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1174 Spirit Marrow Pond Exposed

That fat cultivator was from the 7-star sect Eternity Sea. They were at the top of 7-star sects and were almost on par with ordinary 8-star sects, but they were nothing compared to Clear Dream Mosque. Just one truth realisation state cultivator was enough to annihilate Eternity Sea.
"Formation…" one body condensation state peak stage cultivator stared not far into the distance and called out.
Everyone looked towards there and to their surprise, a stealth formation gradually showed.
When the formation was completely revealed, almost everyone went up to it.
"This is a stealth formation, how come it doesn't have any stealth effects?" a hollow spirit state tertiary stage cultivator asked.
Someone immediately said, "Grand master Yi already said that the spirit source was taken away. Without the spirit source, these formations would show of course."
Perhaps the person who set up the formations didn't expect that his high level stealth formation was no different than an ordinary formation after the spirit source was taken away.
"Such an advance formation." Yi Jing looked at the formation and gasped. He had never seen such a formation. It was indeed very advanced.
"Grand master Yi, how do we go in here?" the body condensation state peak stage asked.
"Yi Jing greets God Wind Valley's martial brother Hu Jiming, this formation means is very advanced, I need to look again. This formation is mainly for stealth but it's also defensive and has reached level eight. We can't forcefully open it," YI Jing said. He didn't dare to offend God Wind Valley.
"Mhm." Hu Jiming nodded and stood on the side.
Only Hu Jiming and that fat man were body condensation state peak stage. The rest were weaker. Everyone elsed moved to the side after seeing Hu Jiming do so.
Yi Jing started to study this formation. A day later, Yi Jing didn't make any progress. Hu Jiming was getting impatient and asked, "How about we attack this formation together?"
Hu Jiming's words immediately got everyone's approval. Hu Jiming was the first to release his magic artifact, but as soon as his magic artifact touched that formation, the formation broke open.
Everyone was dazed.
Yi Jing was a formation grand master, and since he said that the formation couldn't be forced open, it really should be so. However Hu Jiming just attacked casually and the formation broke.
This meant that this formation was at most a level four defense formation.
"Haha…" Hu Jiming laughed and went inside, the rest of the people followed.
Yi Jing's face turned red, he realized that since the stealth formation lost spirit source so did the defense formation.
Luckily no one scorned at him and he felt better. He followed behind everyone, not daring to make any claims.
Soon, they saw the scene Ye Mo had seen before and a few female cultivators screamed in shock.
"This is just like the outskirts," one cultivator said.
People were guessing but more were looking around for treasure.

"The entrance is here." Soon, someone found the stealth formation Ye Mo went in. It had been completely revealed now.
Everyone went in the stealth formation and a crescent moon door appeared before them.
"Another defense formation, another level seven defense formation," Yi Jing said. But this defense formation had a spirit source.
Everyone ignored him after the joke before. His status had declined greatly.
An Eternity Sea nascent soul state cultivator released a flying sword at the formation.
With a thud, the flying sword and the formation clashed, but what everyone didn't expect was that a dark ray shot out of the formation and quickly pierced that nascent soul state cultivator's dan tian.
The nascent soul state cultivator immediately spat blood and an extremely small nascent soul popped out from his head.
Clearly that nascent soul state cultivator wasn't able to live, but it was very rare that a nascent soul could escape out. That fat Eternity Sea cultivator grunted and threw a fireball over. The worried nascent soul immediately disappeared.
Everyone was shook, this fatty was too cruel. He even killed his own sect's nascent soul state wan bei.
Everyone knew that the fat man was annoyed at this wan bei attacking without his consent, but this punishment was too cruel.
But no one would care about the death of a nascent soul state cultivator.
"This defense formation can attack as well, and it's still effective," Hu Jiming said and looked at Yi Jing before saluted with his fists. "Grand master Yi, would you be able to break this formation for us as quickly as possible?"
Yi Jing was uncomfortable but he didn't dare to be arrogant. He nodded. This formation was much simpler than the ones outside and although he had never seen this type, he should be able to break it.

Lin Yiban, who had just reached body condensation state level nine, immediately noticed that formation being attacked and scanned with his spirit sense.
People couldn't scan their spirit sense inside but he could scan his spirit sense out. When he saw more than ten cultivators outside, he was shook. There were two body condensation state peak stage and two body condensation state level nines.
Meanwhile, he was the only body condensation state level nine and his wife was only body condensation state level seven. The rest were nascent soul state or golden core state.
With a rumble, the formation was attacked again.
This time, even Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying and them heard.
Everyone stopped cultivation and stood up, watching the defense formation.
"Brother said he went to divine damnation. I'll send a message to him, he should be back soon," Tang Beiwei quickly said.
Xu Tong was shaken. "Wasn't city lord only hollow spirit state level one, even if he broke through here, he can't be having divine damnation this quickly?"
Xu Tong couldn't be blamed, no matter how talented you were, you wouldn't be able to reach hollow spirit state peak stage in four months. Even the best genius would take at least four years.
Even Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue were shook.
Before they could react, the defence formation was broken.
"Hmm, there're people inside!" The cultivators immediately saw Lin Yiban and them.
"Wait, there're so many spirit marrow ponds here, such dense spirit chi!" people immediately noticed.
"7 are dry, and two are about half full," the people immediately said.
Lin Yiban said heavily, "We found them first!"
"So what? You've been cultivating here for so long, you can move aside and let everyone share the goods," Hu Jiming said.
Lin Yiban clenched his fists but couldn't do anything. He was no match for them.
"That's Ning Qingxue, Ethereal Immortal Pond's core disciple, Ye Mo's wife. If Ning Qingxue is here, Ye Mo must be here too…" one hollow spirit state cultivator recognized Ning Qingxue and remembered the bounty Infinity Sect and Lightning Cloud Sect put out.
"Haha, so you're Ning Qingxue, then it must be Luo Susu and Tang Beiwei next to you? Great, the Infinity Sect is hunting Ye Mo. I, Pu Cheng, will take your spirit marrow pond," that fat cultivator said.
"How dare you!" Luo Ying and Tang Beiwei immediately stood by Ning Qingxue's side.
"Before I didn't dare to, but you're no longer Black Ice Sect members, Black Ice Sect has kicked you out." Pu Cheng smiled.