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1222 Stopped Again

Everyone else saw this situation as well. There was just a ruined low grade spirit range and low level spirit herbs. The highest level spirit herb was only level six. There were some rare ones but none of them interested these truth realisation state cultivators.
There seemed to be a herb garden next to it but it was empty. Judging by the ruins, some people moved it away not long ago.
Only Jie Feng's two daughters happily went to dig up low level spirit herbs, the rest of the cultivators didn't do anything. There was no way they were going to fight over low level spirit herbs with hollow spirit state cultivators.
"Things were taken away, I'm going to look somewhere else." Teng XIong saluted with his fists and left this place.
Huang Qi and Gong Zhe glanced at each other and saluted with their fists. "Island lord Jie, we'll be going other places too."
Then, the two left here rapidly and only the middle aged man and his two daughters were left.
Jie Feng frowned and suddenly said, "You Kui, tell me again what you and You Ning saw."
The green robed girl nodded. "When we came in, there was that young man fighting with a female cultivator. He seemed to have the lower hand and we couldn't see his power. When the female cultivator saw us come in, she was about to attack us, but at that moment the guy counterattacked. The female cultivator had to give up attacking us and fight the male. We ran out at that time.
Jie Feng nodded. Cultivators couldn't be judged on looks, he believed Ye Mo was a powerful cultivator who has been cultivating for many years. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to dissipate the grey mist and come here.
The younger sister also said, "I saw his magic artifact was a purple kitchen knife, it seemed to be very strong."
"It seems that the one who fled when we came here was one of them, dad do you think it was the guy or the female who got away? Should we chase up?" the green robed girl asked.
The middle aged man thought for a moment and said, "From now on, you two won't be allowed to leave the island alone again. If it wasn't for luck, you two would've been dead."
The red robed girl wasn't willing but still agreed.
Jie Feng immediately said, "Regardless of who got away, the high level spirit herbs are with them. If we chase up now, and there's Immortal Curl Flower, that's the only spirit herb useful to your sister. We need to go now, that person's flying magic artifact is an extreme grade cultivation artifact. If we waste more time we won't be able to catch up."

Teng Xiong's face was green now, there was just a simple spirit sense barrier formation before him with a spirit sense mark was trapped inside. This was the spirit sense mark he left on Ye Mo.
"I underestimated you, you can even remove truth realisation state cultivator spirit sense marks. It seems you have more secrets than I thought," Teng XIong said and then took out a top grade flying magic artifact before looking at the direction Lan Qirui disappeared to.

In a blink, he disappeared from Lost Soul Ruins in a white beam.
He realized why the Lost Soul Ruins was safe now and yet Lan Qirui didn't come in. He knew that Ye Mo had left. Although Teng Xiong didn't know why Ye Mo took his spirit sense mark but couldn't take off Lan Qirui's spirit sense mark, he wasn't going to let Ye Mo fall into Lan Qirui's hands.
A level seven pill king was crucial to the Dragon Teng Palace. He might become an overlord of an even greater region due to Ye Mo. His palace was a little stronger than Qi Tian Island, but if Ye Mo is taken away by them, it was no good for him.
Jie Feng took his daughters out of the formation door and saw Teng Xiong leave, he immediately frowned.
The red robed girl said, "Dad, I saw that person leave towards the north, why did Dragon Teng king chase east?"
Jie Feng shook his head. "I don't know, but that Lan Qirui left towards the east as well, it should be something between them. We don't need to worry, let's go north."
Then, Jie Feng took out an extreme grade flying cultivation artifact and left with his daughters. He was thinking about who the person inside the Lost Soul Ruins was, he seemed very important to Teng Xiong and Lan Qirui.
"Why did they leave in the opposite directions?" Huang Qi saw Jie Feng and Teng Xiong leave.
Gong Zhe also frowned but replied, "Ignore Jie Feng, he probably has his own business. We just need to follow Dragon Teng king, he left in the direction Lan Qirui went. I think Teng Xiong lost Ye Mo while Lan Qirui was going in the right direction."
"That's right, Jie Feng doesn't know about Ye Mo so he's not going to chase him for sure," Huang Qi immediately said.
The two reached an agreement and immediately chased after Teng Xiong.
Soon, the Lost Soul Ruins was desolate again.

Ye Mo put eight extreme grade spirit stones in Blue Moon and fled like crazy. Half a day later, he saw no one came so he changed directions.
Five days later, Ye Mo breathed easy. He estimated that no one would be chasing up to him now, but before he could relax, he had the feeling of being watched again. Before he could think, a yellow beam faster than Blue Moon chased up and surpassed Blue Moon.
Ye Mo's heart sunk. Looking at this, it was clear the yellow beam came for him.
He slowed down and stood in front of Blue Moon, if he couldn't beat this person he would run into the Heartless Sea and hide in the Golden Page World.
The yellow light stopped and three cultivators got off. When Ye Mo saw the two girls, he immediately knew what was going on.
It was those two girls who suddenly came in that allowed him to see the wave of the female cultivator's spirit sense cultivation method. From that he learned spirit sense transformation and reached Purple Eye Soul Sever level four. But it was due to him that they survived.
Now, it seems that the two girls brought help and the middle aged man in front of them was truth realisation state peak stage already. He couldn't even beat an injured truth realisation state level six, much less a truth realisation state peak stage. Ye Mo knew he had no chance at all.
When Jie feng saw Ye Mo, there was a sliver of shock in his eyes. He could tell Ye Mo was young, too young, yet his power was cauldron filling state level two.
But soon he hid his shock and saluted with his fists. "I'm Yin Zhu Island lord Jie Feng, I was a rush to see you but I need to thank you for saving my daughters first."
No wonder the two dared to roam around, clearly their dad was very famous around here.
Ye Mo had a good impression seeing that this truth realisation state peak stage was so polite to him so he saluted with his fists. "Wan bei Ye Mo, island lord Jie you're too polite, it was just an accident, I didn't intentionally save your daughters."
Ye Mo felt uneasy. The two girls saw him fighting with the female cultivator, if they went to Lost Soul Ruins as well, they would know that the spirit herbs in there were in his pockets.
Ye Mo knew what level nine spirit herbs meant to truth realisation states. There was no way of resisting if he wanted to rob him and kill him.
Ye Mo instantly thought of two ways. One was to dodge the first attack and grab one of his daughters as hostage, the second was to dash into Heartless Sea and enter the Golden Page World, testing his luck.
Ye Mo immediately gave up the first idea, it was obviously impossible to grab his daughter in front of him.
He could only try the second method. Even if he had to give up Blue Moon, he would dash into Heartless Sea instantly.
Ye Mo immediately went on full alert watching Jie Feng.