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1110 I will Prove I am Better

"Such fast pill concoction speed!" Ji Ling exclaimed. He wasn't some high level pill master but he could concoct a few simple spirit pills. There were already a few people on the fourth step, but Ye Mo was the fastest. The only one who could compare with him was Jiu Qian on step six.
Shen Guanqing smiled. "His pill concoction speed never decreased. Although the difficulty increased, so did his pill concoction fire level."
Cao Huan pill was indeed the hardest pill to concoct in the heaven grade level one pills, but it wasn't hard for Ye Mo at all. Just when he finished with the Cao Huan pill and about to enter step five, Jiu Qian just finished his heaven grade level three pill and was ready to get on the seventh step.
On the fifth step, Ye Mo caught up with Xu Banchang and Ji Youting as well as level four pill king Qiu Niansheng and level four pill king Qing Die.
As Ye Mo arrived on step five, Xu Banchang and Ji Youting were ready to enter step six while Qing Die had just started pill concoction.
They were all shocked when they saw Ye Mo come up. Although Ye Mo recreated the Heaven Glory Pill recipe, the pill was just a spirit pill after all. But the 12 pill king steps tested real pill concoction capability, and being able to reach step five meant that Ye Mo was at least a level two pill king.
Ye Mo chose Soul Essence Pill in heaven grade level two pills. It was only medium level difficulty, but Ye Mo had cultivated many of these pills so he was fastest at them.
Seeing Jiu Qian get to step seven excited Ye Mo's competitiveness. Jiu Qian didn't seem much older than him and was also an solo cultivator. He not only had the Golden Page World but also the Three Birth Chant. If he still lost like that, it would be really unreasonable.
Ye Mo didn't treat the Three Birth Chant as a cultivation method. He had some emotional attachment to it. Many of his abilities and powers were derived from it. Without the Three Birth Chant, there wouldn't be the current him.
But even if Jiu Qian really did beat him, second place was still enough for him. He didn't need to fight with Jiu Qian to the end.
Qing Die just finished her heaven grade level two pill and saw Ye Mo go to level six; she was even more shocked. This level seven spirit pill master was too absurdly strong. He got to step five later than her, but he finished before her.
Xu Banchang and Ji Youting only refined a few herbs and saw Ye Mo come up. They no longer had the determination to fight with Ye Mo till the end, they were also sure that Ye Mo won the first and second round with his own power.
The only thing they didn't understand was that although the pill king steps didn't rely on cultivation level to resist the pressure, if one's cultivation level was low then his spirit sense was low too. As a nascent soul state level five pill king, how could Ye Mo not be affected at all?
Even though they were body condensation state, they needed to use a lot of effort to stop the pressure with spirit sense at step six.

Ye Mo was really grateful to that frog that he cut. Without that purple frog, he wouldn't be able to stand here so easily. Even if he didn't get swept off, he would at most stay make it to step four.
The two stopped watching Ye Mo and focused on their own pill concoction. They knew it was impossible to beat Ye Mo.
It was already quite depressing that one absurd genius came, but now there were two.
Ye Mo didn't take notice of the other pill kings, he just watched that level nine spirit pill master Jiu Qian. He chose the heaven grade level three Blue Carrot Pill at step 6, it was a pill for nascent soul state cultivator breakthrough, so it was not only precious but also rather hard to concoct. The pill might dissolve easily, becoming a pill that just had pill shape but no effect.
Blue Carrot Pill's main ingredient was the level six spirit herb Purple Back Blue Carrot. Ye Mo got large amounts of it in the herb garden, so this wasn't the first time he concocted this pill. He didn't feel any pressure when concocting it.
Ever since Ye Mo started pill concoction from step one, the judges had been watching him even more than Jiu Qian.
Shen Guanqing saw Ye Mo's fluent and experienced spirit herb refining procedure and felt speechless. "I wonder how many times he has concocted the Blue Carrot Pill. I really don't know where he got all those high level spirit herbs."
Yue Qichao also shook his head. "This Ye Mo definitely has had extraordinary fortune. Otherwise, even if he has the best pill concoction heritage, he wouldn't be able to concoct level one and level two heaven grade pill so fluently. This requires large amounts of practice. Up until now, his pill concoction rate is almost 100%. Even Xu Banchang only made 9 pills at step 5, while he had the full amount of 12."
Qin Muxin was swept off step four of the pill king stage now, she watched Ye Mo at level six and sighed. Even her master probably underestimated this martial brother Ye.
"Pill king Qin, you know that Luo Xiaomo?" another pill king saw Qin Muxin look at Ye Mo strangely and asked. They were disqualified, so it didn't matter if they talked.
Qin Muxin saw it was Rain Pill Sect's level two pill king Lao Xi, so she quickly said "Martial brother Luo perfomed so well in round one and two, of course I would watch him. By the way, does martial brother Lao know him?"
Qin Muxin didn't want to casually spill that Ye Mo was Luo Xiaomo.
Lao Xi didn't mind and nodded. "I saw him at the Truth Fall Palace, I didn't mind at the time. I didn't expect him to be such a powerful pill king. The means with which he concocts heaven grade pill doesn't seem like a solo cultivator either. With that fluent procedure, who knows how many heaven grade pills he has concocted. I really can't imagine how an solo cultivator has that many high level spirit herbs for practice."
Qin Muxin laughed to herself but didn't reply. Ye Mo scammed countless high level spirit herbs in the herb plain, and he also went to the Truth Fall Palace. With Ye Mo's character, could he only get a few spirit herbs in there?

At this moment, Ye Mo's Blue Carrot Pill was finished and he pulled out 12 Blue Carrot pills as fast as he could. Ji Youting and Qiu Niansheng just began pulling their pills. Ye Mo scanned their pills, they were both Life Essence Pill, it was much easier to produce than Blue Carrot Pill.
Xu Banchang finished pill concoction the same time as Ye Mo; he concocted the Break Tiger Pill. It was slightly harder than Life Essence Pill.
Seeing Ye Mo come later and finish his heaven grade level three pill at the same time as him, Xu Banchang nodded to Ye Mo with eyes full of praise.
In his view, regardless whether Ye Mo could concoct heaven grade level four pills at step seven, he was a prodigy amongst prodigies to be able to finish heaven grade level three pills this fast. He would be pursued everywhere he went.
At the same time, Jiu Qian finished the heaven grade level four pill and saw Ye Mo and Xu Banchang come up. He didn't go up to level eight immediately.
Jiu Qian walked up to Ye Mo and said, "You're very good, your performance was catchy in round one and round 2, but I'm sure that you knew the pill recipe beforehand. That's why your marks were higher than mine, so in the third round I will show you that I'm better."
Seeing Ye Mo daze, Jiu Qian suddenly said, "Do you know how I know that you knew the pill recipe? I thought of it when I saw you use the Purple Flower flame. No one can use soul flare to refine the components of a level nine spirit pill. I can't, you can't, even Yue Qichao can't."
Xu Banchang dazed at Jiu Qian, not sure why Jiu Qian said that now.
Ye Mo was shook, he suddenly realized the huge loophole. If Jiu Qian could think of it, so could the judges.
How could he make up for it?
Seeing Jiu Qian go up to level eight, Ye Mo suddenly felt extremely unhappy. Before Jiu Qian went up, he sneered. "You broke the rules. We're not allowed to talk in the tournament. And you did something wrong. I didn't plan on getting first before, but now you can only be second. Sorry."