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1223 Giving Pills

Jie Feng waved his hand and an ore emitting aqua light appeared on his hand. This was blue extreme rock, a level nine material.
This was equivalent to the Huang Star Rock he got. It was very rare but Ye Mo didn't know why Jie Feng took this out.
Jie Feng smiled. "Ye Mo brother, I'm a bit older than you so I'll call you little brother, have you seen this rock before?"
Ye Mo nodded. "If wan bei isn't wrong, it's level nine material Blue Extreme Rock. Very rare."
Jie Feng nodded with approval. "Keen eyes, brother - this is indeed Blue Extreme Rock, but now it's yours."
Then he threw the rock to Ye Mo but his flying ship didn't come near Ye Mo, as though he knew Ye Mo was on alert.
This was a minor detail but Ye Mo noticed it and felt grateful. This was the mannerism of a true respectable qian bei.
Ye Mo took it and a deep bone chilling frost came. Ye Mo immediately knew this was no ordinary Blue Extreme Rock. This was a top quality one. He took it and said in confusion, "Wan bei can't take this for nothing."
Jie Feng stopped Ye Mo from giving it back. "You saved my daughter before so this is a token of appreciation."
Ye Mo wasn't going to take it before he knew why no matter how much he liked it. He wouldn't believe that Jie Feng would chase up just to thank him.
Then, Jie Feng said again, "I heard people say there's Immortal Curl Flower in Lost Soul Ruins, but although people say it's a level nine spirit herb, it's actually beyond level nine. My eldest daughter's spirit roots are damaged and she can't cultivate, her body is also heavily damaged…"
Ye Mo immediately knew what Jie Feng meant, even a truth realisation state peak stage wasn't able to help a damaged body and spirit root damaged to that degree, clearly Immortal Curl Flower was the best choice.
JIe Feng clearly wanted an Immortal Curl Flower, Ye Mo had four and now that the woman took one, he still had three. Ye Mo gave one to Jie Feng without hesitation.
Jie Feng didn't expect to get an Immortal Curl Flower this easily. His hands were shaking with excitement. He cusped the Immortal Curl Flower not knowing how to show his excitement.
Even the two girls behind were very excited.
Half a moment later, the green robed girl pushed him and he came back to his senses, he bowed to Ye Mo. "Thank you brother Ye Mo, I'm very grateful."
Ye Mo quickly waved his hand, "Jie qian bei, you're too polite, it's my honor that one spirit herb can save your daughter."
Jie Feng took out a jade box and carefully put the Immortal Curl Flower in before putting it away. Then he said to Ye Mo, "Brother Ye, you saving my daughter and your talent deserves a bow from me. You're the most genius cultivator I've ever seen. I believe your future is boundless, if you see my two daughters in the future please help them a little."
Ye Mo quickly said again, "Thank you for your words qian bei, if qian bei doesn't have anything else, wan bei will be leaving too."

Ye Mo knew Jie Feng was easy to talk to, but not the guys from Dragon Teng Palace.
"That's fine, three days ago I saw Dragon Teng king and Lan Qirui go east, I don't know what they're doing," Jie Feng nodded and said strangely.
Jie Feng didn't know the exact story between them but from how Ye Mo left Lost Soul Ruins and Teng Xiong and them went in as well as mentioning the person who went in, he reminded Ye Mo just in case.
Jie Feng didn't know his little reminder made Ye Mo very grateful. At the same time, he had a different view on truth realisation state cultivators, there was such distance between them and yet Jie Feng could chase up, who knows if Teng Xiong and them could chase up too?
Jie Feng nodded to Ye Mo. "In that case I won't waste your travel time, do as you please brother Ye."
Ye Mo nodded and suddenly took out two jade bottles. "Island lord Jie, Ye Mo admires your honest character, it's my honor to meet a friend like you, I do need to go immediately. I don't have anything good but I can give these two bottles of pills for the two girls."
Jie Feng nodded and didn't mind.
Seeing this, Ye Mo saluted with his fists and took off in a blue beam.
He couldn't stay indeed as he would bring trouble to Jie Feng. Jie Feng was powerful but he was just by himself.
Seeing this, the green robed girl looked at Jie Feng in confusion. "Dad, you seemed very polite to that cultivator and gave him Blue Extreme Rock to trade the Immortal Curl Flower."
The red robed girl immediately said, "Sister, didn't you hear dad say he's the most prodigous cultivator? Of course dad would take him seriously, but I'm happiest about big sister soon being able to get well."
Jie Feng nodded. "It's indeed due to Ye Mo that we got the Immortal Curl Flower this time, and I'm serious about him being the most prodigous cultivator I've ever seen. He's not even 100 and he's cauldron filling state level two. Have you seen a human cultivator reach cauldron filling state in 100 years? He's the first I've seen."
"Huh.." the two girls were dazed, not expecting this.
"Dad, did you see wrong? If he could kill that at least disaster transformation state female cultivator, how can he be only cauldron filling state and not even 100 years old?" the green robed girl asked in disbelief.
Jie Feng nodded with certainty. "I'm certain he's not 100 years and perhaps even younger than I imagined."
The red robed girl said, "Ye Mo is lucky that he met dad, if he met that old monster Dragon Teng king, his bones would be devoured."
Jie Feng thought for a moment and said, "You Ning, you're right but you can't underestimate him. Although we caught up to him, but if we fought we might not be able to keep him."
Hearing this, the two sisters' mouth were wide open in shock and they looked at their father in disbelief. How could a mere cauldron filling state level two not be kept by their truth realisation state peak stage father?
Jie Feng was also confused. "He was wary of me but not scared. Clearly he had a way to get away. Otherwise, a cauldron filling state wouldn't be that calm seeing a truth realisation state cultivator."
"Didn't you guys suspect that female cultivator's power? I can tell you for sure based on your description that her cultivation essence giant hand was truth realisation state level. Ye Mo could escape from her and get spirit herbs, clearly he killed that female cultivator already. Of course, he isn't able to injure me, but I'm not sure I can keep him."
"By the way dad, when the left he gave some pills to us, let's see what they are," the red robed girl said.
Ye Mo smiled, Ye Mo was just cauldron filling state and was too young. He wouldn't have many good things. Clearly, they were hollow spirit state level pills he gave to his daughters.
He casually tipped them out and when the two spirit chi emitting pills appeared on his hand, they were all dumbfounded.