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1090 Pill King Follower

Gu Wenqian immediately became excited upon hearing this. He now knew he had guessed right. This young man really was the creator of the spirit weaving pill, Ye Mo! That brilliant and talented pill master stood before his own eyes.

Gu Wenqian's tone actually turned shaky as he bowed with respect and said, "I didn't expect Qianbei to be the creator of the spirit weaving pill. Wanbei Gu Wenqian greets Ye-Qianbei."

Every cultivator would understand the value of the spirit weaving pill, but as a pill king he also knew what the spirit weaving pill's concoction method meant. This was a new pill concoction system! It was completely different from traditional pill concoction methods. If all pills could be made with the means of the spirit weaving pill, then cultivators could digest pills more completely.

Little did Gu Wenqian know that Ye Mo didn't think of using his method for other pills. After all, the traditional method was simpler and not as taxing on spirit sense.

In any case, it was because Gu Wenqian knew this that he had such respect for Ye Mo and called Ye Mo Qianbei despite being so much older than him. He wanted to immediately become Ye Mo's disciple. Even if Ye Mo was a level seven spirit pill master, as long as he could learn the method of spirit chi whirlpool pill concoction, he would be able to become a level three pill king and even higher.

"That's right, I'm Ye Mo, the creator of the spirit weaving pill. Tell me where you heard of this first and how you recognized that I'm Ye Mo." Ye Mo looked calmly at Gu Wenqian.

Yet he wasn't calm at all. He knew that his identity would eventually be exposed. As time went on, there would be more and more people who realized he was Ye Mo.

If the Lightning Cloud Sect found out about this and thought about it, they would realize that the time when he came to the South Peace State was about the same time as when Tian Aofeng died. If they found Cheng Yugeng and Zheng Yidao, it would pretty much confirm that he was the culprit.

The two knew his battle power, being able to instantly kill Fu Rong who was at golden core state level nine. He had departed from Mo Hai City and to go to South Peace City from there, he would have to pass the Heartless Sea. This would connect all the missing links.

So Ye Mo could only hope that the two didn't fall into the hands of the Lightning Cloud Sect. He was too soft. If it were for a cruel cultivator, he would've killed the two.

"Qianbei, wanbei wants to serve Qianbei as master," Gu Wenqian said.

Ye Mo sneered and didn't talk.

Jing Yingli said plainly, "Pill King Hu Wen, do you think that Ye Mo wouldn't reject you just because you're a level two pill king?"

"No, no, but wanbei truly admires Ye-Qianbei," Gu Wenqian quickly explained. He really didn't think like that. He was simply obsessed with pills. His determination wasn't something that ordinary people could understand.

Jing Yingli said plainly, "Ye Mo is actually a level five pill king, do you think he would care about a mere level two pill king disciple?"

"Huh?" Gu Wenqian was dazed. Although he had figured out that Ye Mo could create the spirit weaving pill, he didn't expect Ye Mo would be a level five pill king at such a young age. This gave him the same level of shock as the spirit weaving pill. Even in Pill City, level five or higher pill kings could be counted with one hand.

Seeing this shock, Jing Yingli felt very satisfied. She was defeated by Ye Mo again and again, and now she got to see this level two pill king defeated too.

Ye Mo looked speechlessly at Jing Yingli. Although he estimated he could concoct a heaven grade level five pill, he hadn't made one yet.

Jing Yingli had a good look at Gu Wenqian's shocked state before throwing a hollow meridian pill to him, "Look, this is the hollow meridian pill Ye Mo made. Do you think a level four pill king can make this?"

The hollow meridian pill was a heaven grade level four pill and required a level four pill king to concoct, but when Gu Wenqian saw the pill Jing Yingli showed, he was shocked again. This was special grade. Jing Yingli was right! It was too hard for a level four pill king to concoct a special grade hollow meridian pill.

Gu Wenqian carefully gave the pill back to Jing Yingli and bowed to Ye Mo. "Wanbei Gu Wenqian greets Pill King Ye Mo Qianbei, please take me in as a disciple, Qianbei."

He knelt on the ground once again.

Gu Wenqian knew that only Ye Mo could let him achieve higher states. If he didn't grab this chance, he would be stuck as a level two pill king for the rest of his life.

Seeing Gu Wenqian be this persistent, Ye Mo was speechless. He waved his hand and said, "Answer my questions first. We'll talk about that later."

"Yes." Gu Wenqian knew he couldn't give Ye Mo a bad impression of him, so he said, "Three months ago, when I was delivering pills to eight star sect Heartless Valley, I saw a female cultivator from the North Far State. She was very young but was a level one pill king already."

"Wait," Ye Mo stopped Gu Wenqian here. "That female cultivator was from the North Far State and a level one pill king? Don't you have to be a level three pill king to be able to use the teleportation formation to come to the South Peace State?"

Gu Wenqian shook his head. "I don't know how she came over, but that female cultivator was indeed a level one pill king and just became a disciple of the Heartless Valley. Because of this, I don't need to deliver heaven grade level one and level two pills anymore."

Heartless Valley clearly was no ordinary sect for a level two pill king to be delivering pills to them.

"Because I have been collaborating with them, they treated me well. They took in a new pill king disciple and asked me to give her a few pointers. I found that that young pill king was on my level. In a few years she will be a level two pill king for sure. When we discussed which pill master she respected the most, I thought she would say Kong Ye, yet she said a name I had never heard of. She said your name, Ye-Qianbei," Gu Wenqian responded.

"When I asked her who Ye Mo was, she said Ye Mo was the genius cultivator who had put spirit attraction grass into a pill to make the spirit weaving pill. She said you had disappeared ever since leaving the herb plain. If it wasn't that I can't go to the North Far State, I would've gone there to look for Qianbei immediately. In order to emphasis how young Qianbei was, she even drew your face," Gu Wenqian said.

Ye Mo frowned. He should know such a young pill king if she knew him so well.

"What's her name? Which sect in the North Far State did she come from?" Ye Mo asked again.

Gu Wenqian answered, "She was from the North Far State five star sect Immortal Herb Valley, Qin Muxin."

So it was her! She had been a level seven spirit pill master more than 10 years ago, it was normal that she had reached the level one pill king level now. She had a rare flame too. Her master, Ming Xin, had planned to marry her to him, but he had rejected it.

"I knew Pill King Muxin couldn't be lying to me, but I still couldn't believe the existence of the spirit weaving pill. I am really excited to meet Qianbei today." Gu Wenqian still hadn't calmed down yet.

Ye Mo admired Gu Wenqian's spirit and gave a spirit weaving pill to him. "No need to doubt any longer then. I have changed the recipe of the pill since then. The current one is better."

Gu Wenqian threw the pill in his mouth immediately and said with excitement after a moment, "It really is spirit attraction grass in a pill and the digestion rate is 90%!"

Ye Mo saw his face and knew he wanted to bring up the master thing again, so he quickly waved his hand. "Let's not talk about the master thing yet. Which sect are you from?"

"Wanbei is a solo cultivator. I've been living at the Blue Lake by myself. I came to Pill City to participate in the pill king tournament as well," Gu Wenqian replied carefully.

A solo cultivator? Ye Mo nodded. "I have offended a lot of people, most of which are part of big power factions. If you follow me, you may lose your life at any time. Are you prepared for that?"

Gu Wenqian immediately said, "Even if you kill me immediately, I won't so much as frown."

"Okay, then move in here for now. After the pill king tournament, I will decide whether I take you in as a disciple," Ye Mo said.

If Gu Wenqian was truly loyal, he could bring him along to Mo Yue City. A pill king would benefit Mo Yue City greatly.