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1062 Ning Xiaoma Knows How to Trick Girls

Although many people wanted to charge up, no one dared to because everyone knew that the first to go up would die. Even Ye Mo didn't dare to go up.
The cultivators around the pond became more and more impatient. At this moment, a nascent soul state level nine suddenly came out and said, "Everyone calm down, hear me out."
He clearly had some reputation as many cultivators calmed down.
Ye Mo asked a cultivator next to him quietly, "Who is this guy?"
The cultivator looked at Ye Mo in confusion, how did Ye Mo not even know this guy? In the end, he still replied, "He's 8-star Rain Pill sect's Lao Xi, a level two pill king."
Ye Mo thought, no wonder he was so respected. Cultivators didn't want to offend pill masters the most, especially a level two pill king.
Lao Xi continued, "The 9 Color Lotus is about to mature, everyone knows its properties. I don't need to say it, but there's only one. Even if we fight till the death, only one person can get it. I have a way that everyone can benefit from."
He understood what Lao Xi meant - he wanted the 9 Color Lotus to mature and melt into the spirit pond."
"Pill king Lao, hurry up and say it. If it's beneficial to everyone, we will listen to you for sure," some cultivator called.
Lao Xi nodded and continued, "It's rather hard for the 9 Color Lotus to mature, it would take countless years and a special environment. The lotus could mature here, so it clearly has something to do with the pond. If I'm not wrong, this should be a spirit pond. The reason nobody noticed is because most of the spirit chi is supplied to the 9 Color Lotus.
I can tell everyone some very good news. If the 9 Color Lotus isn't picked out when mature in a spirit pond, it melts into the spirit pond, automatically returning all the spirit chi it absorbed back to the spirit pond. It also returns it's medical properties to the spirit pond. If we go into the spirit pond to cultivate, there won't be much difference compared to eating the 9 Wen pill."
Ye Mo knew that Lao Xi was telling the truth. Another cultivator stood out and said, "I'm a pill master too and pill king Lao's words are true, I can vouch for them."
With so many masters here, no one could be sure they could get the 9 Color Lotus, so as soon as Lao Xi said this, everyone fell silent, agreeing to his words. Even if someone got the 9 Color Lotus, they wouldn't be able to escape.
Ye Mo really wanted to take the pond water. Since it could nourish a 9 Color Lotus, it would be beneficial to his 5 Color Lotus.
He couldn't do anything yet with so many people here and could only wait till the 9 Color Lotus matured before going in to take action.

As the aroma the lotus emitted grew stronger and stronger, more and more cultivators appeared. After learning the situtation, they all stood by the side of the pond.
Ye Mo saw a few cultivators wearing the Dark Ice Sect's uniform and really wanted to go up and talk, but he eventually stopped himself.
Soon, a few more figures came. This time, they were the nuns from Clear Dream Mosque. Ling Xiaoshuang was amongst them. He felt her chi had changed, she probably got something good.
The Heaven Star Sect's cultivators also came. Yi Pandie looked around as though searching for someone, but she was soon disappointed. She didn't see Ye Mo or Wu Yu.
Yi Pandie walked up to Ling XIaoshuang and asked quietly, "Martial sister Xiaoshaung, I want to ask you something…"
Ling Xiaoshuang looked at Yi Pandie and said, "Martial sister Pandie, if there's anything just ask me, I'll tell you if I know."
"Um…" Yi Pandie hesitated before saying "I want to ask you about martial brother Xiaoma."
"Huh…" Ling Xiaoshuang was surprised at Yi Pandie. She really didn't understand why Yi Pandie was using such an intimate greeting for Ning Xiaoma. Didn't she want to kill him before? She suddenly thought about her Qinghan martial sisters and subconsciously shivered.
Who was Ning Xiaoma? How was he so good at getting girls? She must investigate, if this person was really cultivating some demonic cultivation method that seduced girls, she would get her master to help kill Ning Xiaoma.
She remembered that Yi Pandie was waiting for a reply and said, "I only saw him harassing a female cultivator once and had some impression of him. Martial sister Pandie, he's definitely not a proper cultivator. I suspect he has some untoward means towards female cultivators, you need to be careful."
Yi Pandie frowned, Ling Xiaoshuang had misunderstood her. She didn't have any feelings for Ning Xiaoma, she just wanted to know who he was and if he had some unfinished business she could help him finish. After all, he had died helping her.
But Ling Xiaoshuang said this for her own good so she couldn't really say much and just thanked her before leaving. Ling Xiaoshuang saw this and frowned, beginning to worry more and more.
At this moment, another nascent soul state tertiary stage cultivator flew over and saw the 9 Color Lotus in the middle of the pond. Without hesitation, he just dashed up, wanting to take it.
Immediately, the banks of the pond ignited. No one wanted to wait for the 9 Color Lotus to melt inside. Everyone charged towards it.
At this moment, all sorts of magic artifacts clashed, sword rays, sword chi, flames, ice arrows….everything. Howls of pain sounded.
But these fights only happened around the lotus, if any cultivator neared the lotus he would immediately be attacked by everyone. In this short time, nearly 100 cultivators died in the battle.
Lao Xi was trying desperately to get everyone to stop, but once started, it was impossible to contain. Eventually, even Lao Xi charged up with red eyes. If he didn't go in, he wouldn't even get the rim of the lotus.
Ye Mo also charged up, but he didn't try take the lotus. He knew he didn't fear anyone one on one, but there were too many nascent soul state level eight and level nine cultivators. He wasn't able to get it.
He just wanted the pond's water.
So, he just charged into the pond and kept moving the water into his Golden Page World.
The water decreased but everyone was in a frenzy for the 9 Color Lotus, no one noticed this.
"It's melting…" someone called. The 9 Color Lotus was gone and the previously clear pond was 9-colored now.
"The water has decreased a lot…" someone noticed.
Someone was taking the pond water. Almost everyone understood this and more people joined Ye Mo in becoming a water pump. With this, the pond water depleted rapidly.
Some people knew that the 9 color spirit chi wasn't able to be taken away, so they sat above the pond absorbing it. Some people who didn't know sunk into the pond water to cultivate.
But soon, everyone realized it was much more effective to cultivate above the pond than in it. The scene quickly fell silent as though the battle had never occurred.
Everyone knew how precious this opportunity was - this was probably the only time in their life they would encounter this.
Ye Mo saw that the 9 colors were gradually disappearing from the pond water and knew it was being used up quickly. He didn't take anymore pond water as he had taken more than half of it. This should be enough for the 5 Color Lotus.
Although only a small part of the 9 Color Lotus was shared by the cultivators, a lot of them still received a significant upgrade to their spirit root. This meant that they could reach higher states in the future.
Some cultivators who were attacked in the fight were about to get revenge, but they saw the white light pillars begin to flash. Everyone knew that the forbidden ground was about to close.