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1317 Real great completion domain

Ye Mo really didn't understand, he just had a divine damnation and he encountered such powerful cultivators.
Moments later, he realized that the middle aged man used a space transmission rune destabilizing the realm barrier and thus the pursuing cultivator could chase over. If the dimension stabled, he probably wouldn't be able to tear it.
But even so, this was very terrifying. Going from one realm to another meant you had to pass through the void. One mistake and you would die there. This meant two things, first the pursuer is very powerful and second, there was unresolvable feud between the two or he wouldn't risk chasing here.
A flaming red figure appeared before them, it was a truth realisation state peak stage cultivator. He didn't have much hair and looked very young. His skin was very white and there was full of pride in his eyes. It was as though there was only one human in this world and everyone else were insects.
As soon as he landed, Ye Mo felt an astounding pressure from him. Ye Mo immediately knew this person's domain was in great completion.
The middle aged man was shook seeing this red robed cultivator and said coldly "Fang Yizong, you can tear open dimension?"
"tear open dimension?" the truth realisation state level four was also shook and his face changed drastically.
Without hesitation, he shot out a messenger flying sword. Clearly, he didn't feel he was a match for truth realisation state peak stage who could tear open dimensions.
But this Fang Yizong stood above the sand river and had the face of surprise and joy. after a long while, he suddenly laughed "this place allows immortal ascension, it really allows immortal ascension, hahaha…."
Everyone looked at him in confusion.
But Ye Mo knew that the realm this Fang Yizong came from probably couldn't ascend too.
"Meng Zhen, I really need to thank you. If you didn't use space transmission rune, I really can't tear open the dimension. If I can't, then I wouldn't know this place allows immortal ascension. Hahahahha….." Fang Yizong laughed hysterically.
Meng Zhen's face looked bad, he didn't expect him to have helped his enemy.
Then Fang Yizong scanned the people here and his eyes focsed on the green robed woman "such a beautiful woman, if you didn't sleep with so many men you would be a gem."
The square faced youth's face changed and said coldly "friend please be respectful."
"respectful?" Fang Yizong laughed and looked at Meng Zhen "Meng Zhen, seeing that you gave me your own woman and grant me the chance of immortal ascension, I'll kill you last. I'll kill these two insects first. As for this woman, I still need to enjoy her."
Meng Zhen's face sunk and didn't talk.
The square faced youth couldn't hold in his anger and waved his hand. A yellow string was released. It formed a vibrant yellow beam and shot at Fang Yizong.
Ye Mo saw this and applauded, this youth was a sword cultivator and his sword technique was very fierce.

Ye Mo could tell that this youth can easily kill Mu Feihuan.
Fang Yizong saw this and seemed surprised.
In that instant, he released a hoop. It was the same color as his clothes and formed a red circle encompassing the youth.
There was the sound of teeth rubbing and the yellow sword ray cracked and disappeared.
The red robed cultivator sneered and released the hoop again. This time, it changed into a huge red hammer smashing at the head of the youth.
The youth was shook and released a black umbrella magic artefact. The hammer landed on the umbrella and made a deep thud.
Crack. There was a deep mark on the black umbrella magic artefact. The square faced youth was smashed a few hundred meters away spitting blood on the ground like crazy.
"hmm, the truth realisation state cultivators here are this powerful?" the red robed cultivator saw that his second attack only made the truth realisation state level four spit blood instead of takinghis life.
When he was about to attack, four people flew over.
Ye Mo knew two of them, third god lord and Xie Zhengshi. Of the other tow, one seemed feeble almost feminine like, the other one was a bronze skinned bulky man.
They were all truth realisation state peak stage except Jiao Huanzheng.
"you're already truth realisation state?" Xie Zhengshi exclaimed in shock.
Even though he was certain he didn't see wrong before, he began to doubt now. he would never believe that Ye Mo reached truth realisation state level one from disaster transformation state level seven in half a month. The only possibility was that he saw wrong. Thinking about this, he began to rejoice that he didn't attack Ye Mo or the consequence wouldn't essence blood so simple.
Jiao Huanzheng was the happiest to see him. He walked up to Ye Mo and said "brother Ye I didn't expect to meet you here. Cha Qizhao told me everything, thank you so much, thank you!"
Then, the feeble cultivator came up and said "I'm Jie Mu, second god lord of God Beast Mountain Range."
Then he pointed at the bulky man "he's Heartless Forest South region lord Ji Changtian. You know city lord Xie so I won't introduce."
Ji Changtian and Jie Mu nodded politely to Ye Mo . they could tell Ye Mo's power was a little low but he was a formation grand master.
Ye Mo just nodded to them as well.
"you attack Xiu Yang?" Ji Changtian glared at the red robed cultivator.
The red robed cultivator looked at Ji Changtian contemptuously "who do you think you are, do I need to let you know when I, Fang Yizong, attack someone?"
Then, before Ji Changtian could release his magic artefact, his hoop smashed at Ji Changtian while he charged at the square faced youth.
Seeing that Fang Yizong was so condescending towards him, Ji CHangtian was furious. He released a black branch. As soon as it came out, it turned into countless sky scraping trees looming at the hoop. He also jumped up wanting to stop the red robed cultivator.
"hahaha…" the red robed cultivator laughed and his chi rose again. A ripple visible to the eye formed around him.
Before Ji Changtian even neared it, he felt his body paused. There was extreme shock in his eyes, he spat mouthfuls of blood before forcefully retreating.
That red robed cultivator ignored Ji Changtian and came to the square faced youth, punching with his fist.
Seeing this, the youth wanted to dodge but he was bound like JI Changtian.
The youth knew he fell into domain. This was the first time he had seen such terrifying domain. This meant that Fang Yizong didn't even try before.
Xiu Yang wanted to burn essence blood to escape but he reacted too slow. The punch landed on his head smashing half of his face away.
Then, red robe kicked into Yang Xiu's chest and that bone cracking sound came. Everyone heard it clearly.
Ye Mo didn't move but he knew his conjecture before was right. This red robed cultivator's domain was very powerful, this was true great completion domain.