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1311 Seal flag inside the sand sinkhole

Cha Qizhao continued explaining, "The demon realm entrance is the furthest from here. Even with an extreme grade flying cultivation artifact, it would take half a year to reach it. No one has said to be able to return from the demon realm entrance. The blue sand ditch is at the north of the Sand River. It's an area of about a few hundred square kilometers. The sand there is all blue, even the sky there is blue, no one can go near there. The temperature there is like a furnace. Those cultivators who near there are all burned to death, even truth realisation states can't get near there."

Ye Mo was shook, the blue sand place was this terrifying! Even truth realisation state cultivators couldn't go in.

Cha Qizhao continued, "The sand near there has been baked to stone, it's very tough and it's said that the stones can be used as magic artifacts, with its toughness on the same level with cultivation artifacts."

Ye Mo asked in confusion, "If the temperature there is this high, what is causing it?"

Cha Qizhao shook his head. "I don't know, but it's said that the number one flame of the cultivation realm Blue Like Morning Sky is there, but no one has been inside so no one is certain if the flame there is Blue Like Morning Sky. But I don't think it is, when the Blue Like Morning Sky appears, then entire realm's sky would be azure. How can it appear in a sand ditch only a few hundred kilometers long? Plus, even if the Blue Like Morning Sky appeared, there wouldn't be such a terrifying temperature."

Ye Mo didn't speak but he didn't think so. When the Blue Like Morning Sky appeared, the entire realm turning azure was only a legend. He didn't believe a flame that wasn't in great completion could cause an entire realm to be azure. That was too absurd. The blue sand ditch's phenomena sounded to be the Blue Like Morning Sky. But since other people couldn't go in, it was very hard for him to go in too. He had decided to check it out after he dealt with the seal.

Blue Like Morning Sky was the number ranked flame in the cultivation realm and the number three ranked flame in the universe.

The reason it was ranked third was not because it was weaker than the first and second, but because there was no number one flame. From the second to tenth of heaven flames, no matter which flame devoured Astral Flame Marrow, it could immediately become the number one heaven flame. The heaven flame's name was named according to the user.

Many names were already chosen. If Blue Like Morning Sky devoured Astral Flame Marrow, usually it would be called Astral Blue Flame.

If two top ten heaven flames both devoured the Astral Flame Marrow and encountered each other, they would devour each other. The victorious one would be the number one flame in the universe.

The Astral Flame Marrow was even rarer to get than the heaven flame. It usually appeared in space fissures or the void.

Ye Mo saw Xie Zhengshi's face wasn't too natural when Cha Qizhao spoke of the blue sand ditch.

"What's that sand sinkhole?" Ye Mo asked.

Cha Qizhao nodded. "It's much better than blue sand ditch, it's much smaller too. It's only a few kilometers across. This place is always a sand sinkhole. The sand there formed an eddy, any cultivators who nears there is swept away."

Ye Mo frowned, if the seal flag was in the eddy then it would really be troublesome.

He knew there was no way but he had to go see, immortal ascension also concerned him.

They didn't fly slow nor fast as Ye Mo wasn't sure of the exact location of the second flag.

Five days later Ye Mo saw the sand sinkhole. He hoped the seal flag wasn't here, but the final conclusion he got was that the second seal flag was in the sand sinkhole.

Although they were still a few kilometers from the sand sinkhole, they could see the huge whirlpool. It seemed very spectacular but lethal at the same time.

The eddy made a whimpering sound that was very ear blasting even a few kilometers away. This wasn't it but Ye Mo felt a powerful suction force sweeping around his body. It was as though if he loosened his mind a little and the powerful suction would take him into the sand.

"Brother Ye, what should we do if that seal flag is really in the sand sinkhole? We can't get close to it at all." Cha Qizhao said worriedly.

Ye Mo looked at Xie Zhengshi and asked, "City lord Xie, what do you think we should do?"

Xie Zhengshi looked at the sinkhole and frowned. "I don't have a good idea either, but it's not impossible for us to get close to the sinkhole. We can set up a counter rotating formation and reduce the spin of this sinkhole to the lowest, then we can near it. But that's only getting near it, it's not practical to go in and search for the seal flag. And we still need more people to set up this rotation formation."

Cha Qizhao asked in confusion, "City lord Xie, aren't you and brother Ye both formation grandmasters? How come you need more people? Do you not have spirit source? If not, I have a lot of top grade spirit stones and some extreme grade spirit stones."

Xie Zhengshi shook his head. "Brother Cha, that's not the problem. The rotation formation won't be able to run on top grade spirit stones, extreme grade spirit stones are good but you probably don't have that much. The reason it's hard to set up is because there is no level nine formation grandmaster. This formation is a level nine peak formation. I have an extreme grade spirit range for spirit source but I have no way to set up the level nine peak formation."

"\What? You need a level nine formation?" Cha Qizhao took in a cold breath. There was only one level nine formation grandmaster in West Extreme State and that was the old mountain lord of the Snow Forest Pond, but he had been in solitary cultivation for more than 100 years.

Ye Mo smiled. "I agree to city lord Xie's idea, it's perfect that city lord Xie has spirit source, but I can set up this counter rotating formation. When it's ready I will go into the formation, just help me guard it city lord."

The other two were dazed for a while before saying at the same time, "You're a level nine formation grandmaster?"

Ye Mo nodded. "That's right, I'm a level nine formation grandmaster."

Xie Zhengshi took a cold breath in and then bowed to Ye Mo. "I thought brother Ye was at most a level eight formation grandmaster like me. Sorry for any offense before, please don't mind."

It was quite hard for him to say this as truth realisation state peak stage and city lord of West Cultivator City. One could see how important immortal crystals were to him.

Cha Qizhao didn't understand why Xie Zhengshi said this, but Ye Mo knew that Xie Zhengshi was apologizing for trying to ambush him before.

Ye Mo waved his hand. "Immortal ascension is very important to me as well. But I don't have enough materials, would you have some materials city lord Xie? I need to make formation flags."

He had more than enough for the flags, but if he could use this opportunity to collect materials from Xie Zhengshi, why not?

Cha Qizhao also took out large sums of materials.

Ye Mo sighed, the West Extreme State cultivators were really wealthy. He took all the materials and then set up a restriction a little further away to make formation flags.

Two days later, Ye Mo came out and saw the two waiting for him.

Ye Mo gave a part of the formation flags to Xie Zhengshi and said, "I'm going to set up the counter rotation formation, release the spirit range first. When I'm done with the formation, I will go into the sinkhole immediately and you can help me control the formation, I will go break the seal flag."

Xie Zhengshi nodded, he didn't have the ability to go in so he had no choice.

He waved and a huge spirit range appeared. Even Ye Mo was a little tempted. This was a perfect extreme grade spirit range, he wondered where Xie Zhengshi got this from. As soon as it landed, the spirit chi around here became abundant.