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Ye Mo sneered and continued, "Even coming here, you're probably being watched."
Meng Qi had calmed down, she knew Ye Mo was saying the truth. She got up and her face recovered but just seemed more numb.
"Thank you martial brother Ye for helping me realise this, Meng Qi will be leaving," Meng Qi said dejectedly.
Ye Mo smiled and waved his hand. "How far from the Qu 18 Disks would the cultivator older than 100 years be affected?"
Meng Qi didn't know what this meant but she still replied, "The 18 disks are in the centre of the island, I heard that during every tournament, the masters of the three powers would be at the border of the island. That's tens of kilometers from the outermost disk. If they get closer, they would be affected. They stand at the border of the island because there's a huge white tablet there that can record the progress of the tournament."
Can the cultivators' spirit sense go inside the Qu 18 Disks?" Ye Mo asked.
This was the most important part to his plan. If the 18 disks can't barricade spirit sense then he wouldn't be able to get away.
Meng Qi looked at Ye Mo in confusion, "No, those cultivators who go into the 18 disks would disappear from the spirit sense of the people outside. If the contestant passes the first disk, there would be a stone tablet at the entrance to the second disk. You just have to mark your name on there and then the huge white stone tablet at the border of the island would show your name and your progress."
Ye Mo rejoiced and asked, "Then what if I don't mark my name or if some contestant dies during the competition?"
Meng Qi immediately said, "The stone tablet won't record your progress if you don't mark your name but that doesn't affect the contestants. Once you get teleported out, your name would turn blue. If you die, your name would turn red and it would stop at the disk you were before you died."
Ye Mo breathed easy, this was good then. Now he only needed to worry aobut if he could reach the top.
Ye Mo nodded, "Don't worry, wait till the day of the competition, I might have a way to help you."
"Really?" Meng QI's eyes lit up immediately.
Ye Mo smiled. "I'm not confident but you know my predicament, it's not much different from yours."
"Go back first, it's not good for you to stay here too long," Ye Mo said to her. If people saw him with Meng Qi for too long, they might start watching him too.
Meng Qi regained her composure after knowing the possibility of escape, so she bowed to Ye Mo and quickly left Ye Mo's place.
In the next few days, Ye Mo didn't go out. He started to study formations in his room. he was sure that the formations in the Qu 18 Disks wouldn't be simple and would be over level eight formations but he could only hope they weren't beyond level nine formations.
Ye Mo knew he wasn't able to improve his formation skills very much in a few days, but it would still help a little.

Six days passed quickly and no one came to find Ye Mo during this time, not even Meng Qi.

On the last day, Ye Mo suddenly thought of something that could happen and immediately broke into a cold sweat. Without hesitation he took out an empty storage ring and inscribed more than ten explosion formations on it before putting a few top grade restrictions and then putting it on his finger. Then he breathed easy.
The second day, Ye Mo just opened his door and Wang Huaneng came.
Ye Mo knew it was the time for the competition so he saluted with his fists. "Manager Wang, is it almost time for the competition?"
Wang Huaneng nodded. "Yes, martial brother Ye please come with me."
Ye Mo nodded and smiled. "Okay, please lead the way martial brother Wang."
Wang Huaneng nodded and said as they walked, "Martial brother Ye, I really admire your forgery skills. Although I can also forge low grade cultivation artifacts, I feel your forgery means are much stronger than mine."
Ye Mo smiled, he didn't know what this guy meant so he said humbly, "You're too polite, martial brother Wang."
Wang Huaneng said seriously, "I'm not being polite, I truly admire your forgery skills. I didn't dare to disturb martial brother Ye these few days due to Sister Meng's orders, but after the tournament, we must have some discussions."
Ye Mo laughed. "Easy, easy."
He didn't believe at all that Wang Huaneng didn't know how powerful Yong Yuer was. If he knew and he still said this, it meant he was trying to keep him here. Ye Mo didn't mind. He just needed Meng Hanan to be able to send him safely into the Qu 18 Disks.
With Yong Yuer's attitude, she would definitely look for trouble inside the Qu 18 Disk islands. There was no way she wouldn't go to an event like this.
Ye Mo and Wang Huaneng soon came to the square of the Sea Cultivator Alliance. There was a huge teleportation formation at the border, it was filled with cultivators. Ye Mo just looked casually and knew there were at least 3 truth realisation state cultivators and nearly 10 disaster transformation state cultivators. This was stronger than an ordinary 9-star sect. This was just their surface power as well.
Ye Mo saw Meng Hanan and Meng Qi immediately. Meng Qi was standing quietly next to Meng Hanan just like at the start.
Meng Hanan immediately smiled to Ye Mo and said to a middle aged man next to her, "This is the cultivator I recommended, he's Ye Mo, he's very good. He's not old but he's already body condensation state tertiary stage and a level six formation great master."
The male cultivator nodded and looked at Ye Mo, making Ye Mo feel uncomfortable.
Meng Hanan then waved to Ye Mo, "Ye Mo, this is our Sea Cultivator Alliance's alliance leader, Wang Cang, come here."
Wang Cang had a long face. His chin was sunken but his power was astounding. Ye Mo could tell this guy was a truth realisation state level seven cultivator.
After Ye Mo greeted him, Wang Cang nodded, "Not bad, not bad, you're already a level six formation great master at this age. Your forgery is also this good, your future is boundless. Do well and our Sea Cultivator Alliance won't mistreat you."
Ye Mo quickly saluted with his fists. "Thank you alliance leader Wang."
Then, Wang Cang said to the rest of the people, "We've been last three times in a row, I hope the people you have chosen won't disappoint me again."
Then, he looked at the eight cultivators at the teleportation formation. "We'll be relying on you guys this time, as long as you can get a better spot than last time, everyone can make a request. Even if you want a top grade cultivation artifact, I can get one for you. Other than this, the participants will be heavily supported by our Sea Cultivator Alliance."
"Yes alliance leader, we will try out best!" they said together.
"Great." Wang Cnag nodded and waved his hand, "Go to Qu 18 disks now."
Ye Mo followed behind Meng Hanan and went into the teleportation formation. This teleportation formation was huge and 100 people didn't seem squished.
As the spirit stones were embedded into the teleportation formation ring, the teleportation formation lit up with white light and the people were teleported away.
Ye Mo thought there would only be 100 or so people in the teleportation formation and so there would be at most 500 people at the 18 disks, but when he arrived he knew how wrong he was. This place was filled with cultivators, about 20000 of them.
Wang Huaneng saw this and explained, "Those cultivators spectating arrived here more than ten days ago. It's no wonder that there're so many here."
But Ye Mo didn't have the mood to reply to Wang Huaneng as he saw that big chested, wavy haired Yong Yuer, and she noticed him immediately as well.