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The discussions and ruckus stopped. Although many people guessed that Ye Mo already had the Heaven Glory Pill recipe, no one dared to say it. This was the pill king tournament after all. They had to ask after the tournament even if they questioned things, or wait until the final round. If that Luo Xiaomo had no real capabilities, it would show on the final round's 12 pill king steps.
There were only 100 contestants left on the stage now.
Shen Guanqing stood up and announced, "Next, we shall have the second round of our tournament. Everyone concoct the pill they've dissected. The focus of this round will be on spirit herb refinement and fire control. Every step of your spirit herb refinement and concoction will be recorded and sent to the panel of judges. There is no time limit for the second round and you may use your own cauldron."
Ye Mo couldn't help but sigh. The cultivation level of South Peace State wasn't just a bit higher. In the North Far State pill concoction tournament, everyone had to use a cauldron supplied by the examiner to see what they did but here, the Pill City just arranged a surveillance formation for everyone. They could use their own cauldron.
When all sorts of spirit herbs were sent to Ye Mo, Ye Mo couldn't help but to exclaim the wealth of the Pill City. There were about 100 people yet they gave out all these herbs without a frown.
When he signed up for the pill king tournament, they didn't even take a single spirit stone as a sign-up fee. One could see this tournament was really held for pill masters.
This time, Ye Mo didn't watch other pill masters. He knew that there was no time limit this time, but the time wouldn't be long. Many pill masters didn't know how to concoct the pill, they only could refine the spirit herbs.
Ye Mo looked at the 11 spirit herbs. Other than the level six dihua beast core, the rest were top grade spirit herbs.
If he knew this, he should've written level seven dihua beast core. This Pill City really had everything and could take out a dihua beast core at anytime.
Many cultivators took out their cauldron and fire, ready to refine spirit herbs. Ye Mo didn't waste time either. After he checked the spirit herbs were fine, he let out his Shen Nong cauldron and was about to release his Purple Flower Fire.
But before he did this, he immediately changed his mind. If he used Purple Flower Fire, slightly smarter people would realize that he cheated the first round.
It was much hard to dissect a pill than concoct it. He didn't use rare flame in the first round but used rare flame now - didn't that mean he already knew the answer?
Thinking about this, Ye Mo was shocked. Although he dissected the components of the Heaven Glory Pill, and that gained him countless glory, if people knew that he cheated here he wasn't sure how much of that glory would be left. Usually he wouldn't care, but now the more famous he was, the safer he was.
He knew that after this tournament, everything about him would be exposed, maybe even the days he stayed at the South Peace City.

Thus, Ye Mo only used his soul flare.
It could be said that 90% of the people here were watching Ye Mo, so as soon as Ye Mo released the soul flare, everyone was shocked. Ye Mo shone so brightly in the first round and perfectly dissected the Heaven Glory Pill, yet when he concocted his pill, he didn't even have an earth or heaven flame.
Those judges who looked favorably to Ye Mo shook their heads. Compared to Jiu Qian and the other top 50 contestants, Luo Xiaomo's flame was unbearable to watch.
But Yue Qichao looked at Ye Mo's Shen Nong cauldron and said, "His cauldron isn't simple, it seems very strange but similar to an ordinary cauldron."
"Lu qian bei, you have so many flames, just give one to this Luo Xiaomo later. His soul flare is a bit too…." Ji Ling said. He had a good impression of this Luo Xiaomo. If he had a rare flame, he would've given one to this level seven spirit pill master.
Lu Wuhu smiled, "This lil kid already owes me, he can keep dreaming about me giving him a flame now. But I can tell he's cunning, things won't be that simple."
Ning Qingxue saw Ye Mo use soul flare and felt even more bitter. Among these 100 people, only her husband used soul flare. She had decided to help Ye Mo find a good flame.
Only one person understood what Ye Mo did and that was Jing Yingli. Jing Yingli murmured, "You did this to yourself."
She knew that Ye Mo had many rare flames and took the tournament very seriously as he wanted to become famous. As such, there was no way he would use soul flare. The only explanation was that he already knew the Heaven Glory Pill recipe. He should've used a rare flame the first round, not a soul flare.
She couldn't remind Ye Mo about this but when she saw Ye Mo hesitate a little, she breathed easy. Luckily Ye Mo realized the seriousness of the issue and continued to use his soul flare.
But this way, the pill he concocted would be a grade lower.
Even though Ye Mo used soul flare, countless people still watched him. They all want to see how a level seven spirit pill master would concoct a level nine spirit pill.
If Ye Mo couldn't concoct it, his results of the first round would be doubted.
As a level five pill king, of course Ye Mo wouldn't be afraid not being able to concoct level nine spirit pill even if he used soul flare.
When the judges saw Ye Mo just casually throw the 11 herbs in the cauldron without any order, they almost jumped up.
Was this guy an idiot? What sort of pill master was he? The procedure of refining herbs was very important. It usually went from hard to easy, and the herbs were thrown in the cauldron with strict sequence. The impurities also had to be removed in strict order. Otherwise, even one mistake and the pill might explode.
If it wasn't that Ye Mo's performance was so outstanding the first round, the judges wouldn't even want to look at him anymore.
Shen Guanqing exhaled and looked at Yue Qichao saying, "Brother Yue, I'm really beginning to wonder if he knew the Heaven Glory Pill already, his pill concoction is…"
"If this kid is really a bludge, then he's the luckiest bludge." Lu Wuhu smiled and didn't mind Ye Mo's pill concoction method.
Even those who didn't know pill concoction felt that Ye Mo's pill concoction didn't seem right.
But Ye Mo had his difficulties. Everyone was watching him now as he used the soul flare the first round. He had to put on a casual act and concoct the Heaven Glory Pill to remove suspicion.
Although Ye Mo's pill concoction system was different than others and he didn't care about the order of refining herbs, he usually threw in 4 or 5 at a time. This time, it was a bit hard for him to throw in 11 at once.
Luckily, his spirit sense was very powerful. Even though it was 11 spirit herbs, he completely controlled them in his cauldron and they were refined one by one while the impurities were expelled out.
Although soul flare was supposed to be slower than other flames, Ye Mo's speed wasn't slower than anyone.
Shen Guanqing gasped again, "This Luo Xiaomo is most genius pill master I've ever seen."
The judges knew what he meant. Throwing in the spirit herbs without order was no ordinary pill concoction method. It was very hard or impossible for even them to do this.
Yet this Luo Xiaomo did it. He refined the spirit herbs perfectly and was as fast as any other pill master.
He was using a soul flare while everyone else used rare flames. What was a prodigy this was!