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1225 Such an Absurd Cultivator

15 days later, when Jie Feng took his two daughers back to Yin Zhu Island, he met Teng Xiong and Lan Qirui who hurried over.
The two saw it was just Jie Feng and his two daughters together and were stunned. They traced along the marks for half a month and didn't see Ye Mo at all.
"Island lord Jie, what a coincidence." Lan Qirui laughed awkwardly.
Teng Xiong said, "Yeah, what a coincidence, island leader Jie is very free now and he wanders around aimlessly. Haha, everyone knows."
Jie Feng immediately knew what Teng Xiong meant. He was saying that he left many marks on his way and led the two here but he pretended he didn't understand what the two were saying. He frowned. "What do you mean Teng Dragon king, is this entire Heartless Sea your Dragon Teng Palace? Can I not take my daughter around for a walk?"
Lan Qirui didn't want the two to argue so he quickly said, "Of course, please continue, we'll be going."
Then, he pulled away Teng Xiong. He knew Jie Feng's power, although Teng Xiong was truth realisation state peak stage and he was truth realisation state level nine, they might really not be a match for Jie Feng even if they attacked together.
Ten Xiong knew there was nothing he could do to Jie Feng so he could only turn away.
Seeing the two leave, Jie Feng sneered. "Let's go, we can go back to the island, you can stay on the island and cultivate, don't run around everywhere."
"Yes," You Kui and You Ning said dejectedly.
After they left for a long while, Teng Xiong sneered. "Brother Lan, don't you feel strange? Since when did Jie Feng have the free time to roam around with his daughters for half a month?"
Lan Qirui said calmly, "So what if you knew he helped Ye Mo get away? Ye Mo isn't here, we can't fight with him for no reason. But we'll go visit that Yin Zhu Island one day."
Teng Xiong nodded showing he knew what Lan Qirui meant. They would go look for trouble with Jie Feng in the future, but now it was urgent to capture Ye Mo first.
Lan Qirui paused and said, "That Ye Mo would go find your son Teng Yi, do you not even know where your son is? Is he not going to go back to your palace?"
Teng Xiong said in annoyance, "It's because he won't be coming back that I'm annoyed, that bastard told his mother he would be going out for an adventure. Who knows where they will be going?"
Lan Qirui nodded. "I think they might go to the three seas, why don't we go there?"
Teng Xiong nodded and the two changed direction. Little did they know they guessed the right direction as Ye Mo was going towards the three seas.

Half a months later, Ye Mo had calmed down and took out Ji Ling's essence spirit and woke him up.
Ji Ling saw the Immortal Curl Flower and said in shock, "You really got the Immortal Curl Flower…"
Ji Ling immediately said in gratitude, "Ye Mo, thank you!"
Ye Mo laughed. "I was lucky that I got out whole this time, Ji qian bei, your essence spirit has been exposed for too long, you need to recover your body or the danger is too high."

Ji Ling answered, "Just give me Immortal Curl Flower and the yellow rock and set up a spirit gathering formation for me. I need two months to rebuild my body."
Ye Mo asked in shock. "Ji qian bei, is your body hidden in that rock?"
Ji Ling nodded. "Yes after that battle, everyone retreated and no one touched my body so I sealed myself in my own formation. I didn't tell you as I didn't want you to be worried."
Ye Mo knew what Ji Ling meant. If Ye Mo knew Ji Ling's body was still there, he would find spirit herb to preserve the body. That wouldn't be easier than finidng the Immortal Curl Flower. But now that Ji Ling had the Immortal Curl Flower, after he rebuilt his body his power wouldn't drop at all and his talent would increase quite a bit.
Ye Mo couldn't help being angry. Pill City had one truth realisation state cultivator and when he left the Infinity Sect wouldn't stop him. Yet he didn't take JI Ling's body and preserve it.
Ye Mo felt assured now and gave the two things to Ji Ling. Then he set up a spirit gathering formation and even took out a spirit marrow pond for him.
After this, Ye Mo set up a stealth restriction and defense formation in his room before letting Ji Ling rebuild his body while he manned Blue Moon.
A month later, Ye Mo felt the spirit chi waves inside and knew it was the crucial moment for Ji Ling rebuilding his body and became even more careful.
The second month was about to pass and Ye Mo watched Ji Ling constantly. He was only about one month from the rendezvous point.
A few days passed and Ji Ling still didn't come out. Ye Mo was beginning to worry as Ji Ling said he would take two months at most but now it was two months and three days.
Just when Ye Mo wanted to check on Ji Ling's progress a light flew rapidly towards him.
Ye Mo stopped immediately.
In a blink of an eye, it passed Blue Moon. Ye Mo recognized who it was and then. Immediately it flew back.
Ye Mo's eyes went cold and Zi Xu appeared. Blue Moon had to stop as another light flew over.
The woman who turned back was Meng Hanan.
She was covered in blood and heavily injured.
She didn't expect to meet Ye Mo here and said desperately, "I have no ill will for you, it's so great you're fine. May I ask where my disciple Meng Qi is now?"
Before Ye Mo could reply, the other dashing light stopped in front of Blue Moon, it was a disaster transformation state level four.
The man saw Ye Mo and dazed before laughing in surprise and joy. "It's you, Ye Mo, this is all too easy!"
He gave up Meng Hanan and reached for Ye Mo.
Ye Mo sneered and released Zi Xu, this disaster transformation state level four was from the Tong Hai Cult. He could tell from the clothes.
Instantly, Zi Xu clashed with the giant hand.
Blood shot out and the man backed off with fury and anger. He underestimated Ye Mo and lost two fingers to a body condensation state cultivator.
But then, he saw clearly, Ye Mo who was only body condensation state at the Qu 18 Disks was now cauldron filling state level two.
Ye Mo didn't leave him time to recover, Zi Xu swept over again.
Illusion Cloud Domain Shattering Strike, this was Ye Mo's Illusion Cloud 8th strike. This was the first time he used it after creating it.
Ye Mo didn't dare to hold back against this disaster transformation state master and used all his might.
Meng Hanan looked at Ye Mo in shock, she didn't expect Ye Mo to go from body condensation state level seven to cauldron filling state level two in a few month's time. This was inhuman speed.
She suddenly thought of the words Ye Mo said to Yong Lanyi. She realsied that it wasn't Ye Mo sucking up to Yong Lanyi but telling him that he would be back for revenge.
According to this progress, Ye Mo wouldn't need much time to reach truth realisation state at all.
Meng Hanan subconsciously shivered. Ye Mo was only cauldron filling state level two and could take on this disaster transformation state level four hunting her, if he reached truth realisation state, wouldn't Yong Lanyi only be able to wait for death?
'Such an absurd cultivator!' was Meng Hanan's only thought. Not only Ye Mo's cultivation speed but also his battle power was insane.