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1245 Endless Means

"This is a long story, after Ye Mo beats that guy I will tell you." Ming Xin pointed at Ye Mo.
Tang Mengrao just realized there were still people fighting and immediately began watching. She was confused why Ji Ling didn't help, since he was the strongest here.
The disaster transformation state level three saw that Ye Mo dared to stop him and gave his friend to a disaster transformation state level three female cultivator and was dazed. He immediately realized what was going on, she wanted to let this cauldron filling state cultivator stop him for a while and after the female cultivator killed his friend, then she would help this cauldron filling state.
Realizing this, the disaster transformation state level three sneered. A mere cauldron filling state cultivator dared to stall him. He would soon know that it was only a matter of a few breath for him to kill him.
The disaster transformation state level three wanted to kill Ye Mo quickly so he used a black veil before Ye Mo even let out his magic artifact.
With this, Ye Mo felt the sky darken as though surrounded by countless wretched souls.
Soul Devouring Flag - Ye Mo immediately recognized this magic artifact. He had a 5-color Soul Devouring Flag, but after he reached higher cultivation levels, he never used it again. However, this cultivator's Soul Devouring Flag was hundreds of times more powerful than his.
As soon as it came out, Ye Mo felt there were countless souls calling for him and even his mind became restless. This was definitely Thousand Illusion Soul Devouring Flag, or else it wouldn't have such an effect. It was very hard for Soul Devouring Flags to upgrade. After the 5-color Soul Devouring Flag, there was the 100 Abyss Soul Devouring Flag, then the Thousand Illusion Soul Devouring Flag. Thousand Illusion Soul Devouring Flags not only needed high level materials but also relied on devouring souls and cultivator essence spirits. The more essence spirits and souls it devoured, the more powerful it got. Eventually, it might even become a half-immortal artifact.
In order to reach that level, it would need countless souls and essence spirits, and they must be high level ones or things would be really slow.
The Thousand Illusion Soul Devouring Flag was equivalent to a middle grade cultivation artifact.
Ye Mo's essence spirit was as powerful as disaster transformation state middle stage cultivators and his mind was very firm from cultivating next to the Bitter Bamboo. Even the Thousand Illusion Soul Devouring Flag wasn't able to catch him off guard.
With the use of Three Birth Chant, his mind calmed down as he released Zi Xu.
The disaster transformation state cultivator thought that his Soul Devouring Flag was sure to take the cauldron filling state cultivator's soul, but instead he saw a purple ray sweep over.
It was just one ray at the start but soon it turned to a whole patch. He formed a domain that was Illusion Cloud Division Strike and instantly broke the Thousand Illusion Soul Devouring Flag.

The disaster transformation state cultivator felt space stagnate after Ye Mo used the purple ray. He was shocked, he realized instantly what was going on. This cauldron filling state level six cultivator was using a domain. This meant that he wasn't here to hold him off but he really had the power to fight with him.
This disaster transformation state cultivator underestimated Ye Mo, but not to Yin Sha's extent. Realizing Ye Mo's power, he didn't dare to underestimate Ye Mo at all. He burned essence blood to break free of Ye Mo's domain and then closed his hands, nine skulls appeared out of thin air and shot out tens of dark rays that broke Ye Mo's purple sword rays domain.
Then, the nine skulls spun around Ye Mo, getting faster and faster while making an ear splitting screeching sound. Tens more black rays shot out of the skulls.
Ye Mo didn't expect this disaster transformation state cultivator to react so fast.
His plan of utilizing his opponent's carelessness failed so Ye Mo released the octagonal cauldron.
Even Ji Ling and Tang Mengrao realized this cauldron was no ordinary thing. Meng Hanan just realized that Ye Mo had such a defense magic artifact, he didn't even take it out when he fought Yong Yan.
A piercing sound struck the octagonal cauldron and made it wobble, but even so, the octagonal cauldron still spun rapidly above Ye Mo's head protecting him.
The disaster transformation state found in shock that his nine skull formation didn't affect the cauldron filling state cultivator at all. He had never seen a cauldron filling state cultivator this powerful, forcing a stalemate with a disaster transformation state cultivator.
Tang Mengrao looked at Ye Mo in more disbelief. He realized now why this cauldron filling state level six was fighting the stronger enemy. He was clearly stronger than the disaster transformation state level three female cultivator.
Ye Mo knew that if he didn't use Shadowless to help, he wouldn't be able to kill this disaster transformation state level three by himself. He was much stronger than Yong Yan who was disaster transformation state level four.
When Ye Mo called out Shadowless, he used Lightning Sword.
At this moment, the disaster transformation state cultivator just realized that Ye Mo was actually a lightning cultivator. Immediately, he wanted to retreat. He was a beast cultivator but he used the demon cultivation method. It was in the soul devouring category.
This type of cultivator feared lightning cultivators the most because lightning style naturally countered them.
As soon as Ye Mo used Lightning Sword, this disaster transformation state quickly protected himself with the nine skulls while also releasing a dark blue cultivation artifact flying sword.
Ye Mo immediately knew his lightning was countering this cultivator and used more lightning arcs. His spirit sense was powerful and his lightning arc sword was in initial completion. With his full powered attack he instantly suppressed that disaster transformation state cultivator.
Teng Yi saw this and couldn't resist anymore. During this trip, he never had a chance to fight. His heart was itching to battle. He just released his Golden Dragon Drill and charged up.
That disaster transformation state cultivator was already having huge pressure fighting with Ye Mo and now that Teng Yi came too, he was more worried. Teng Yi was only cauldron filling state level nine, but he was already scared of Ye Mo this maniac. If this Teng Yi was also like Ye Mo, he would be dead for sure.
He couldn't help his partner and swept up his Soul Devouring Flag to shoot rings at Ye Mo and Teng Yi. He was planning to run.
Ye Mo could tell what this disaster transformation state level three was thinking. He shot out a few spirit sense blades over without hesitation and signaled Shadowless to be ready.
Shadowless had been cooperating with Ye Mo for many years and knew what Ye Mo meant. Plus, he was very picky with food now, so he was already drooling for this disaster transformation state level three cultivator.
The disaster transformation state level three knew now was the best time for him to retreat but before he could, he felt his sea of consciousness ache. His control of his magic artifact stagnated for a moment.
The disaster transformation state level three immediately knew things weren't good, this was spirit sense cultivation method.
He didn't expect this cauldron filling state level six to not only know domain but also have a spirit sense cultivation method.
The disaster transformation state level three couldn't keep his Soul Devouring Flag anymore, he burned essence blood without hesitation trying to break free of the spirit sense blade.
As soon as he did, he felt his meridians ache.
Shadowless didn't use much effort to ambush this disaster transformation state level three.
It was now that this disaster transformation state level three realized how bleak the cauldron filling state cultivator he was fighting with was. He had means that were indefensible.
He roared and spat many mouthfuls of blood, and Shadowless was instantly forced out. At the same time a few huge explosions sounded. The nine skulls blocking the Lightning Sword and the Golden Dragon Drill completely shattered.