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1106 12 Pill King Steps

The middle aged man sneered. "He's planning to set up his own city, he changed the Dual River City of Han Liang empire to Mo Yue City. He's focusing on building it now. He will probably go back to it after the tournament. We just need to wait there or on the path to it."
"Han Liang empire? The empire that gave the Lan Rock Fire to Green Pill Sect?" an elder asked.
The middle aged man nodded. "That's right, because of that the Green Pill Sect gave two spots to the Truth Fall Palace to them. Ye Mo took one, but I was there when Truth Fall Palace opened. He didn't seem to be there…"
"I understand." The elder suddenly realized and said, "Infinity Sect's Yuan Guannan also disappeared in there. He was probably killed and this Ye Mo is hiding from that as well. He quite possibly is the culprit - this guy's balls are real big. I've never seen a cultivator this brave."
"Infinity Sect, great, great…" Tian Ji said, clearly very happy about Ye Mo offending the Infinity Sect too.

That golden core state level six cultivator who ate the heaven glory pill suddenly had spirit chi form a small whirlpool around him as his power grew rapidly. Soon, the cultivator howled and got up.
It was clear he had reached golden core state level seven judging from his power and cultivation essence wave.
"Great pill, great pill…." the golden core state said happily.
Shen Guanqing nodded and walked up to the cultivator saying, "You just ate the Heaven Glory Pill and broke through. Tell everyone about your experience."
"Yes, city lord Guanqing." The golden core state bowed and said to the rest of the cultivators, "It's the first time I, Yan Ping, have seen such a magical pill. I've never ate the Cao Huan pill, but I'm sure it's value is no lesser than that. I'm sure that the Heaven Glory Pill has no side effects and has unique effects for strengthening spirit sense. It would take about 8 to 10 years with my talent to reach golden core state tertiary stage, but now I just need one or two months to stabilize my power level. It's indeed a great pill."
A pill that could reduce ten years of cultivation and have no side effects - the crowd erupted.
Shen Guanqing told that golden core state to go down and got up on the stage saying, "Everyone calm down. The effect of the pill has been proved, I don't need to explain further. Everyone has seen it with their own eyes. Now, I will announce the top 50 contestants."
"Solo cultivator level seven spirit pill master Luo Xiaomo, full marks for the second round as well, 200 points, rank one…"
"Luo Xiaomo…"
"Luo Xiaomo…"

Countless cultivators viewed Luo Xiaomo as their idol and motivation to press forward. Female cultivators called out Luo Xiaomo like crazy. If they had a pill master dual cultivation partner like this, they wouldn't need to worry about cultivation at all.
There were a lot of prodigy cultivators in South Peace State, but there were more ordinary cultivators. As a solo cultivator who used soul flare to concoct pills, Ye Mo gave great inspiration to ordinary cultivators.
Countless sects and cultivators were thinking about how to contact Ye Mo after the tournament. They wanted Ye Mo to be their sect's guest elder.
Ye Mo breathed slowly. He knew that he only succeeded about halfway now. As long as he didn't fail the third round, even if the Lightning Cloud Sect and the Infinity sect knew he killed Tian Aofeng and Yuan Guannan, they wouldn't be able to do anything to him for the moment.
He just needed time. With enough time, Ye Mo believed that he could trample over a 9-star sect without relying on the Pill City.
Shen Guanqing continued, "Solo cultivator level nine spirit pill master Jiu Qian, 90 points for second round, total points: 180, rank 2. Pill City level five pill king Xu Banchang, 78 points second round, total points: 155, rank 3. Level four pill king Ji Youting, 75 points second round, total points: 149.9 rank 4…"
But this time, people stopped caring much about the rest of the pill masters. Their attention was focused on Ye Mo.
Even though Ye Mo took all the attention, the top 50 pill master were very excited, as being able to get top 50 in this tournament meant not only fame but also fortune.
The name Luo Xiaomo had never been heard before, but now he got two rounds of full marks. After two rounds, he still stood as number one with dominating force. He was the center of discussion now, and his life story and past flew between big sects quickly.

After the second round, only 50 pill masters and pill kings remained on the stage. After the disqualified people left, Shen Guanqing continued, "We've already decided the top 50 pill masters up until this point. The extra two rounds we've added were equally as exciting. Now I hope in the third round, which is the round that people anticipate the most, our pill master and pill king contestants will bring us even more fascination."
A heated applause sounded. Ye Mo had never seen the pill king 12 steps and he really wanted to ask the cultivators next to him, but they weren't allowed to talk now.
Luckily, Shen Guanqing explained.
"There are many pill master and pill kings who are participating in this tournament for the first time so they don't really know the 12 pill king steps, but you will understand once you see it."
Then, Shen Guanqing left and Ye Mo saw Ji Ling with a few cultivators who were at least above body condensation state walk up to where Shen Guanqing stood.
Then, Ji Ling and those few cultivators kept throwing out formation flags. Ye Mo just realized that there was a formation on the stage and it was at least a level nine formation, as he wasn't able to see it.
The audience seemed very excited as though they had great anticipation for the pill king 12 steps.
Ye Mo also had some anticipation for it. He heard that in the past pill king tournaments, they decided the top 50 in the first round. What was this 12 pill king steps?
Soon, Ye Mo knew what it was. As more formation flags were thrown out, the stage exploded and the sound grew louder and louder.
A huge rock that was ten meters tall suddenly appeared. It had 12 steps. From step 1 to step 6 it was yellow, then step 7 and above had different colors. There was yellow, red, green, aqua, blue, and purple.
Each step was very wide, even if a few hundred pill masters stood on a step at the same time concocting pills, it wouldn't seem crowded.
Looking at that, Ye Mo suddenly thought about the upgrade of rare flame. The first level of rare flame was yellow and then the color would change each time it upgraded. From low level to high level, it happened to correspond to the colors.
Ye Mo then subconsciously looked at his level seven spirit pill master badge. It was yellow. He then looked at others. He found that those below level four pill king were yellow but just had different shades of the color. The level 4 pill kings had orange badges and level 5 pill king Xu Banchang had a red badge.
Ye Mo then looked at Shen Guanqing and saw his badge was aqua.
It seemed that the difference between those above level four and those below it was huge.