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1058 Gasp and Sigh at the Bamboo

With so many lightning bolts striking him, this strike was even stronger than his divine damnation. Ye Mo released Zi Xu without hesitation.
*Rumble, rumble, rumble*
The purple sword rays clashed with the black lightning, creating horrifying explosions. The black lightning scattered everywhere, but half of it fell on Ye Mo's body.
Even though Ye Mo used the Three Birth Chant to the extreme, Ye Mo didn't have a single unburnt patch of skin on him. There were burn wounds everywhere, and Ye Mo spat out mouthfuls of blood. This feeling was worse than his last divine damnation.
But there were also benefits. With large amounts of black lightning source being forcefully sucked in, Ye Mo felt his cultivation essence grow rapidly. It seemed to have reached a limit, but this barrier didn't last for long before being forced open by his cultivation essence.
With a rushing sensation of power, Ye Mo knew that he had reached nascent soul state level four, but he wasn't joyful at all. This was only the first strike, there were dense clutters of lightning further on, how could he move on? The divine damnation was nothing compared to this - the divine damnation he had gone through before was like the gentle touch of a woman.
Even if he got into the Golden Page World, he wouldn't be able to leave the World Mountain. Even if he was hollow spirit state level four he would lose his life here, much less his current status as a nascent soul state level four.
The black lightning didn't give time to rest like the divine damnation, it was incessant.
Ye Mo sighed. He was about to go into the golden page world as the next wave of lightning was about to strike.
Just when he wanted to go in, a green figure suddenly appeared before him.
"Bitter bamboo?"
In his excitement, he couldn't care about the next wave anymore. He charged towards that green thing.
*Rumble* Countless lightning bolts struck down.
That other-worldly bamboo also appeared before his eyes, he could even touch it with his hands.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo immediately touched the bamboo and felt a sense of coolness and serenity. He had never felt so peaceful and awake. At this moment, his power that had just reached nascent soul state level four stabilized.
It really was the bitter bamboo! Ye Mo's heart started throbbing quickly, but he soon calmed down again. He was sure this was the bitter bamboo, one of the ten top spirit items.
Ye Mo had understood now that the bitter bamboo didn't belong to the Yu family. He wasn't even sure if the Yu family's people had even come here.
Suddenly, Ye Mo came to a surprising realization. He had been here quite a while, why didn't the next wave of black lightning come? He had just heard sounds of explosions. He subconsciously turned back and saw that he was standing at the top of the World Mountain. The black lightning was still ravaging around him.
But at the top where the bitter bamboo stood, it was peaceful. It was as though this was a completely different world.

At this moment, Ye Mo seemed to have some sudden enlightenment and sat down. He felt his power slowly increasing and consolidating even though he wasn't cultivating.
This time, Ye Mo didn't take long to wake up. He looked at this bitter bamboo in shock. He didn't even cultivate and he was enlightened - imagine if he was cultivating.
The bitter bamboo could be used for forgery, but who would use this heavenly treasure for such a thing? Ye Mo became more excited when he found that the spirit chi here was completely different than the spirit chi outside. It was not only dense, but very pure as well.
Ye Mo realized the bitter bamboo could probably only survive on the World Mountain. It was impossible to move such a huge mountain into his Golden Page World. He couldn't do that, but he had another way.
He had a spirit range in his Golden Page World, and if he dug out the rock the bitter bamboo was growing on and moved it into the spirit range, it would probably survive.
Ye Mo took out a top grade spirit artifact flying sword and tried to cut out the rock, but he saw a gray tablet to the side.
The World Mountain was completely black and the bitter bamboo was green. This gray white tablet seemed very obvious.
The tablet had the words 'Yu family bitter bamboo, non Yu family members please don't touch it or you will be hunted to the ends of the world - Yu Wanli'.
Ye Mo was dazed but immediately reacting. He smashed the tablet to pieces and sneered.
He was more certain that the bitter bamboo had nothing to do with the Yu family. It might've always been here, and when the Truth Fall Palace opened, the Yu family ancestor Yu Wanli came here and somehow found this.
Then, he considered the bitter bamboo to the Yu family's personal belonging.
Although Ye Mo looked down on what Yu Wanli did, he approved of Yu Wanli's power to be able to get here. He himself almost died to the lightning bolts.
This guy not only came but went back as well. Clearly, he was much stronger than him. It was obvious that there were many powerful people in the world, and he was far from being able to compare. If he had time, he would ask around about who this Yu Wanli was.
The only strange thing was since Yu Wanli came here, why didn't he dig the bitter bamboo away?
Ye Mo smiled, and decided not to bother thinking about it. 'Sorry, but I'm going to take this bitter bamboo.'
Thinking this, Ye Mo released his spirit artifact flying sword and started digging at the rock.
*Clank* Ye Mo used his full power, but the flying sword didn't even leave a mark on the rock.
Ye Mo was shaken, the World Mountain black rock was this hard? He began to realize why Yu Wanli didn't take the bitter bamboo away.
Ye Mo used even more power with the flying sword this time and it banged even louder, but Ye Mo found his top grade spirit artifact flying sword had completely broken.
Ye Mo was dazed for a moment before smiling bitterly.
Ye Mo didn't want to use Zi Xu, that was his precious sword. If it broke, he wouldn't be able to find something as good as it again. Ye Mo took out the Gray Sparrow Sword he got from Fu Rong. This was a low grade cultivation artifact, it should have some effect.
Ye Mo used his cultivation essence and dug at the rock.
*Clank* This time, there was a slight mark left on the rock, but Ye Mo wiped with his hands and the mark was gone. Clearly, even a low grade cultivation artifact wasn't able to dig the bitter bamboo away.
Ye Mo sat defeated on the ground. He didn't try anymore because he knew it was useless.
At this moment, Ye Mo realized that the World Mountain was no ordinary thing either, it was on par with bitter bamboo, but with his current power, he wouldn't even be able to cut off one piece, much less move away the entire mountain.