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1121 The Difference Between Being Famous and Not Being Famous

Ning Qingxue clasped Ye Mo's hands tightly, she was a little scared, not expecting that Ye Mo would have such popularity.
Ye Mo knew that the Spirit Weaving Pill succeeded beyond thought, but even he didn't expect that when he stood here it would cause such a scene. There was no way he wasn't excited.
If he knew that the Spirit Weaving Pill would cause such commotion, would he not need to come to the pill king tournament? But Ye Mo immediately shook his head, it would rally the support of the majority of cultivators but not really those high level cultivators.
Only his level seven pill king identity would gather a group of high level cultivators. If he wanted to stand straight in the South Peace State, Spirit Weaving Pill was just a foundation, the level seven pill king identity was the guarantee.
"Ye Mo you can say a few words." Yue Qichao nodded to Ye Mo.
Ye Mo knew that the city lord was trying to bring popularity to him. He stood up and said loudly, "Thank you friends for your love, I will push out the Spirit Weaving Pill as fast as I can. Those friends who want to buy the Spirit Weaving Pill can stay in the Pill City or go to my city, Mo Yue City, a year later. Mo Yue City was the Dual River City of the Han Liang empire originally. Now, it's my city, it's called Mo Yue City now. Thank you everyone."
Ye Mo used this opportunity to promote his Mo Yue City. As for setting up supply at Pill City, it was as a gesture of gratitude. The Spirit Weaving Pill concoction method was special, but it was nothing compared to the support of Yue Qichao. He planned to give the method of Spirit Weaving Pill concoction to Yue Qichao. He couldn't start pulling people over to his city as soon as Yue Qichao helped him.
"So he's Ye Mo, he's indeed extremely talented, no wonder he's the Soar Into Existence person." Shan Bingfeng of Clear Dream Mosque heard this and finally realized why her disciple Ling Xiaoshuang went to Mo Yue City.
Ye Mo was famous now and he had the ability to protect himself. The white jade tablet of the South Peace State golden core state trial tablet would show his name.
Yue Qichao nodded, he was very happy with Ye Mo's words. Although he didn't fear that Pill City would lose popularity after Mo Yue City was built, he was very happy with Ye Mo's attitude.
After Ye Mo got off, Yue Qichao said, "Now I'll invite Guan Tian pill king to announce the top ten pill kings of the tournament. Three days later, the cultivators in Pill City can ask the top 50 pill kings or pill masters to concoct pills for free, the duration is three days, you need to supply spirit herbs yourself."
Even though people already guessed who the top ten were, people still anticipated them.
"Pill king tournament number one, Ye Mo, at the same time he also got level seven pill king badge, he will become the honorary vice city lord of the Pill City and will have the authority of Pill City city lord. Second Jiu Qian, awarded level six pill king badge, Pill City honorary elder. He will have the authority of Pill City elder. Third, Xu Banchang…"

While Shen Guanqing was reading this, the level two pill king Jin Qichi who said at the pill rest tower that the Spirit Weaving Pill was impossible didn't even dare to look at Gu Wenqian. He was slapped in the face but didn't dare to say anything.
Those pill masters and pill kings who supported him before didn't dare to say a thing either. Ji Youting remembered that he said he would worship someone as his master if that person could concoct the Spirit Weaving Pill but he didn't dare to stand out now either.
It wasn't that it was embarrassing but it was a different story if a level seven pill king would even take him in. He wanted someone to bring this up but no one remembered it.
Ye Mo rejoiced though, however. He didn't expect to be rewarded as the honorary vice city lord of the city. He had real authority. This was more useful than 100 level seven pill king badges. He knew that if he nodded, he would immediately become the real vice city lord.
But to him, an honorary vice city lord was enough. He needed fame and now he was famous enough. He didn't need to stay here and become a vice city lord, he had his own Mo Yue City.
Many people immediately came up to congratulate Ye Mo, Ye Mo had become one of the most famous people in South Peace State now despite of his low cultivation level.
"This pill king tournament has concluded. Those friends who want to ask pill kings to concoct pills can apply at the pill association three days later." Shen Guanqing said this and the Pill City square responded with a wave of applause and joy.
Ji Ling got up and was about to find Ye Mo but Yue Qichao stopped him. "Brother Ji, no need to rush. He's having a reunion with his wife. Three days later, Ye Mo will go to the pill association.."
"Haha, I understand, I understand…" Ji Ling laughed.
Ye Mo didn't take Ning Qingxue to leave. He greeted the pill kings and then came up to the judge panel and thanked Yue Qichao and Shen Guanqing as well as the judges. The he took out his jade card and said to Ji Ling. "Thank you qian bei for taking of Mo Yue at Pei Hai, I will remember it to heart."
Ji Ling laughed. "No rush, no rush, have your reunion with your wife first. I will wait for you at the pill association three days later."
Lu Wuhu got up and smiled to Ye Mo. "Remember, you owe me one."
Ye Mo wanted to ask why Lu Wuhu did this but Lu Wuhu dashed and disappeared.
Gao He and Jiang Yi all came to talk to Ye Mo, they were judges but now Ye Mo was a level seven pill king and had surpassed them.
Zhao Shuntian just wanted to talk to Ye Mo when he received a message. He looked at it and his face changed immediately, he quickly said goodbye and left.
Ye Mo knew now wasn't the time to get revenge so he didn't stop them.
Yue Qichao smiled to Ye Mo. "Take care of yourself, remember to come the Pill Association three days later."

"I will go greet my sect and then I'll leave with you…" Ning Qingxue finaly calmed down now.
Although her master tried to push her to the Lightning Cloud Sect, it was still her sect. When she first came to Ethereal Immortal Pond, without the protection of the Ethereal Immortal Pond, there would be nothing of her left.
Ye Mo nodded and took Ning Qingxue by the hand as they headed quickly towards the Ethereal Immortal Pond.
The Ethereal Immortal Pond was filled with the high level cultivators of the big sects. Clearly, they knew that Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue would come here.
As soon as Ye Mo came, there were all sorts of invitations and greetings.
Ning Qingxue's master looked awkwardly at all the people greeting Ye Mo and didn't know how to go up and talk.
But Ning Qingxue came over and bowed. "Master I've found my husband, I will leave with him, I can't go back to the sect. Thank you master and the sect for your help and care."
"Yes, yes, naturally…" Zhen Heyin didn't know how to reply to Ning Qingxue.
Elder Chi on the side grabbed Ning Qingxue's hand and said, "Great, great, Qingxue, it's great that you were able to find your husband! Of course you need to go with him. No matter where you are, Ethereal Immortal Pond will always be your home you can come back at any time."
Then, she looked at Ye Mo and asked Ning Qingxue, "This is your husband, pill king Ye Mo, right? He's indeed a dragon amongst men…"
Ning Qingxue knew that the elder said all this because of Ye Mo's status but she was still grateful "Thank you elder Chi. I will remember that."
Ye Mo could tell that they treated Ning Qingxue decently before but they were all this polite mostly due to him.
But even so, he was grateful that they offered Ning Qingxue protection before he found her.
"Qingxue, I will take you to see someone. The reason I came here was due to her help. If it wasn't for her, we might not be able to see each other yet." Ye Mo was planning to take Ning Qingxue to see Jing Yingli. He was very grateful to her.