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Lightning Cloud Sect.
Wang Chuanhe sat in the main palace with a bleak face. They didn't kill Ye Mo and Ye Mo didn't go back to Mo Yue City. It would just give Pill City a reason to start a war if they annihilated Mo Yue City. Plus, he was not interested in killing a few mortals.
The reason he had a bleak face was because he now completely understood why Infinity Sect's Yang Feicheng had to kill Ye Mo - to Infinity Sect, Ye Mo absolutely must die.
Ye Mo was this young and already a level seven pill king. He could kill hollow spirit state level seven prodigies from Infinity Sect as a hollow spirit state level one. He could even annihilate Fire Eating Bugs. He was absurd to the extreme. If there was any hollow spirit state cultivator who was as insane as Ye Mo, it could only be Chu Jiuyu. Even he wasn't absurd to this extent.
If a cultivator like Ye Mo couldn't be connected with, then one must not have enmity with him. If you had enmity, you must kill him at all costs. Otherwise once he became powerful, how could he let go of those who tried to harm him in the past?
Yang Feicheng knew that they already had deathly enmity with Ye Mo and that's why they risked everything. They'd mobilized all the truth realisation state cultivators in their sect and even took out their sect treasure because they knew that if Ye Mo became powerful, Infinity Sect would be dead for sure.
Before, they might've hated Ye Mo but Ye Mo wasn't so hateful of them. But the Infinity Sect annihilated Sword Valley and then tried to scheme for Luo Susu. Plus Ye Mo killed many of Infinity Sect's core disciples, thus the Infinity Sect's hatred for Ye Mo was insane.
His sect didn't really do much. Even after Tian Aofeng died, they didn't have a head on conflict with Ye Mo or didn't have the time to yet.
So, the conflict between Infinity Sect and Ye Mo was one of life and death, but not between them and Ye Mo. But that was only before - after ambushing Ye Mo's ship, they were also in a life and death conflict now and also offended the Pill City.
At this moment Wang Chuanhe completely understood Yang Feicheng's bleak intentions. As long as he agreed, he wouldn't be able to retreat from this. Plus, they lost a truth realisation state cultivator.
If he had to choose between a truth realisation state cultivator and Tian Aofeng, he would choose the truth realisation state cultivator without hesitation.
But it was too late to regret. Now, he couldn't even have conflict with Infinity Sect, only an alliance with Infinity Sect and protect them now.
Tian Ji didn't dare to say anything at all now. The conflict between the sect and Ye Mo was mainly started by him because Tian Aofeng was his disciple.
If they killed Ye Mo it was fine, but Ye Mo wasn't dead and they instead offended the Pill City, Black Ice sect, Heaven Demon sect, Heaven Star sect, Golden Sword sect, All Formation Sect and a land forgery god.
Even if forgery god yelled, there would be many people helping him, much less Ye Mo.

It had been three months since the battle and South Peace State calmed down instead. The Pill City didn't look for Infinity Sect and Lightning Cloud Sect for trouble. Neither did Black Ice Sect as well as the other sects. Lu Wuhu seemed to have disappeared. Ye Mo's Mo Yue City was still the same.
At the same time, that level seven pill king city lord Ye also disappeared.

In the extreme south lands of South Peace State, there was a blue flying ship flying rapidly. It had been flying for more than three months but still hadn't arrived at its destination.
This was Ye Mo's Blood Moon. Ye Mo knew about the Ice God forbidden grounds from Shan Bingfeng's map but he didn't know it was actually one of the four forbidden grounds of South Peace State.
Lin Yiban told him this.
The four forbidden grounds of South Peace State were Demon Prison forbidden grounds, Flame Sea forbidden grounds, Ice God forbidden grounds, and Truth Fall forbidden grounds, in decreasing order of danger.
The Ice God forbidden grounds was ranked above the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds, Ye Mo knew how dangerous it would be even before going.
The more Blood Moon flew south the slower it got. Even the people on the Blood Moon felt the bone chilling cold. Luckily Ye Mo was a formation great master and set up multiple cold defense formations that finally stopped the weak cultivation level people from shivering.
Ye Mo even suspected that if he wasn't sitting on an extreme grade cultivation artifact, it would've frozen and cracked.
Would there be spirit marrow here? Ye Mo found it hard to imagine but he knew that Shan Bingfeng probably wouldn't lie to him.
Another month later, it was even harder to go forward. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and found even his spirit sense was about to get frozen here.
Ye Mo didn't dare to be careless, although Blood Moon was an extreme grade cultivation artifact, who knew if it would crack.
Ye Mo released his octagonal cauldron and went outside the inner room. He walked to the front of Blood Moon. Although he had the octagonal cauldron, he still shivered. The octagonal cauldron made cracking sounds as though it was getting hit by countless ice shards. But Ye Mo knew they weren't ice shards, it was true terrifying coldness.
Ye Mo threw a few formation flags out, but before he could set up the defense forbidden grounds, they completely cracked.
Helplessly, Ye Mo could only activate Blue Moon's own defence formation.
Luo Ying and Qingxue stood at the door wanting see Ye Mo as they were worried for him.
Ye Mo signaled the two to go in and then took out Winter's Arrival from the Golden Page World.
Ever since his power and Shadowless got stronger, he rarely used Winter's Arrival. This was the first time he took it out.
He wanted to see if Winter's Arrival could absorb the extreme cold here. What Ye Mo didn't expect was that as soon as Winter's Arrival came out, it immediately attached to one side of Blue Moon and a faint white stream of chi was being sucked up by Winter's Arrival. That white grew faster and faster until it almost materialized.
Ye Mo rejoiced, Winter's Arrival could indeed absorb the intense cold here.
As soon as the frost was devoured by winter's arrival, Blue Moon sped up. Soon, it was flying at normal speed.
Ye Mo breathed easy.
"How can it be this fast?" Lin YIban looked outside in shock. He felt that extreme speed. "I heard people say that once you're at the outskirts of Ice God forbidden grounds, even half immortal artifacts would be slowed down."
Ye Mo truly felt how powerful the Shadowless worm was. Not only was it covered in treasure but even the Winter's Arrival that came with its birth was this powerful. Just what was Shadowless?
Pity that day he pretended he knew things and didn't ask Lu Wuhu. But now, Ye Mo had made up his mind and decided to ask clearly when he got out of this Ice God forbidden grounds.
Blue Moon wasn't as cold as before due to Winter's Arrival so the people inside came out to enjoy the scenery.
"We're at the outskirts now!" Lin Yiban suddenly exclaimed.
Ye Mo also saw it, he was shook. There were not only ice mountains here but also ice figures. There were a few hundred of them.
Almost all of them were extremely beautiful women, they seemed alive but were frozen.
"So pitiful…" Tang Beiwei said in shock. These women were clearly instantly frozen to death.
What powerful being was this cruel and inhumane?