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1262 Unlocked Seal

The stealth formation was gone, the space formation door was gone, there were just purely stairs. All the cultivators ran onto the stairs.
Ye Mo saw the cauldron filling state level nine also went in.
When Ye Mo wanted to bring Su Jingwen in as well, he heard Zhou Yushuang tell the cauldron filling state peak stage cultivator, "Master, it's this place. The stealth formation was gone last time and we didn't find the space formation door, but now this place blasted out for some reason."
She was only nascent soul state level three so Ye Mo heard everything she said.
The master agreed and said after a while, "Let's go down too."
Ye Mo suddenly realized it was no wonder she had a level eight space transmission rune when she was golden core state. She had a powerful master.
Seeing them two go down, Ye Mo brought Su Jingwen down as well. At this moment, Xiao Yi came and asked softly, "Brother Ye, can I go with you too?"
Ye Mo looked at her and nodded. "Of course, anyone can go down here."
Xiao Yi nodded obediently and carefully followed behind Ye Mo. Ye Mo sneered and protected Su Jingwen. This woman hid her face and power. Regardless of what she wanted, it made Ye Mo feel vigilant.
Going down to the bottom of the stairs, there was still the same door, it was wide open now and many cultivators had gone in.
Ye Mo and Su Jingwen walked to the door but found Zhou Yushuang and her master didn't go in. They were watching on the side.
Ye Mo took Su Jingwen in without hesitation. Zhou Yushuang was probably scared they couldn't come out. Her master didn't go in for some other reason.
No matter what, Ye Mo wouldn't care. This seal was open, all formations were destroyed, there was no way that people wouldn't be able to get out.
Ye Mo went inside the hall and saw four bodies. They were the four cultivators looking for Fei Cijiang, it seemed they died as well.
Their storage rings were all taken by the cultivators who came in first.
Ye Mo looked away and wanted to find if the explosion was related to this place and why there were suddenly so many spirit herbs and ores. However, he felt something was wrong. Even if the four couldn't get out, they wouldn't die.
He had seen that spirit body. He sounded like he was very powerful but Ye Mo knew if the people in the hall ignored him, there was nothing he could do to the cultivators in the hall. Then, how did the four nascent soul state cultivators die?
Ye Mo looked at the four cultivators again and found in shock that their positions were very eerie, happening to form a Four Abyss Blood Devouring formation.
This was a demonic formation that used cultivator's essence blood as a lead and extreme grade spirit herb as supplements. The only purpose of the formation was to use the cultivators' essence blood and spirit herbs to build a body. Usually, only essence spirits or souls would use such formation. It had a similar effect to Immortal Curl Flower but way weaker.

The body made with Immortal Curl Flower was much stronger.
Ye Mo looked at this and thought of the soul in the hall. He used these four nascent soul state cultivators to set up the formation and then built his body before leaving here.
But then Ye Mo shook his head, the seal here hadn't been touched. Even if he could set up the formation, he wouldn't be able to leave here.
Ye Mo looked around and didn't see any abnormalities, meaning that the spirit herbs didn't come from here.
The four nascent soul state cultivators were really idiots, a soul that couldn't come out tricked them into setting up this demonic formation. Ye Mo was speechless.
There were more and more people here. Ye Mo knew that without his 9 forked key, these people wouldn't be able to open the seal, but there was no way he was taking the key out.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo subconsciously looked at the key ring.
It had turned dark red and he was dazed again. He could clearly tell the dark red color was due to blood.
The people started to complain seeing there was nothing they could take away. Ye Mo turned around and looked at the positions of the nascent soul state bodies again and he began to sweat.
He saw wrong, this wasn't a Four Abyss Devouring Blood formation, it was Four Elements Break Poisition formation. It was similar to the previous one and was the blood sacrifice formation Luo Youping had set up. Clearly, this wasn't to build a body but to break the seal…
Thinking that the terrifying guy here might've already unlocked the seal and left, Ye Mo felt shivers down his spine. If this guy found him, he would be dead.
If that soul really left here, it might be due to him helping him. He loosened this seal with the key and thus the break position formation was useful.
"What are you thinking?" Su Jingwen shook Ye Mo's arms and asked.
Just when he wanted to reply, he heard a loud explosion. A hollow spirit state was attacking the ring.
The other cultivators all attacked it too.
Ye Mo didn't know if the ring still had defensive capabilities after the seal was broken but then there was a loud explosion and the key ring was completely shattered.
A dark abyssal door appeared before everyone. The cultivators were dazed and immediately rejoiced. They thought they had broken into the secret vault.
A few nascent soul state cultivators charged in but instantly they flew back out. When they came out, they were filled with thousands of holes.
Those cultivators who wanted to go in all stopped in their steps, but the attacks didn't stop because of that. Countless wind blades and sword chi flew out, covering the entire hexagonal hall.
Ye Mo immediately released his octagonal cauldron to protect him and Su Jingwen. Countless cultivators were torn apart by the wind blades and sword chi. Screams filled the hall.
Some lucky cultivators charged out of the hall but some unlucky ones were annihilated.
Fortunately this didn't last long, and 8 minutes later, they all disappeared.
The hall wasn't full anymore, there were just about 30 to 40 cultivators left. Most of them were injured. In that short time, 200 or so cultivators had been killed.
Those weaker nascent soul state cultivators immediately charged out of the hall upon seeing that the wind blades and sword chi had disappeared. Even some hollow spirit state primary stage cultivators left, the ruin was good but they needed to be alive to enjoy it.