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1281 West Extreme State Four Lands

She suddenly shook her head and said, "Sorry, I mistook you for the young God Lord."

Then she bowed. "Yan Yan thanks qian bei for saving my life, this is my brother Yan Zhendong."

That male cultivator also came quickly and said, "I greet qian bei."

Ye Mo checked their power, both of them were body condensation state tertiary stage. He wondered how they came here. The sister was dressed like a married woman, she wasn't very pretty but she wasn't ugly either. Her brother's face seemed wild but innocent, he didn't speak much.

Ye Mo nodded. "Go recover first, I have some things to ask later."

Zhou Yushuang and Yue Chan had the least injuries. Yue Chan wanted to talk to Su Jingwen but saw Su Jingwen was by Ye Mo's side and was hesitant.

Su Jingwen and Ye Mo didn't wait for long before the rest of the people all came over.

Yan Yan seemed prettier after changing a set of clothes. She walked up to Ye Mo and said carefully, "Qian bei, ask what you like."

Ye Mo waved his hand. "Sister Yan, I'm not very old, just call me Ye Mo. I'm not used to being called qian bei."

Yan Yan said carefully, "Yes, brother Ye."

She didn't dare to call Ye Mo by his name. In the cultivation realm, the difference between cultivation levels was very strict.

Ye Mo didn't keep fussing with this matter and asked, "Where are we?"

Tang Mengrao and them also came over to listen. Clearly, they didn't know where this place was either.

Yan Yan quickly said, "Brother Ye, this place is called God Beast Mountain Range, it has a lot of spirit herbs. The precious spirit herbs outside are just ordinary things here."

God Beast Mountain Range? Ye Mo looked at Tang Mengrao but she shook her head. "I don't know this place too, I've never heard of this place in North Far State."

"Is this place not North Far State?" Su Jingwen called out in shock.

Ye Mo was shook, such a powerful teleportation formation! Just where was this teleportation formation leading to?

Hearing this, Ye Mo's heart sunk. In North Far State it was good since he had Blue Moon, but if this was outside of Luo Yue continent then it was bad.

Hearing this, Yan Yan looked at Ye Mo in shock. "Qian…. Brother Ye, you guys came from North Far State? You crossed the Heartless Sea?"

Hearing this, Ye Mo breathed easy. She knew about the Heartless Sea, she knew about North Far State. This meant that they were still on Luo Yue continent.

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, we came from North Far State, we don't know this place. Which state is this?"

Yan Yan knew Ye Mo was no ordinary person to have warded off the spirit beasts.

She quickly said, "Brother Ye, we're at the God Beast Mountain Range. There's a river opposite here called Abyssal River, it's boundless and endless. No one knows where it leads to. Of course, some people say it leads to the demon realm."

Ye Mo frowned, "Demon Land? I've heard of a demon prison forbidden grounds? But demon prison forbidden grounds is in South Peace State. Is this South Peace State?"

Yan Yan quickly shook her head. "Brother Ye I've also heard of South Peace State but this place isn't South Peace State, it's West Extreme State. "

So they were in West Extreme State, Ye Mo nodded. This place was much closer to North Far State than South Peace State was. Hearing this, Tang Mengrao was very shocked. It was clearly impossible to cross the Heartless Sea with her power. She looked at Ye Mo. If Ye Mo wanted to go back, she wanted to ask Ye Mo to bring her back.

Hearing this, Zhou Yushuang's master seemed overjoyed. West Extreme state was much better than North Far State to him. This place was abundant in spirit chi. Just looking at the abundant resources here, he wouldn't need to worry about cultivation resources. He never planned to go back to North Far State.

"Wait, are you talking about land or prison?" Ye Mo felt things weren't right.

Yan Yan immediately replied, "Demon Land. Opposite the Abyssal River is a forest. That forest is called Endless Forest. It's said there are more high level spirit herbs there than the God Beast Mountain Range."

"Where do you come from? Are there human cultivators here? I heard there are few human cultivators in the West Extreme State." Tang Mengrao asked some questions of her own.

Yan yan nodded. "We come from West Cultivator City, it's a human cultivator city no smaller than this place. Almost all the human cultivators go there to cultivate or trade."

Su Jingwen was shocked. "There's a city that big?"

"Yes, rather than a city, it's more like a region that human cultivators live in. West Extreme State can be divided into four blocks. The first is where the spirit beasts dwell, this includes the God Beast Mountain Range and Endless Forest. The second is West Cultivator City, the third is the Abyssal River and last is the Demon Land," Yan Yan explained.

Ye Mo didn't understand. "That Abyssal River is only a few hundred kilometers wide. I can even scan to the other side with my spirit sense, how is is the third block with the Demon Land?"

Yan Yan shook her head. "Brother Ye, you can't scan your spirit sense to the opposite side all the time. You saw there were a few hundred kilometers because you were probably at Landing Desert. When you really wanted to cross the Abyssal River, it would take longer than crossing the Heartless Sea. Usually, if it's not at a special place and time, you can't cross it. The special place is Landing Desert and the special time is December which is now."

"Then what is the Demon Land?" Ye Mo asked.

Yan Yan answered, "No one has been there, it's said there's two paths there. One is through the Abyssal River, but no one who has gone in has survived or come out. The other way is through the Sand River. The Sand River is the fourth block in West Extreme State. It's the largest, no one can go to all parts of it. Many cultivators who go in get lost forever and never come out."

Hearing this, everyone fell silent. This West Extreme State was too eerie.

"Then if we want to leave West Extreme State, where do we go to get into the Heartless Sea?" Tang Mengrao was worried about her sect.

Yan Yan said, "If you want to go to the Heartless Sea, you must get back to the West Cultivator City, that's the only place near the Heartless Sea."

Ye Mo nodded. "Yhen let's go collect some spirit herbs and then go to West Cultivator City. By the way, what was that young God Lord about? Why are you here?"

Yan Yan quickly said, "There are three God Lords in this place and one young God Lord. I thought you were the young God Lord as you scared them away. But sister Tang called you 'Ye Mo', and….."

She glanced at Su Jingwen and said, "I heard the fiancé of the young God Lord doesn't like him. She won't appear here with you like that. The young God Lord cares about his fiancé a lot, he won't appear with another woman like this."

"We're at the God Beast Mountain Range, but we're not inside the forbidden grounds. It's public that some cultivators sneak in here to pick spirit herbs, but there are too many high level spirit beasts here and most of them would be devoured."

"Then why do you dare to come in?" Ye Mo frowned.