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1224 Giving Back in Gratitude

There were two Break Spirit Pills in Jie Feng's hands, they were heaven grade level five pills. They were the pills hollow spirit state cultivators needed to break through to body condensation state and were special grade. At least a level five pill king was needed to concoct Break Spirit Pill, special grade ones might even need level six pill kings to concoct them.
It was because of this that they were shocked. Jie Feng had Break Spirit Pills but not special grade ones. He got his top grade Break Spirit Pills using many spirit herbs and a huge favor. He got them for his daughters but now Ye Mo gave him two special grade ones.
"This is Break Spirit Pill, and special grade ones!" the green robed girl said in shock. "This Ye Mo is so generous."
"Dad, let's see the other two pills," You Ning, the red robed girl said.
Jie Feng put the two pills away and was shook. Even he was eager to see what the other pills were.
He opened the jade bottle and Youkui and Youning almost shrieked, "Kun Filling pills…"
Even Jie Feng took a cold breath in, he had two top grade Kun Filling pills.
These were heaven grade level seven pills, top grade ones were even harder to get. Even if you had Kun Carrot, you couldn't concoct the Kun Filling Pill. Level seven pill kings were too rare, even if you met one, he might not be willing to help you.
Even 9-star sects had a limited supply of Kun Filling pills and now he had two top grade ones. How could he not be excited?
He thought Ye Mo would be shocked by his generosity with the Blue Extreme Rock. It was rare but he wasn't going to lower himself to take Immortal Curl Flower from Ye Mo for free. After he got the Immortal Curl Flower, he no longer thought that way as Immortal Curl Flower was much more precious than Blue Extreme Rock.
Now that he looked at the four pills, he knew who was truly generous. He felt guilty of what he thought before.
When he gave the Blue Extreme Rock, he might've had a little condescending manner or even a bragging intention. But Ye Mo didn't show off at all as he believed his daughters truly needed these pills.
Jie Feng was embarrassed my Ye Mo's generosity and magnanimity.
At this moment, You Kui and You Ning still hadn't woke up from their shock. Even though their father was truth realisation state peak stage, it was hard for him to get two top grade Kun Filling pills. With their talent, they would have 90% chance of reaching cauldron filling state with these two pills.
"Dad, this Ye Mo is too generous, he even gave top grade Kun Filling pills, who is he? He has such high level pills," You Kui said in shock.
Youning nodded and suddenly asked in confusion, "Dad, why is your face a little red?"
 Jie Feng smiled awkwardly. "I thought I was being generous, but compared to brother Ye Mo I'm too stingy."
He put away the pills and sighed. "He's truly a genius, I've never seen a genius like him, this is unbelievable, really…"
"Dad, just how long are you going to praise that Ye Mo for? Perhaps he got a large pile of Kun Filling pills in the Lost Soul Ruins," You Ning murmured.

Jie Feng said with a straight face, "I'm saying this because he's not only a formation grand master but also a level seven pill king."
"What? How is that possible?" the two sisters asked simultaneously.
Jie Feng waved the pills in his hand. "These pills were made less than one months ago. Clearly, he didn't get this from some ruin. He made it himself. Plus, I said the formations in the Lost Soul Ruins were tampered with. Ye Mo was the first to go in, so clearly he did it. Obviously, he's a formation grand master and I'm sure he has other means.
The two nodded - if it was really as dad said, then Ye Mo was a prodigy amongst prodigies.
"People like him have a boundless future, luckily we connected with him before and he has a good impression of us or he wouldn't give such pills. If you guys reach higher cultivation states and see him, it would only benefit you," Jie Feng said.
Then he sighed. "If it wasn't that he wasn't interested in you two I also want to chase him up to make him my son in law."
Hearing this, the big sister You Kui looked down in embarrassment but the younger sister You Ning said, "Sister and I can be considered beautiful in this region. Dad, why are your words are so crushing? How do you know he isn't into us? Maybe he was but he's too shy to say it."
"So that means you're into him?" Jie Feng asked.
Youning immediately said, "I'm just saying."
Jie Feng patted You Ning's head. "You three sisters are all very beautiful girls and my pride, but as a father I won't lie to you. He looks at you and your sister very calmly. Clearly he's not interested in you two, I won't be wrong about this. If he can stay at Zhu Yin Island for a while, you two might have a chance."
"Dad, then call him to Yin Zhu Island," You Ning didn't think much and said.
Jie Feng knew this didn't mean his daughter was into Ye Mo but he didn't mind and shook his head, "I understand why Ye Mo was running off in a rush."
"Why?" Youning asked.
"He's hiding from Teng Xiong and them." Jie Feng sneered, "Lan Qirui said he didn't want to go into the Lost Soul Ruins, I was suspicious. He's not someone scared of death, if there was no danger in Lost Soul Ruins, then what could be more important than getting level nine spirit herbs? Now that Ye Mo appeared I understand why. He's a level seven pill king. He must know Ye Mo is a level seven pill king and that's why he left to catch Ye Mo. That person they said went in the Lost Soul Ruins must be Ye Mo. But this Ye Mo isn't simple either, he drew them to the wrong direction. No wonder he's so young and dares to go into the Lost Soul Ruins. He's indeed brilliant."
"Then why didn't Dragon Teng king go at first?" Youning asked.
Jie Feng shook his head. "I don't know that very well, but later Dragon Teng king went east, the same direction as Lan Qirui. Now it's obvious he went for Ye Mo too."
Jie Feng suddenly said, "We should help Ye Mo, they might come towards our direction if they don't find Ye Mo in the east. It's not a big possibility for them to catch Ye Mo but we should still help him."
"How do we help?" You Ning asked again.
"Leave some traces and draw them to the south east side," Jie Feng said.

Ye Mo didn't expect his generosity earned Jie Feng's good impression and such outcomes.

Lan Qirui was very annoyed, he chased for half a day and it ended up to be a cultivator's soul. Even if he didn't chase it, it would disappear soon. He gave up level nine spirit herbs to chase this soul, he really didn't understand how Ye Mo took off his spirit sense mark and put it on a soul and led it this far.
Could Ye Mo control souls too?
He thought that he needed to go back and quickly meet up with Teng Xiong, if Ye Mo was in the Lost Soul Ruins he would be losing out big.
But before he left, Teng Xiong already appeared before him.