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1334 Phantom in the grey mis

Chu Yun thought before answering, "Fate is really hard to predict. Just like you, you reached hollow spirit state level four at younger than 30. Kong Ye ancestor said that this was considered to be prodigy amongst prodigies in the entire Luo Yue continent. However, if you didn't eat that 9-color lotus, you wouldn't be where you are now. How do you know that truth realisation state qian bei doesn't have such fortune?"

Chu Yulan asked, "Aunty you mean that qian bei indeed isn't old but he has had fortune like me so he can reach truth realisation state at such a young age?"

Chu Yun shook her head. "I don't know if he's young or not, but to be able to easily take out Disaster Will Pill and Truth Spirit Pill, he clearly has had absurd fortune. Otherwise, no matter how talented he is, he can't become a pill king without spirit herbs for practice, especially a level nine pill king. Since he has that many spirit herbs for practice to reach level nine pill king, then it's normal if he has spirit herbs to improve his spirit root."

She continued, "That truth realisation state qian bei wasn't surprised to see your power. It means either he has seen too many like you or he is such a prodigy himself."

"Aunty should we still go to Pei Hai City?" Chu Yulan asked.

"No, let's go to ancestor Kong Ye. If that truth realisation state qian bei is going there I plan to beg him to take you in as disciple, are you willing?" Chu Yun asked.

"Huh." Chu Yulan asked in surprise, "Didn't ancestor say I can be Ye Mo's disciple? Isn't it bad if I switch now?"

Chu Yun rolled her eyes. "That's if you already are Ye Mo's disciple but Ye Mo doesn't know we're going to Pei Hai City yet. Plus, even if we want to we don't know if he wants to. Just tell me if you're willing. I will tell ancestor about the rest."

"Of course I'm willing!" Chu Yulan said without hesitation.

Who wouldn't want to be the disciple of a truth realisation state who was also a level nine pill king?

At this moment, Ye Mo was silently standing outside the south mountain market. A few years ago it was very busy, but now it was so quiet that even the sounds of insects were gone.

There was just grey mist.

Ye Mo looked at this and knew it was the same as the mist in the herb valley.

But Ye Mo felt this mist was much weaker than the other one. His power was also much higher than before, so he didn't fear this mist at all. Shadowless was also much stronger than before and Ye Mo wondered if he was still scared of this mist. Thinking about this Ye Mo threw out Shadowless.

Shadowless clearly knew this mist and flew towards it without hesitation. It opened its mouth and the mist gathered flowing into its mouth.

Ye Mo knew that the mist was powerful but it was only formed not long ago and there wasn't much spirit chi supporting it here.

There were still a few days before full moon but there were fearless cultivators watching on the side.

Ye Mo ignored them and walked into the mist. Those watching were dazed, this was the first time they saw someone walk into the mist not on a full moon.

Coming in, Ye Mo immediately felt the mist wanted to suck his essence blood. He finally understood why those who walked in would turn into bones. Their essence blood and flesh was all being sucked away.

Ye Mo saw Shadowless devouring happily and waved his hand, bringing it over unhappily. He knew that with this speed, half a month wasn't enough to devour it all.

Ye Mo just waved out Mist Lotus Heart Fire and used Heaven Flame Nine Suns.

With this an aqua sun hung in the air above the market.

The mist seemed to begin to worry, but before it could flee, the aqua sun shot out countless beams that covered the entire mist.


The mist seemed to melt like snow.

Those cultivators watching outside looked dazedly as the mist began to clear and that sun hung high in the air. They just realized that the young cultivator who went in wasn't retarded but a powerful being. He didn't come for wealth, he came to annihilate the mist.

Ye Mo breathed easy. He was scared that Heaven Flame Nine Suns wouldn't be able to annihilate it and he would have to waste time letting Shadowless devour it. He had an uncomfortable feeling not removing the mist.

Before he could breathe easy he had an extremely bad sensation. It was silent killing intent.

Without hesitation, Ye Mo extended out his domain and the octagonal cauldron hung above his hand.

There was a hollow feeling and Ye Mo found his domain seemed weakened. Then, that weakened part of his domain disappeared out of thin air.

This was space devour, but this was far weaker than the space devour of the herb valley. This couldn't even devour his domain.

His domain reached out again and Ye Mo let out Zi Xu.

Ye Mo immediately felt that being wanted to keep devouring his domain but couldn't do so anymore. This was the first time Ye Mo saw this phantom. He frowned. It looked too revolting.

It was like a caterpillar but much larger, it was more than ten meters long and there were dense antennae everywhere. It also had nine necks but only one head.

This was because the other eight necks didn't have a head. The only head had two thin triangular eyes that stared at Ye Mo hatefully.

Ye Mo thought of the legendary nine headed bug. If this thing grew out all of its heads, wouldn't it be a nine headed bug?

Without hesitation, Ye Mo slashed out with Zi Xu. A purple beam flashed, the bug looked scared but it couldn't run away.

With a sizzle, the purple beam sliced that head in half. A putrid smell came out, the blood was grey.

A black thing flew out of the bugs body wanting to escape but Ye Mo immediately let out Lightning Sword. Lightning Sword flashed and the black thing was disintegrated.

At this moment, the market started to show slowly.

The busy shops and prosperous streets were now ruins and filled with bones.

Ye Mo took back his heaven flame.

Ye Mo scanned out his spirit sense and there was nothing else but ruins. Ye Mo shook his head and looked at the disgusting bug.

Ye Mo found that he didn't know this thing at all. At this moment, an extremely fast figure appeared in his spirit sense.

It flew towards Ye Mo but he didn't move. He knew this person.

"This is Nine Headed Void Devouring Bug, also called Void Devouring Yan. It also has saliva that is one of the most poisonous things in the cultivation realm. If you were touched by it, it would be almost impossible to save you," a familiar voice sounded.

Ye Mo saluted with his fists. "I didn't expect to meet sect leader Tang here, what a coincidence."

Tang Mengrao smiled and shook her head. "I came to find you."