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1302 Dimension Seal in the Sand River

Ye Mo felt strange - why Wang Xie would give him a gift the first time he saw him? Did he still want him to join the Xing Cultivator Association?

Wang Xie still wanted to invite Ye Mo to join them when he first came out of the 28th domain, but now he knew that a powerful being like Ye Mo wasn't going to join them.

Seeing this, Yue Ming and Niu Ruyang each took out a jade box for Ye Mo and spoke the same words as Wang Xie.

They each had spirit sense restrictions but they were very simplistic. Ye Mo's spirit sense blade easily swiped through and saw what was inside.

Wang Xie's jade box contained a green blade, it was a low grade immortal artifact. Ye Mo was shook and thought about why Wang Xie gave him such precious gift.

However, low grade immortal artifact was far from as precious as his Zi Xu so he didn't get truly moved.

Yue Ming's gift represented the city lord estate. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in, it was a Mei Sha Flame. It was ranked 13th in the cultivation realm. However, he just glanced at it and lost interest.

Niu Ruyang's jade box had about 10 drops of ten thousand year stalagmite marrow. It was extremely precious to other people, but to him it was nothing.

Ye Mo lost interest in all three boxes and frowned. "What do you guys mean? I'm just passing by the city but you guys give me such precious gifts, I don't think I can take them."

The four were dazed, Ye Mo didn't even open these jade boxes and said he couldn't take these gifts. What did he mean? They wouldn't dare to believe Ye Mo's spirit sense could pierce the spirit sense restrictions.

Wang Xie seemed surprised. If Ye Mo saw the things, it would be much easier for them to talk.

But Ye Mo didn't even open them and rejected them.

Seeing this, he got up and saluted with his fists. "Brother Ye, it's this, we Xing Cultivator Alliance took out this gift wanting to invite brother Ye to be our grand paid elder…."

Wang XIe paused here but Ye Mo knew what he meant. Ye Mo waved his hand. "I'm going to leave the West Cultivator City soon, I'm not too interested in your association's grand paid elder position."

Wang Xie continued, "I know brother Ye can't stay at our association but this time, we brought a low grade immortal artifact just to connect with brother Ye. Please, don't think it's too low of a gift."

Then Wang Xie looked at Ye Mo's face. He said this because no cultivator, not even truth realisation state peak stage, would be able to hear the words 'immortal artifact' and sit calmly. But he was disappointed to find that Ye Mo's face was very calm, as though he could buy the likes of low grade immortal artifacts on the streets any time.

Yue Ming and them were more shocked, the Xing Cultivator Association was even willing to bring out the low grade immortal artifact, were their gifts too shabby?

Ye Mo sneered, he knew that this Wang Xie wasn't that generous. A generous cultivator wouldn't create a bloody place like the Xing Cultivator Alliance. Plus, he knew the reason that taking someone's things meant he had to go help him.

Seeing Yue Ming about to speak, Ye Mo stopped her and said, "Just tell me the purpose of coming here, if I can help I will help but if not, then please leave."

If he wasn't going to leave Su Jingwen and them here for a while when he went to the God Beast Mountain Range, he would've rejected them straight away.

Yue Ming's eyes flashed with a sliver of helplessness and he could only say, "Brother Ye, you probably know of the West Extreme Sand River right?"

Ye Mo nodded, he heard from Yan Yan that other than the demon lands, the sand river was the largest. It was also a very dangerous place.

Yue Ming said immediately, "There has been no one able to ascend into the immortal realm for a few thousand years here. I heard that it's the same with the other states. Even if you reach truth realisation state peak stage, you can't feel the immortal ascension divine damnation."

Ye Mo heard about this and immediately began to take notice. With enough cultivation resources, it wouldn't take long for him to reach truth realisation state.

Seeing Ye Mo's interest, Yue Ming said, "The Xing Cultivator Association has been searching all the big ruins and ancient cultivation homes in West Extreme State. Even in the sand river, there are many people from the Xing Cultivator Association, so they know the most amount of ancient cultivation ruins. A year ago, they found a sealing ground in the sand river."

Wang Xie continued, "Yes, a disaster transformation state peak stage cultivator from our association found it, he's called Chong Yu. He's also a level seven formation grand master. He said that the seal was a dimension seal. Such seals are very rare in the cultivation world."

Ye Mo glanced at Wang Xie. "Since it's a dimension seal, how do you guys know about it?"

With Ye Mo's formation skills he knew what it was. Dimension seals weren't something ordinary cultivators could notice. Even if you walked past it, you wouldn't be able to see it. Even he might not be able to see it.

Wang Xie quickly explained, "It was a coincidence that Chong Yu was able to see it. He stayed in the sand river for too long and saw hallucinations. He attacked the hallucination with his magic artifact. The two cultivators with him quickly stopped him. Chong Yu woke up soon and said he felt other spirit power in the dimension."

Ye Mo frowned. Usually, there wouldn't be other spirit power waves if you attacked an empty place with your own cultivation essence as there were no obstructions.

Seeing Ye Mo's suspicion, Wang Xie quickly said, "The other two with Chong Yu didn't believe it either but Chong Yu kept attacking with his magic artifact, and indeed, a dimension seal was revealed sometime after under the attacks. When news got back, association leader Zhuo and I felt this wasn't simple, so association leader Zhuo went to check it personally. It was indeed a dimension seal and it was only tip of the iceberg.

After association leader Zhuo checked the seal, he came to the conclusion that this seal sealed us West Extreme State from going to other dimensions. This meant that as long as this seal was present, we West Extreme State cultivators would be forever unable to ascend to another dimension, the immortal realm."

Ye Mo fell silent, it was too absurd that someone could stop the cultivators of this realm from immortal ascension. Just how much power was needed to do that? Even if he reached truth realisation state peak stage, he wouldn't be able to seal the tip of the iceberg of a realm. This had nothing to do with formation skills.

Seeing Ye Mo fall silent, Yue Ming said, "Due to this, we've sent five truth realisation state cultivators and even the God Beast Mountain Range and Heartless Forest sent five truth realisation state each just to break this seal."

Ye Mo thought that the big and second God Lord weren't at the God Beast mountain ranges, it seemed they went to the sand river.

Wang Xie said, "Brother Ye might not believe it, but once a sliver of the seal was opened, the inside was filled with immortal crystals. The city lord of West Cultivator City even suspects that there's an immortal range below supplying the power to this seal…"

"Immortal crystals? Immortal range?" Ye Mo couldn't keep calm anymore and got up abruptly.

He wanted to help with the seal but that wasn't enough to attract him to go. He wasn't some savior, he was thinking if there was the same seal in South Peace State.

He only needed one immortal crystal to break through one level. If he got so many immortal crystals and even one immortal range, everyone around him would be able to cultivate very fast.

Wang Xie quickly said, "That's right, immortal crystals. As for an immortal range, it's city lord Xie's guess."

At this moment, the owner of the hotel notified anxiously, "The third God Lord of God Beast Mountain Range came to visit, saying he has what master Ye needs."

Hearing this, Ye Mo rejoiced and said, "Invite him in, quick…. No, I'll go myself."

Then Ye Mo went out desperately.