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1182 Formation Mastery, Mo Yue Treasure Land

Ning Qingxue and them knew that Ye Mo was going to set up the city defense formation so they didn't come to ask Ye Mo for small things. Eventually, even Luo Ying and Luo Fei came to help. With Ning Qingxue's system of laws being enforced, Mo Yue City became the first city on Luo Yue continent to have laws.
Lin Yiban and Xu Tong also followed Ning Qingxue and them. They were there to help and set up authority. Because the spirit chi in Mo Yue City was lacking, it was mostly mortals or chi gathering and foundation establishment state cultivators here. There were rarely a few golden core states. The highest level was a nascent soul state cultivator, but he was Gu Wei and came to repay Ye Mo in gratitude. He heard that Ye Mo didn't die and was further set on staying here. Now that Ning Qingxue became the new city lord, he came to report to Ye Mo at the city lord estate immediately.
Mo Yue City's spirit chi was lacking and although there was a spirit gathering formation, it couldn't attract cultivators. Those low level cultivators came here due to Ye Mo's name. those who knew that Ye Mo was being purged by the Infinity Sect all left. Eventually, even the last batch of low level cultivators were scared off by Ye Mo's equality. So, there were very few cultivators in Mo Yue City right now.
So, despite Ning Qingxue and them being nascent soul state cultivator, even if they didn't have the two body condensation state body guards, their power was still at the pinnacle of the city.
As for the three truth realisation state guards secretly guarding, they never even came out. They were all told by Silver Moon Pill King and Shen Guanqing to help Ye Mo set up the defense formation.
As Ning Qingxue's laws were announced, some people were getting kicked out of Mo Yue City. With some cultivators leaving, there really were few cultivators. The remaining ones admired pill king Ye to the bone and didn't want to leave.
Mo Yue City also enforced citizenship. Everyone who entered the city had to be strictly logged. No one could come in secretly.
So, it was easy to leave Mo Yue City now, but it wouldn't be easy to come in again.

Ye Mo focused his mind on the defense formation now. To him, a level seven defense formation was pointless. He was going to set up a level eight defense formation. He knew he was still a bit away from being a level eight formation grand master, but he believed he would be able to reach that level after studying for a while.
He already had new enlightenments in that Ice God forbidden grounds. It even formed the fetus of a new system. But he didn't get much time to think about it at the time
But now that Ye Mo had time to think about the formations in the Ice God forbidden grounds and simulate it with the Three Birth Chant, he could indeed reach level eight grand master in some time.
This was just one of the reasons. The other reason was that Ye Mo believed his formation skills were better than he showed.

His formations has always been set up in a rush and he used formation flags that were used for everything. He didn't make formation flags for a specific formation. So, Ye Mo believed that if he made unique formation flags and carefully thought about formations taking consideration of geology, his formation skills were be better.
Plus, he could now barely forge mid spirit artifacts and sometimes top grade spirit artifacts. A forgery master's formation flags would definitely be better.
Plus, ever since he reached level seven formation grand master, he didn't spend much time on formations.
This time, in order to break through, Ye Mo went into the Golden Page World and used the time formation disk to perfect his formation system.
He had spent an entire year simulating inside the time formation disk while only one month passed outside. No one went to disturb Ye Mo.
When Ye Mo was beginning to gradually perfect his system, he put away the time formation disk and left the Golden Page World. He believed he had the capability to set up level eight formations now.
Then, he spent another month to check the geology. In this month, Ye Mo looked carefully at the plain outside Mo Yue City as well as the two intertwining rivers and decided to set up three formations outside Mo Yue City.
The first formation would encompass the river and plains as well as the mountain and the fields below the river. He wanted to use the spirit gathering formation to turn the field into a spirit farm to grow spirit crops.
The main thing was that when more cultivators came, ordinary people could use it to trade with cultivators. That way, even ordinary people could live a nice life.
This formation needed too many materials and the range was too big. With his current power, even though he was a level eight formation grand master already, he could at most set up a level seven defense formation.
The second formation Ye Mo planned to set up 100 kilometers from Mo Yue City. Ye Mo want to set this as a level eight defense formation.
As for the third one, it would be the final defense formation outside Mo Yue City. He believed it must be a level eight formation and a level eight attack formation needed to be added.
He also set up a level seven formation outside the spirit marrow place but that was seen through by a level seven formation grand master. This gave Ye Mo a warning, he set up the formation casually not believing people would be able to come there, yet someone did and he was a formation grand master.
So, he must not let anyone find any weakness in his formation. Not even a formation grand master.
In these days, Ye Mo had been completely working on making formation flags and setting up spirit ranges. He didn't keep a single one of the spirit ranges Silver Moon Pill King gave him, he planted them all below Mo Yue City.
In these few days, everyone could hearing rumbling sounds. When Ye Mo was placing the spirit range, Yue Qichao even came personally and brought two truth realisation state cultivators to help.
Three months later, Ye Mo set up more than 10 formations. Defense, spirit gathering, air restriction, attack formation…. He even rebuilt the formation in the city lord estate and Mo Yue Lake.
Eventually, Ye Mo could simple sit up level seven formations and spent a little time to set up a complete level eight formation.
When Ye Mo settled the spirit range below Mo Yue City and closed the spirit gathering formation, everyone in Mo Yue City felt an intense spirit chi.
Those rare few cultivators who didn't leave Mo Yue City felt the dense spirit chi and immediately rejoiced. They all chose to sit down and cultivate immediately. A place with this level of spirit chi density was usually only in the hands of big sects, even big cultivation cities didn't have this.
"Brother Ye Mo is really amazing, the formations he set up so quickly are all level eight formation, Ji Ling brother is really unfortunate," Shen Guanqing sighed.
He was about to be a truth realisation state cultivator and of course could feel the power of Ye Mo's formations.
Yue Qichao nodded, if Ji Ling was still alive, he would be overjoyed at a formation genius like Ye Mo.

Mo Yue City's formations were completed, those mortals living inside could all get a share of spirit farm. Those cultivators who stayed in Mo Yue City would have their own place but those cultivators who wanted to come to Mo Yue City would have trouble.
Under Tang Beiwei and Ning Qingxue's organization, cultivation business streets and mortal business streets formed.
Pills and all sorts of resources flowed into the cultivation business streets.
The precious pills that didn't appear in other places would appear in Mo Yue City. Foundation Establishment Pill, Cultivation Increasing Pill, Blue Wen Pill, Condense Red Pill, Cao Huan Pill, Soul Condensation Pill, Hollow Meridian Pill. As long as you had spirit stones, you could even buy Dew Condensation Pill and higher.
In a short time, Mo Yue City's name rang through the entire South Peace State. Almost all the cultivators wanted to flow to Mo Yue City and those who left before were in immense regret. It was easy to leave but too hard to get back in.