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1152 So it“s to Kill Ye Mo

Zhang Wu was just here to get revenge for Zhan Shuiyong and then he was planning to go down. Now that Yu Tong came up for Wen Caiyi, he knew he wasn't a match for Yu Tong so he saluted with his fists, "Brother Yu is already nascent soul state tertiary stage, I don't think I can beat you."
Then, he left.
After Zhang Wu went down, some core disciples of big sects came to fight. They had really come for Wen Caiyi.
The scene heated up and finally Wen Caiyi wasn't in an awkward situation anymore.
Ye Mo didn't watch the matches, his mind was focused on Luo Ying. If it wasn't that he couldn't leave now, he would've left with Luo Ying already.
6 hours later, a terrifying explosion made Ye Mo and them look up a little. The two fighting were hollow spirit state power, one hollow spirit state level five and one hollow spirit state level seven.
The hollow spirit state level five was from Black Ice Sect and the hollow spirit state level seven was from Nan Gong Village.
Nan Gong Village was an 8-star sect, Ye Mo didn't care about this sect, but after hearing Shan Bingfeng's words, he started being attentive to this sect. They were a 9-star village before and called Fish Jump Through Dragon Gate Village. He was planning to go visit it when he was powerful enough. Now, he had met a cultivator from there.
The Nan Gong Village cultivator was clearly more powerful than the Black Ice Sect cultivator. He had beaten the Black Ice Sect cultivator to the point of heavy injury.
Seeing this, the Black Ice Sect elders and sect leader's faces seemed very bad. The competition was brought up by Black Ice Sect and Infinity Sect, but now, Black Ice Sect had completely lost. Their last hollow spirit state level five disciple was beaten. Nothing was more embarrassing than this as a host.
They were losing their wife to other sects in front of all these big sects. But there was nothing they could do. While they did have more powerful sect members, they were older than 60 years.
Even other sects didn't understand. Nan Gong Village was just an 8-star sect, even if they were going to beat a Black Ice Sect member, they didn't have to do it that way.
Seeing Ye Mo stare at that Nan Gong Village cultivator, Mi Zhenjie sound transmissioned, "That is Nan Gong Village's prodigy sect member Nan Gong Yihui. He's hollow spirit state level seven and ranked 39th on the hollow spirit state trial tablet. He has won 12 rounds in a row."
Ye Mo nodded, he didn't expect Nan Gong Village to be this confident and not give any respect to Black Ice Sect.
A Black Ice Sect elder was the announcer and so he had to announce, "Nan Gong Village's Nan Gong Yihui claims victory, anyone else want to challenge Nan Gong Yihui for goddess Wen?"
The elder asked a few times and no one replied. Clearly those core disciples lost the courage to fight after seeing nan Gong Yihui's power.
Nan Gong Yihui's raised his lips showing great confidence. He looked at Wen Caiyi and his eyes were full of joy. Clearly to him, Wen Caiyi was his.

But then, another square-faced cultivator walked out. Nan Gong Yihui had never been able to encounter an opponent. He saw it was a hollow spirit state level six cultivator and his eyes immediately lit up.
"I was troubled that no one could give me a proper fight. Friend, you came at the right time, release your magic artifact. I'll let you have three moves first." Nan Gong Yihui waved his crescent blades.
That square faced cultivator said indifferently, "You're no match for me, I'm not challenging you, move aside."
No one had dared to say such a thing up until now, and Nan Gong Yihui's face immediately went cold. If it wasn't that his elders repeatedly said he couldn't do what Ye Mo did and hack an enemy apart, he would've done that already. But pity, the elders said he must not kill here.
This square faced cultivator's words made him want to kill him.
"Then let's see how I'm not a match for you." Nan Gong Yihui released his crescent blades.
As soon as they was released, they made a piercing sound that brought circle-like sword light that enveloped the square-faced cultivator. The rings seemed to increase endlessly.
They people around knew how powerful this move of Nan Gong Yihui was. The crescent rings were very eerie, it was very hard to escape after being eneveloped by them. Nan Gong Yihui was not allowed to kill here or rarely anyone would be able to escape with their lives.
That square-faced cultivator's face changed when he was trapped by the white blade circles, but he sneered and used a few hand signs. A red mist appeared around him and the white blade rings started to dissipate. Moments later, he had completely broken free.
A big bell appeared above his head and he said coldly to Nan Gong Yihui, "You have the right to fight with me."
But before Nan Gong Yihui said anything, a young cultivator came up. He seemed much more handsome and easy going than the square-faced cultivator. He stopped the square-faced cultivator and saluted with his fists to Nan Gong Yihui. "Caiyi is our martial sister, we're not here to fight over her with you. This is my martial brother Tie Baifei, he admires goddess Susu's beauty and that's why he came. Martial brother Nan Gong, you wouldn't be interested in goddess Susu as well, right?"
Nan Gong Yihui quickly waved his hand. "No, how can I? I'm only interested in goddess Wen."
Hearing Nan Gong Yihui's reply, the smiling youth was a little disappointed but he still said, "Now that there's no one challenging you, my martial sister is just there. You can go talk to her."
"Okay, okay, sorry for being rude before." Nan Gong Yihui just realized this was goddess Wen's martial brother. If he offended him, it wouldn't be good for the future. He was hollow spirit state level seven and thought he was the number one genius, yet he called hollow spirit state level six Tie Baifei 'martial brother', clearly, he loved Wen Caiyi too much.
After Nan Gong Yihui left,, that smiling youth looked at him in contempt before patting that square-faced cultivator's shoulder without saying anything.
However, it was clear to everyone that they came to start trouble and maybe even kill Ye Mo.
Yan Guan realized that the Infinity Sect indeed didn't want to let Ye Mo go. It seemed there was quite the conflict between them. Otherwise, they wouldn't call two masters from the sect. From Infinity Sect to here, they came in such a short time. Even if there was a teleportation formation, they would need top grade space transmission runes.
If the Infinity Sect really killed Ye Mo here, then Black Ice Sect would need to take a part of Pill City's fury.
Those people who had a good impression of Ye Mo started to sigh for him and those angry at Ye Mo started to rejoice at Ye Mo's impending doom.
After the two left, the square-faced cultivator said loudly "Infinity Sect's Tie Baifei admires Black Ice Sect's Luo Susu, I came here to challenge. I'm waiting for anyone who likes goddess Susu."
Susu looked at Ye Mo in confusion. She was already with Ye Mo, why did someone else say that?
Luckily they couldn't tell Tie Baifeis' power or they would be very worried and stop Ye Mo from fighting.
No one looked favourably at Ye Mo. Ye Mo was powerful, but the difference between him and hollow spirit state level six was too great. That Tie Baifei was on par with hollow spirit state level seven Nan Gong Yihui and everyone saw Nan Gong Yihui's power.
Even Le Yao sighed. She had just connected with Ye Mo and he was about to die. Even if she wanted to help Ye Mo, there was nothing she could do.
Ye Mo comforted the two girls and walked up to Tie Baifei and released Zi Xu. He didn't say anything but his killing intent began to soar, Zi Xu also hummed as though being more keen on this battle than Ye Mo.