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1070 Crazy Battle

Not only so, the lightning ball that came over locked the space around Ye Mo, slowing him down.
Now Ye Mo realized that even if he wasn't scared of lightning, a level seven spirit beast wasn't something he could stop.
Luckily, Ye Mo had the octagonal cauldron which he released. The cauldron immediately started spinning around Ye Mo, covering him with a powerful ray.
*Thud thud thud*
The lightning balls struck the cauldron and lighting splashed everywhere.
Although the cauldron blocked a few lightning balls, Ye Mo spat a few mouthfuls of blood after the volatile cultivation essence inside the lightning ball made impact.
Jing Yingli was shocked. She didn't think Ye Mo by himself was enough to block the furious strike of a Lightning Leopard. She wouldn't have been able to withstand that.
But even just after that, this guy was heavily injured. Clearly, he overestimated himself, but that octagonal cauldron of his was quite a treasure. Obviously, Ye Mo couldn't completely spirit control it; otherwise, he might really be able to deal with this Lightning Leopard.
Seeing that his lightning orbs were stopped by a nascent soul state level four insect, the leopard roared thunderously as it spat out tens of lightning arcs.
Ye Mo breathed easy, there were tens of lightning arcs, but they didn't pose as much threat as the lightning orbs. He quickly ate a few recovery pills and released Zi Xu again.
Illusion Cloud Division Strike, Illusion Cloud Exert Will Strike, Illusion Cloud Formation Kill Strike…
Ye Mo hacked out three strikes in such a short time and countless purple sword rays spewed forth again. The purple sword rays seemed to be alive and formed waves of formation flags that trapped the spirit beast.
Seeing this, Jing Yingli dazed. There was actually such a magnificent sword technique and such terrifying sword ray controlling means. What sword technique was this?
But why didn't he use such powerful sword rays to block the lightning arcs but to attack the lightning leopard instead?
Although Jing Yingli didn't know why Ye Mo did this, she knew she couldn't keep watching. She howled again and a white jade-like flute appeared in her hands. With a wave of her hand, that flute was released, blazing a trail like a comet as it struck towards the Lightning Leopard.
Ye Mo noticed this flute. He felt it was at least a low grade cultivation artifact. Before it even reached the Lightning Leopard, it made a sharp sound. Even though it wasn't targeted at Ye Mo, Ye Mo felt his cultivation essence rustle about and his spirit sense become chaotic.

Such a powerful sound tsunami!
Even though it wasn't targeted at Ye Mo, Ye Mo felt so bad, the effect on the lightning leopard targeted by the flute could be imagined. The Lightning Leopard was immediately affected by it. Its eyes bulged and turned red as it roared. Countless lightning arcs struck towards Ye Mo and Jing Yingli.
Jing Yingli was struck by a few lightning arcs and spat blood as she flew out. She looked at the lightning arcs attacking Ye Mo and saw there were more than she had been hit with. She sighed immediately, Ye Mo was dead for sure. She was hoping for him to help her with the stairs, but now it seemed she could only find a way herself.
Just when Jing Yingli wanted to run off herself, she heard Ye Mo howl. At the same time, he reached out with his hand and started weaving hand signs. What shook Jing Yingli was that the lightning arcs struck Ye Mo and only made his armor splinter more. Ye Mo himself only received minor injuries,
but she felt Ye Mo's power grow. At this moment, she finally felt she couldn't understand this Ye Mo anymore. He was not only unafraid of the lightning arcs, but each time he was attacked his power grew. This was too unfathomable.
But she knew that she shouldn't be thinking about that now, she was beginning to understand. No wonder Ye Mo wasn't afraid of the Lightning Leopard, he could ignore the lightning arc attacks. With his octagonal cauldron, he might really be able to beat the Lightning Leopard.
Understanding this, Jing Yingli didn't try to run anymore. She relased her white flute and smashed at the Lightning Leopard with her full power. She also put up a round shield in front of her.
In her eyes, Ye Mo had the upper hand, but Ye Mo was unable to speak of his trouble. Each lightning arc was no weaker than the black lightning on the World Mountain. Luckily he already had experience defending against this in the World Mountain, or he wouldn't even be able to last the second round.
No wonder Jing Yingli was so scared of this guy, it could indeed easily kill Jing Yingli. If he didn't have the cauldron, he would run as far as he could, but with the cauldron he felt he still had chance for retaliation.
A few more lightning orbs struck the cauldron and Ye Mo spat more blood. But his Illusion Cloud Formation Kill Strike was becoming effective. There were more and more purple sword rays trapping the Lightning Leopard. The leopard could only roar as the lightning arcs he used were getting weaker and weaker.
When Jing Yingli released the flute again, the leopard shivered as though he was very uncomfortable. Then, it suddenly howled and spat out tens of lightning orbs.
Even Ye Mo's skin had goosebumps when he was faced with this. The purple sword rays were immediately broken and turned into fireworks as they dissipated rapidly.
The trap formation Ye Mo had formed with his sword rays became messy. Even Ye Mo couldn't control the sword rays anymore. More than ten lightning orbs were heading towards him.
He was spitting blood like crazy even when there weren't that much lightning orbs, but now he was sure he would get injured even more heavily.
Ye Mo quickly took back Zi Xu and gathered all his cultivation essence as he hacked out.
Zi Xu turned into a purple ray that was ten meters long in his hand.
*Thud thud thud*
Zi Xu and a few lightning orbs clashed together making a heavy sound. Lightning orbs and purple rays scattered everywhere.
The lightning orbs that weren't blocked by Zi Xu struck the cauldron again. Ye Mo spat two more mouthfuls of blood and his face became pale.
Ye Mo was sure that he had never faced such a hideous battle where the difference in power was this great.
Ye Mo's face became pale with the loss of blood. However, Ye Mo rejoiced as the power of the lightning orb was clearly not as powerful as before. This meant that the leopard was either injured or at least had greatly depleted of energy.
Ye Mo used Illusion Cloud Formation Kill Strike again and signalled Jing Yingli to keep attacking the beast. They were going to stall the leopard to death if they had to.
Jing Yingli saw Ye Mo spitting blood again and again and couldn't help being amazed at this guy's tenacity. Usually, a cultivator would be looking to run if they were this badly beaten. But for Ye Mo, the paler his face was, the more intense his battle intent.
Jing Yingli was speechless that Ye Mo used the sword rays to trap the leopard again, it was already proven to not work but it seemed Ye Mo didn't have any other method.
Jing Yingli released the flute, planning to ambush the leopard. The flute emitted a sharp shriek.
What surprised Jing Yingli was that Ye Mo didn't keep using his kitchen knife to attack. Instead, he kept spraying out formation flags.
This guy knew formations too? Jing Yingli looked at Ye Mo in shock. Ye Mo was younger than 100 years old, what formation could he set up in a rush? It would be at most level three. Fighting a level seven beast with a level three formation - Jing Yingli had to admit Ye Mo was crazy.
Ye Mo's purple sword ray formation collapsed under the lightning orb attack again and Ye Mo's cauldron was struck once more. Ye Mo also spat out more blood and his face turned paler.