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1109 Getting An Ally

"He was the one who took it." A nascent soul state level one cultivator from Infinity Sect clenched his fists.
"Tianya, what did he take?" a body condensation state cultivator next to him asked.
The cultivator clenched his teeth. "Master, I told you before that Luo Xiaomo was the cultivator I saw in the herb valley. When the purple flower flame came out and we were fighting over it, it disappeared at the bottom of the lake. I thought the purple frog took it but now it seems this guy took it."
This guy was Dong Tianya. He was a genius disciple of the Infinity Sect, ranked just below Yuan Guannan. Before he reached nascent soul state, he was golden core state hall of fame number four and he was a lover of Wen Caiyi. So after Yuan Guannan died, he wasn't sad at all, he was instead happy.
"So the flame from Luo Xiaomo is…" suddenly the master stopped talking and turned around, saluting to another cultivator. "So Lightning Cloud Sect's brother Tian is here - how do you have the time to come to our Infinity Sect?"
Tian Ji saluted with his fists and said heavily, "The cultivator on the 12 pill king steps isn't called Luo Xiaomo - his real name is Ye Mo."
"Ye Mo?" Dong Tianya's master repeated. "Why did he change his name?"
"Hehe, because he has to fear that your sect would bring him trouble," Tian Ji sneered.
Dong Tianya's master didn't seem too happy. He said calmly, "For a prodigy pill master like Luo Xiaomo, we would love to invite him as a guest. Why would we cause him trouble?"
It seemed to him that Tian Ji had nefarious intentions.
Tian Ji said calmly, "Because your number one core disciple Yuan Guannan was killed by him. He used the name Ning Xiaoma and killed Yuan Guannan in the Truth Fall Palace, when he came out Abstruse Sound Sect's Jing Yingli helped him get away…"
He just guessed that part about Jing Yingli helping Ye Mo, he wasn't certain himself as well.
"What!" a few voices exclaimed.
Wen Caiyi also made a sound of surprise and saw Tian Ji look at her. She immediately knew her reaction was wrong and showed an angry look.
Dong Tianya's master's face changed a few times before saying to Tian Ji, "Why did brother Tian suddenly tell us this?"
He suspected that, as he feared, the Lightning Cloud Sect was up to some scheme. Just because Luo Xiaomo was good at pill concoction didn't mean his fighting power was strong too. Yuan Guannan was Infinity Sect's core disciple, and with his nascent soul state level five power, there was rarely anyone who was a match for him. Luo Xiaomo was only nascent soul state level five, how could he kill Yuan Guannan?

But when Wen Caiyi heard this, she knew that it was real. Martial brother Yuan Guannan was killed by that Luo Xiaomo or Ning Xiaoma for sure. She subconsciously looked at Ye Mo and clenched her fists.
She knew who Ye Mo was clearly, but if it wasn't for Tian Ji, she would've never thought that Ye Mo had left Truth Fall Palace and made her go investigate Fu Rong and the An Bei three demons.
"Because our Tian Aofeng was also killed by this guy, he killed my disciple. I will only rest once I kill him," Tian Ji said hideously. Clearly, his hatred for Ye Mo was to the bone.
"This matter is serious, please wait a moment." Dong Tianya's master left quickly.
Tian Ji knew that if Infinity Sect investigated slightly, they would believe him and he would get this ally.

The moment Ye Mo took out the purple flower flame, Ning Qingxue felt all the strength in her body leave. Her body was soft but she was relaxed. If Ye Mo just took out the rare flame now, it meant that he never used his true strength before.
With this, it meant that he could at least reach step five, meaning that he was at least a level two pill king.
Level two pill king - Ning Qingxue's heart shook. She knew the value of a level two pill king after staying in South Peace State for so long. Even the Ethereal Immortal Pond only had one level one pill king, and they treated him like a valuable guest.
Ning Qingxue suddenly felt a little bitter. If Ye Mo was a level two pill king, why didn't he come to the Ethereal Immortal Pond for her earlier? A level two pill king was enough to take her away without any resistance.
But then again, she thought that Ye Mo must have his reasons for not picking her up.
When Zheng Heyin saw Ye Mo release the purple flower fire, she seemed a little surprised but then she frowned and glanced at Ning Qingxue saying, "You guys leave first."
"Yes master." Ning Qingxue wanted to leave as quickly as possible. Her master gave her too much pressure.
Huang Qian quickly left too. It felt much better to stay with her master or martial sister, she could say whatever she wanted.
Before Ning Qingxue went back to where she was before, Huang Qian grabbed her wrist saying, "Sister Qingxue, your Luo Xiaomo is a pill king - don't forget about me in the future. Remember to give me Cao Huan Pill, Hollow Meridian Pill, Essence Birth Pill…"
Ning Qingxue smiled and said, "The herbs for those pills are very precious, I will tell him if he has it."
"I knew sister Qingxue was the nicest to me, I was about to risk my life to help you." Huang Qian smiled.
After Ning Qingxue and Huang Qian left, Ning Qingxue's master walked up to the elders and bowed before asking, "Martial uncle Chi, you needed me?"
Martial uncle Chi was a middle aged woman, she looked pretty and was already a body condensation state cultivator. She told Zheng Heyin to sit down before asking, "Heyin, your disciple Qingxue doesn't have a good impression of Fang Zhongshi right?"
Zheng Heyin's face froze and she quickly said, "Martial uncle, don't worry. Qingxue is quite obedient usually, but she's just been very stubborn today. I will persuade her to agree to this."
Martial uncle Chi smiled. "You misunderstood me Heyin, I'm think that since Qingxue isn't willing, then never mind."
"Huh…." She was a hollow spirit state peak stage cultivator and knew some of the things of the sect. She knew a little as to why they had to have a marriage alliance with Lightning Cloud Sect, but since the elder said never mind, she wouldn't force her disciple anymore.
Martial uncle Chi said, "You see that Luo Xiaomo right? He's very young but so talented. With what he has done, he would be approved by city lord Yue Qichao and Shen Guanqing. He has a boundless future ahead of him."
"What do you mean martial uncle?" Shen Heyin looked at the elder. Why did it sound like another Fang Zhongshi?
Martial uncle Chi nodded. "Our Ethereal Immortal Pond is just an 8-star sect and we don't have any power to contest Luo Xiaomo with a 9-star sect, so if we want to be connected to him, we have no other way but beautiful female cultivators. We don't have much else, but we do have a lot of beautiful female cultivators. Ning Qingxue is ranked third in all of South Peace State, there's no way that Luo Xiaomo won't be interested."
"Just in case, bring two more beautiful disciples over to see him."
She sighed. "If our sect wasn't in danger, our Ethereal Immortal Pond wouldn't resort to these means. Don't force those disciples anymore. Try to persuade them nicely and tell them the reason we must do this."
"Yes, martial uncle." Zheng Heyin said. She sighed to herself, Ning Qingxue was unlucky, she was born in this age of great change. Since when did Ethereal Immortal Pond disciples have to suck up to people? It was usually the other way around.

Ye Mo refined spirit herbs even faster after he released the purple flower flame. And since he had concocted Cao Huan Pill a few times before, he concocted it very smoothly.
In the shocked eyes of the judges, he finished a cauldron of Cao Huan pills in just a bit over 15 minutes and continued to step five.