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1129 Hollow Spirit State Chase

The octagonal cauldron was indeed very powerful, but Ye Mo still felt a sliver of pressure. This swamp was very strange, that powerful suction force seemed to be everywhere. He had to defend against the suction force while fighting the python. Who knew what would happen if he got sucked in?
*Thud thud thud*
The dark water arrows clashed with the octagonal cauldron again. At the same time, Ye Mo used Illusion Cloud formation kill strike without hesitation. He didn't want to drag the fight out, he had a bad feeling.
Ye Mo wanted to trap the python and then kill it.
The python noticed that Ye Mo wasn't easy to deal with and turned to run after the second wave of water arrows failed. It couldn't even mind the purple sword rays and let the Zi Xu cut a 10 centimeter deep wound.
Ye Mo didn't chase it, this python ran away too fast. If it was slower and the Illusion Cloud formation kill strike fully formed, it wouldn't be able to get away.
Plus it wasn't easy for him to kill a level six peak stage python in this swamp.
Ye Mo stopped, after that fight the aroma of the herb had completely disappeared. He didn't know where it came from at all.
There was a boundless swamp ahead and there was only the putrid smell of the swamp as well as that ever increasing suction force.

"Wei Cong, are you sure that person is Ye Mo?" a hollow spirit state peak stage asked a golden core state middle stage not far away from the Mang Mountain Town.
The golden core state middle stage cultivator immediately replied, "I don't dare to lie, wan bei was sure that the big beard who went in the town is Ye Mo. I've seen that Ye Mo once, although he wore a stealth mask I'm sure that's him."
"Then where did he go?" that hollow spirit state cultivator nodded with a calmer tone. He was very happy with the golden core state's answer.
"He discussed with a few foundation establishment state cultivators in the spirit rest tower for a long time before leaving town. They headed to the Zhou River Swamp."
"Mhm, very well, you may leave." Then the hollow spirit state peak stage cultivator waved his hand and a fire engulfed Wei Cong.
"Arghh…" Wei Cong didn't get the lush reward he was expecting. He watched Ye Mo and now this was the recompense he got.
Then, another hollow spirit state middle stage cultivator asked strangely, "Martial brother Jin, how do you know Wei Cong can guess which direction Ye Mo went?"
That hollow spirit state peak stage elder sneered, "That Ye Mo is cunning like a ghost, it's impossible to block him at the door of the Pill City. With his status, irrelevant people aren't allowed to stay near him. Luckily before he took Xin Zhida as his disciple, he offended a few cultivators and that Wei Cong was one of them.
I only managed to find Wei Cong, the other few cultivators living in the yard were gone. When I found him, he only told me that he might know where Ye Mo will be but he didn't say that Ye Mo would come to Great Zhou Mountain for sure. However, he probably knows something and so he waited at the Great Zhou Mountain. I didn't expect him to actually succeed."

The hollow spirit state middle stage elder was shocked. "Even that works?"
Martial brother Jin nodded. "Wei Cong probably guessed that Ye Mo would come to Great Zhou Mountain but wasn't sure. I gave him 100k top grade spirit stones and said if he found where Ye Mo is I would give him another Cao Huan pill. That's why he stayed here and reported to me as soon as he found Ye Mo."
Then, the hollow spirit state elder said bleakly, "No matter what he is doing here, I will suck out his soul and burn it! How dare he kill my disciple Chai Kong. If I, Jin Qibei, don't kill him, I have no face to stay in Earth Demon Sect."
The hollow spirit state middle stage cultivator nodded. "If he stays in the Pill City forever, there's nothing we can do, but since he came out, it's his fault. Let's go now, martial brother Jin."
Martial brother Jin nodded. "He has two rare flames, if he falls in the hands of the Lightning Cloud Sect, there wouldn't be anything left for us. Let's go!"
The two dashed out, and in less than two hours, they were near the Zhou River Swamp.

At this moment, Li Jilei frowned. "Brother Lu, brother Duan I think that Ning guy is dead. It's been 6 hours, I think we should go back first and find someone else."
Duan Yitai sighed. "That's all we can do, I really wonder how that guy lived till today. He's an idiot, he's probably never seen something good and his brain heated up as soon as he smelled the herb aroma."
"Is that Ning dude a big bearded man?" a sudden voice appeared by Duan Yitai's ear.
The three turned back immediately and saw two people suddenly appear behind them. They couldn't tell their power level.
Even an idiot would know that these two were far powerful than them.
Duan Yitai immediately bowed. "That Ning Xiaoma is indeed a big beard. We've arranged to go look for spirit herbs here, but he charged into the swamp without saying anything. We've been waiting for him here but he still hasn't come out."
"Which direction did he head to?" that cultivator asked again.
Even Duan Yitai began to worry as this cultivator was expressionless. It was as though they were dead to him. Duan Yitai could only point respectfully to east. "He went that way."
Then, the cultivator shot out three fireballs and burned the three to dust before they could even react. They were even more certain that the big beard was Ye Mo, his wife's last name was also Ning.

Ye Mo was very confused right now. He had gone almost 1000km into the swamp - theoretically, there shouldn't be such an absurd spirit herb that could pass its aroma this far. Was it really an immortal herb?
Should he stay here and search or wait till tomorrow when the aroma comes again?
If he stayed here, who knew what would happen. There was the powerful suction force and the putrid stench. Or he could go into the Golden Page World and wait there.
Even though there were no cultivators here, Ye Mo didn't want to go into the Golden Page World so easily. That was his final card, if people knew about his Golden Page World, there wouldn't be a single place for him to stay. He wasn't Chu Jiuyu, he wasn't that powerful. He would only use the Golden Page World at the final moment.
Suddenly, two powerful spirit senses scanned over.
"Hollow spirit state cultivator?" Ye Mo was shocked, sweating. He immediately released Zi Xu and burned some essence blood as he dashed into the depths of the swamp.
It clearly wasn't good that hollow spirit state cultivators came here. Regardless if they came for him, he didn't want to see them.
After 200 more km, Ye Mo felt it was hard to go forward. The suction force made him unable to go faster.
He felt that he had briefly escaped from the spirit sense behind. Without hesitation, Ye Mo went into the Golden Page World and sunk it into the swamp.
He knew that if he kept running, he would be locked on by the hollow spirit state cultivator spirit sense again. He burned essence blood to escape outside their spirit sense range before. If he got locked onto again, he wouldn't be able to escape so easily again.
"Found him, he's clearly not a foundation establishment state to be able to come in here. It's Ye Mo for sure. Wei Cong isn't that stupid after all," martial brother Jin sneered.
The other hollow spirit state cultivator nodded. Just when they wanted to accelerate to Ye Mo they found that Ye Mo instantly accelerated and was nowhere to be found.
"Hmm…" the hollow spirit state middle stage was a little surprised at Ye Mo's speed.
The hollow spirit state peak stage cultivator said calmly, "No need to be shocked, he just burned essence blood. He ran out of our spirit sense range temporarily, but it's no use. Doing this in the Zhou River Swamp is suicide. If we go faster, we can find him in a few minutes."

15 minutes passed and the two stopped. That hollow spirit state peak stage's face was very bad, he didn't expect Ye Mo to really get away.
"He got away? Does he have some escape secret technique or high level rune?" the other hollow spirit state cultivator's face was also really bad.
Martial brother Jin shook his head. "If he did, he wouldn't burn essence blood, he probably has a really advanced way of hiding. It's just like how he came out from the Pill City. When everyone thought he was in solitary cultivation, he actually came here."