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1178 Return to Mo Yue City

Ning Qingxue agreed to this and asked, "Husband, Yue Qichao and Shen Guanqing's status are very high, even the 9-star sects are very careful in the Pill City. Who would dare to touch them?"
Ye Mo shook his head. "I'm not sure, but city lord Shen Guanqing is a very honest person, he wouldn't trick me. His messenger flying sword didn't even mention pill king Qichao, I suspect something might have happened to him."
He knew that their statuses were very high in the Pill City but they didn't really care about managing the city. What if someone used his conflict with 9-star sects to rally support from the two 9-star sects and target the two city lords?
Ye Mo didn't say this but Luo Ying could tell what he was thinking. She looked at Ye Mo and asked, "You think there's internal conflict in Pill City? But I heard there's only a level six pill king other than the two city lords who are level seven pill kings. Even with an internal conflict, no one can replace them?"
"Let's go back first," Ye Mo said. With his extreme grade cultivation artifact Blue Moon, he would be able to escape even from cauldron filling state tertiary stage cultivators.
He didn't believe anyone could steal power from them in the Pill City.
He was confused why Shen Guanqing was in Mo Yue City. With his connections, if he needed help, he wouldn't go to Mo Yue City to find him. He was only a nascent soul state cultivator at the tournament.
Ye Mo let Xu Tong control Blue Moon and took out Winter's Arrival, putting it in front of Blue Moon while he concocted the Season Wheat Pill.
This was his second time concocting this, and with his power increasing so much, he made it in half an hour.
After Lin Yiban ate a Season Wheat Pill, his dan tian was completely recovered in two hours. Lin Yiban even wanted to die the instant his dan tian was destroyed. How could an useless man recover his ancestor's glory?
Yet now, he felt how correct his decision to follow a pill king like Ye Mo was. As long as he didn't lose his essence spirit, Ye Mo could still probably save him.
Xu Tong was tearing up, Ye Mo saving Lin Yiban was equivalent of saving her.
Lin Yiban didn't say anything but his mind was extremely surprised. Ye Mo was able to save him because he was a level seven pill king but he reached from hollow spirit state level one to body condensation state level two in half a year, this couldn't even be described as being prodigy. This was a miracle.
Blue Moon got faster and faster. Soon, Ye Mo and them passed through the glacier ranges. On their way, they saw many flying magic artifacts flying inside the Ice God forbidden grounds, but Blue Moon was too fast, so although those people wanted to ask Ye Mo and them about the forbidden grounds, they didn't have the opportunity.
It had been a month or so since Ye Mo and them left the extreme south. After another two months, Ye Mo reached body condensation state level three and they were very close to Mo Yue City.

Ye Mo stopped cultivation and took back Winter's Arrival. Winter's Arrival had now formed a white drill-shaped cocoon. Ye Mo put it back in the Golden Page World. It wasn't enough to help him yet but he felt that one day, Winter's Arrival's sudden evolution would give him a huge surprise.
Two days later when Blue Moon was about to enter Mo Yue City, Ye Mo suddenly said to Xu Tong, "Sister Xu, stop for a moment."
Ye Mo let them wait on Blue Moon while he flew out.
Ye Mo didn't fly far, Luo Ying and them could even scan him with their spirit sense. They found that the place Ye Mo went had three cultivators fighting. However, their power wasn't worth mentioning. It was just three cauldron filling state cultivators, one man and woman were attacking a scar-faced woman.
This was the second time he saw this scar-faced woman, the first time was at Mang Mountain Town when Duan Yitai took him into that spirit rest tower to discuss things. That woman seemed to be searching for news of him and seemed excited. He wanted to question her afterwards but wasn't able to find her.
The woman was no match for them, she had more than one wound and tried to run a few times, but was stopped by the other two.
Ye Mo landed near them and the three quickly stopped fighting. They all saw that Ye Mo's power was much higher than theirs.
"You're pill king Ye…" the scar faced woman recognized him and called out in surprise and joy.
Ye Mo nodded, "That's right, I am. You seem to know me?"
The other two heard the name 'pill king Ye' and their faces changed immediately. They wanted to leave.
Who didn't know Ye Mo's name?
"Pill king Ye, quickly kill these two! They injured your student in order to rob our things, and chased me here," the woman said desperately.
Ye Mo frowned, "My student?"
The scar-faced woman quickly said, "Yes, it's Shi Tie, he came from the Magical Continent. He said you're his master. We were searching for your news at the Mang Mountain Town and heard you were at the Pill City. We were prepared to go to Pill City together but then we heard you went back to Mo Yue City, so we spent a year to get back here. Now, Shi Tie is in the city."
Ye Mo immediately remembered, Shi Tie's sister was Shi Jingqing, who was Luo Yin. Her body was still in his Golden Page World, he didn't expect her brother to be in South Peace State. Shi Tie's talent was very absurd, with a mutated wind spirit root. The Primordial Chaos Chant he taught him only had up to foundation establishment state, he probably wasn't in golden core state yet.
Ye Mo felt a little ashamed, he had wasted a wind spirit root.
"What's his power now?" Ye Mo still asked.
The scar-faced woman said sadly, "He's a pure wind spirit root but doesn't have the latter cultivation method, so he's stuck at foundation establishment state. Those sects are taking in disciples and I told him to check it out, but he said he has a master so he hasn't reached golden core state."
Ye Mo nodded. "Come with me to Mo Yue City, we'll see Shi Tie first."
"Those two…" the scar-faced woman started to mention those two foundation establishment state cultivators who ran away but saw Ye Mo wave his hands and shoot out two lightning arcs.
Ye Mo wasn't interested in picking up their belongings.
The scar-faced woman looked back a few times, clearly wanting the two storage bags, but she was embarrassed to say it in front of Ye Mo.
Luo Ying and them saw Ye Mo bring back the scar-faced woman and were very surprised. Ye Mo explained things to them and let the scar-faced woman explain herself.
After her talk, everyone knew her name was Wen Shulei, in a foundation establishment state team a few years ago, she met Shi Tie and became very good friends. Although she didn't say it, Ye Mo and them guessed that they were married.
The two cultivators from before had chased Wen Shulei for a storage ring she got all the way to Mo Yue City. Wen Shulei arranged Shi Tie to rest inside the city after he got injured while she went out to look for some spirit herbs and was caught by the two.

Blue Moon soon went inside Mo Yue City, but when Ye Mo found there were no cultivator guards and ordinary troops couldn't stop the cultivators going in and out, he frowned.
"Such a pretty place." Tang Beiwei and Ning Qingxue felt a sense of intimacy with the city. At least the city planning seemed similar to a modern city. There was lush green everywhere and it was very well organized. The streets were many times wider than Pill City.
11 people got off the flying magic artifact and yet no one came to inquire about them. This made Ye Mo extremely unhappy. Even though there were no guards in Pill City, there were still people watching in the dark, but here there was no one. There were only a few guards chatting at the city gates.
He left this place to Ye Wucai before he left, but now he didn't see Ye Wucai at all. Luckily, he soon saw Xu Changji and Shen Guanqing in the city lord estate.
Shen Guanqing also saw Ye Mo and immediately got up. But Ye Mo walked in with Luo Ying and them first.