absurd Chu Jiuyu was. He ripped open dimension from Luo Yue and passed this endless void space and the ripped open another portal to Earth.
He not only needed to be able to tear space open but also be able to travel in this chaotic space. This wasn't as simple as staying outside for a bit, he needed to search for the next dimension point for the destination.
There would be places were the space wind blades and sands were gathered but that was fine. However, if the black lines were gathered, who could stop it? plus there were more space disposition and fissures here.
Ye Mo took a cold breath in, this meant that he had no way out. Even if he can tear space open, he wouldn't be able to find the position to go out.
"I didn't expect the difference between me and Chu Jiuyu is this huge." Ye Mo sighed.

When he beat Fang Yizong and Yin Xu, he thought that even if there was a gap between him and Chu Jiuyu, it wouldn't be too big but now, he realized just how much difference there was.
But then Ye Mo thought. If Chu Jiuyu could tear open space of Luo Yue to earth, why can't he go back from earth to Luo Yue?
It probably wasn't that he didn't want to go back to Luo Yue unless something happened. That was, he knew he dind't have the ability to tear open space a second time. Or, it was a special occasion that he was able to tear open space to Earth.
Ye Mo sat down, heh thought of another possibility. Even if he could tear open space, who could be sure that the portal was to Luo Yue?
Ye Mo shook his head, he can't even come out of his golden page world much less tear open space.
In this place, perhaps only a cultivator whose body refinement has reached an extreme state can survive.
Suddenly, Ye Mo got up. Body refinement, didn't he have a body refinement cultivation method? The Wu God Chant.
Although he can't go out, this was a very powerful cultivation ground, a cultivation ground for Wu God chant.
It was incomplete but he didn't need a complete one. He can use the Three Birth Chant to create his own body refinement cultivation method.
On the Luo Yue continent the body refinement cultivators had nine states, three states were master, six states were king, nine states were god.
The three master states were bone state, gan state and master state. three king states were hollow state, soul state and king state. the three god states were monarch state, disaster state and god state.
There were rarely anyone on Luo Yue continent who went to practice body refinement. It was rare for cultivators to even reach master state. as for king state, they were one in a millennium. As for the three god states, they were just of the legends.
The main reason was that body refinement used up too much cultivation resources and in battle body refinement cultivators can't beat truth cultivators. The main reason is that body refinement cultivators would only have increased life span at king state. otherwise, even if you reached master state you had the lifespan of an ordinary person.
Usually, it was cultivators who didn't have spirit root who chose body refinement.
Plus body refinement cultivation methods were very rare and there were no high level body refinement cultivation methods in Luo Yue.
If you didn't have spirit root, you wouldn't have large amounts of resources to cultivate body refinement. So you wouldn't be able to reach high levels. High level cultivators had the resource to practice body refinement but they didn't even have enough time for cultivation so no one chose body refinement.
Ye Mo had decided to start body refinement.
With the use of Three Birth Chant, Ye Mo was surprised to find that he easily converted the Wu God Chant into a body refinement cultivation method. Almost instantly he reached bone state.
Was this because he was a body refinement genius or was it because he was truth realisation state cultivator so the first level was so easy? Or was his first level wrong.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo used his cultivation essence to form a cycle according to the bone state and soon, there was a light golden aura around him. What shook him more was that his wounds healed without him eating any pills.
Ye Mo felt that golden ray and was certain that this was indeed the first state bone state.
Realizing this, Ye Mo felt he might be able to reach the king state or even the three god states in a short time.
Ye Mo quickly put on some clothes and sat next to the bitter bamboo on the herb king spirit range. He didn't continue cultivating the second level, he wanted to use Three Birth Chant to form the entire new body refinement system first and then cultivate.