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The two girls ran for their lives, they were scared shitless by the nude female cultivator and Ye Mo. If the young cultivator who went in first didn't help, they would be crushed meat by now.
"Sister, what is their power level? I couldn't tell at all." The red robed girl asked once they were 10000 kilometers from Lost Soul Ruins.
The green robed girl shook her head. "I can't tell but that female cultivator seemed injured, even so she could still use her cultivation essence giant hand. She's at least disaster transformation state tertiary stage or even truth realisation state. That male cultivator can fend off her meaning he won't be much weaker than her. He would at least be disaster transformation state level. He might look so young but he's probably older than dad."
"Then what do we do now? With this happening, people would be coming Lost Soul Ruins soon," the red robed girl continued.
"Let's wait for father here, he will come soon," the green robed girl said with certainty.

Ye Mo knew that the female cultivator was gathering cultivation essence now but the exit was too close to the female cultivator. If he wanted to go, he might not be able to use essence blood to dodge her attack. With his current distance and how the female cultivator couldn't move, even if she used her red rope, he would at most be heavily injured. It wouldn't be enough to kill him.
But Ye Mo was worried about cultivators coming here soon. If a few truth realisation state cultivators came, he would still be dead, especially those guys from the Dragon Teng Palace.
The female cultivator saw by Ye Mo's facial expression that he knew she wouldn't be able to kill him if he didn't come within a certain distance.
When her cultivation essence recovered to a degree, she didn't attack and instead looked at Ye Mo. "You're a cultivator too, do you know how much enmity there is for stopping one's cultivation foundation? Today you ruined mine so it's not over the line even if I burn your soul."
Ye Mo sneered. "Don't make it sound so nice, your soul devouring cultivation method is pretty much doing the same thing nonstop. Don't give me that bullshit, weren't you going to use me as your soul jar before? What won't an evil woman like you do? It's a pity I don't have the ability to kill you now, once I reach truth realisation state, I will kill a scum like you every time I see one."
"Haha, I'm evil…." the woman shrieked. She pointed outside hysterically. "If I'm one ten-thousandth as evil as Feng Chun, you would be overestimating me. You think I made those soul jars? It's Feng Chun, that bastard - he ambushed his old friend and used his son to set up the Spirit Transfer Formation to take his daughter in law's spirit roots. Then, he used his Soul Shackle Formation to lock his wife's soul at the bottom of the lake forever…"
Ye Mo looked at the female cultivator in confusion, wasn't this female cultivator locked here? Was she Feng Chun's wife? No wonder she couldn't move.

The female cultivator's voice turned tragic. "You guessed it, that's right, I'm his wife. I have been locked at the bottom of the lake for countless years. The Spirit Transfer Formation he used his son to set up was sabotaged by me. Although I've been locked down here, I had the means to tell the news to Li He. Li He took away his daughter and Feng Xi's soul. But even so, Feng Chun didn't stop. He wasn't able to improve his spirit roots so he wanted to cultivate the soul devour cultivation method."
The woman clenched her teeth. "He let spirit beasts attack his own Bright Moon City and killed all the spirit beasts and people in the city. Then he set up a Soul Devouring Formation and set up the soul mist to nourish the souls here for his cultivation. He used his own son to be a soul jar to nourish the souls purely because this way, it would benefit him more. Do you know who the first soul he was going to devour was? Mine; he not only locked my here but also wanted to devour my soul. This animal, no he's worse than an animal…"
Ye Mo sneered. "Well aren't you alright now? You're no better yourself, Feng Xi is your son yet you still used him as a soul jar."
The female cultivator calmed down and said hatefully, "I'm fine because I ambushed him. When he devoured my soul, I used a secret technique to escape. I know he isn't dead and I know he will come back but before I reach truth realisation state peak stage, I can't leave this Soul Shackle Formation. I must kill him, only after I kill him can I die peacefully."
Ye Mo sneered in contempt. He realized this was all set up by Feng Chun but it benefited this female cultivator in the end.
The woman saw Ye Mo's expression and said coldly, "That Feng Xi isn't my son, he's the son of the bitch who suggested to him to lock me up. But that bitch was also ambushed by Feng Chun. That bitch's father is Feng Chun's mortal enemy, but Feng Chun was good at acting and tricked her. Then, he went to torture her son."
Ye Mo was speechless. What bullshit logic was this, that woman's son was also Feng Chun's son?
Regardless, Feng Chun's acts were inhuman.
But his wife wasn't someone good either. The more Ye Mo heard, the more he was disgusted. That Li He was blind, making such a friend and bringing harm to himself and his daughter.
Seeing this, the female cultivator suddenly said, "Feng Chun is also a level nine formation grand master, you're no ordinary person to be able to break his formation. You're only cauldron filling state level two, you should know that soon, people will come here and you still won't be able to get away. So I'm going to make a deal with you, help me remove the Soul Shackle Formation and give me an Immortal Curl Flower, then we're even."
Ye Mo sneered. "You're quite cunning."
The female cultivator also sneered. "It's not your Immortal Curl Flower, is that herb garden yours? You took it from me."
Ye Mo felt a little awkward since that was really the case.
The female cultivator said again, "If you're willing then hurry up, there's an half extreme grade spirit range and a broken low grade spirit range, I can give them to you. Otherwise, if I guard this entrance, you won't be able to dodge my attack so you won't be able to leave."
Ye Mo knew she was right so he nodded. "Okay then, it's a deal. Make an oath that after I free you you must not attack me."
The female cultivator said without hesitation, "I, Miao Huzhen, swear that if someone frees me from Soul Shackle Gormation, I will treat him as my savior my entire life. I will never go back on this or I will die to divine damnation."
Her voice was shaky when she made the oath. Clearly, if some level nine formation grand master came to do this deal with her earlier, she was willing to do anything. She even rejoiced that Ye Mo came here.
Ye Mo was decisive and since she made such an oath he didn't hesitate. He knew that it wasn't good for him to waste time here. He threw out a few formation flags and made more.
The female cultivator watched nervously as Ye Mo did his thing. For a few thousand years she had been locked here and now she was about to break free.
No matter how powerful her spirit sense was, if she didn't break free she would never be able to ascend into the immortal realm.
30 minutes later, Ye Mo threw out the last formation flag and the tens of restrictions confining her were freed. She got up and howled, "Feng Chun you bastard, I will lock your soul and cut you inch by inch!"
Ye Mo stood on the side warily.
The female cultivator looked at Ye Mo. "Although you made me lose half my power, you saved me as well. I won't look for trouble with you but you need to give me an Immortal Curl Flower."
Ye Mo threw one over without hesitation.
The female cultivator nodded but suddenly her face changed. She said, "Someone's here, a truth realisation state cultivator." She instantly dashed through the formation door and disappeared.
Ye Mo looked at the half extreme grade spirit range and gritted his teeth, taking it into his Golden Page World.
The female cultivator heard this and paused, murmuring, "A mere cauldron filling state, how dare he!"
The rumbling sound was Ye Mo taking the spirit range. As soon as he took it, he saw a flying magic artifact about to land here. The cultivators outside weren't able to scan in with spirit sense due to the formation.
Ye Mo couldn't care about the small herb garden and dashed out on Blue Moon.