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1054 Wen Caiyi’s Invitation

The word "Restriction" hung above the hexagonal door in big red characters. This reminded Ye Mo of the hexagonal hall he saw at the All Herb mountain ranges.
But, there seemed to be endless dark mists rustling about inside the door. His spirit sense couldn't reach inside at all.
"It really is Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds," Ku Xin said.
"It really is the forbidden grounds!" many cultivators saw this and couldn't help exclaiming.
Ku Xin and Duan Jiuyang glanced at each other before nodding with certainity, "Let's go." Then, the two dashed inside.
With two hollow spirit state cultivators going inside first, the cultivators behind all followed. There was no cultivator who didn't want to ascend into the immortal realm. If there was a cultivator who feared death, he wouldn't be in the Truth Fall Palace. So as soon as the forbidden grounds opened, everyone rushed in.
There were previously about 700 people at the stony beach, but now there were less than half.
Amongst these cultivators, Ye Mo was the most confused. He could tell that this was Yu Baisheng qian bei's defence formation, how could it be the entrance to the forbidden grounds?
Ye Mo soon found that not all the people from those 6-star and above sects entered. After discussion, the golden core state cultivators all left. Without a doubt, they went on to Truth Fall Palace level four.
It was indeed dangerous for golden core state cultivators to enter if the forbidden grounds were as dangerous as Guo Qifan said.
At this moment Qinghan and them walked up to Ye Mo. Qingyi asked, "Martial brother Xiaoma, are you going inside as well?"
Ye Mo nodded. He was going for sure. Regardless of whether it was related to immortal ascension, just the bitter bamboo being there meant that he had to go or he would regret it forever. Plus, he had the golden page world. He didn't believe he would die there.
Seeing this, Qinghan and them fell silent. Qinghan said after a while, "Our sect has 6 nascent soul state martial sisters going inside. We need to go to level four and level five to collect spirit herbs and materials for the sect."
"Martial brother Xiaoma, I asked my big sister and she said the small transmission rune would be greatly weakened in a level three trap formation. It's not even able to escape from a nascent soul state primary stage cultivator's spirit sense. Although I don't know how you got away, I know that you're no ordinary cultivator. So…. martial brother Xiaoma, if my martial sisters are in trouble, please help them if you can. Martial sister Xiaoshuang just has some misunderstanding with you, don't think too much of it…"
"Don't worry. If they're in trouble, I won't watch from the side. I haven't thanked you guys for before," Ye Mo quickly said.
"Then we'll be going. Martial brother Xiaoma, take care. This is for you, you must look at it later." Qinghan took out a jade slip and marked something on it before giving it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo put it away and didn't mind it too much. He thought it was probably Qinghan's words of gratitude.
"Martial brother Xiaoma, if you make it out, come visit us at Clear Dream Mosque when you're free." Qingyi wanted to leave the least, but they knew that Ye Mo was definitely going into the forbidden grounds.
Qingyue and Xia Youshan came to bid Ye Mo farewell as well before leaving.
The cultivators of other sects began leaving too.
Guo Qifan saluted with his fists to Ye Mo again. "Xiaoma qian bei, I'll be going too, in the future…"
Ye Mo waved his hand and smiled. He took out a jade bottle and gave it to him. "Brother Guo, you don't need to be like this. If I'm free, I'll visit you guys at Cultivation Cauldron Sect for sure."
Guo Qifan took the pill and found that this scene was very similar to the scene when Ye Mo gave him pills.
After Guo Qifan had walked a long way, he opened the jade bottle. The contents shocked him even more than the pill Ye Mo had given him before. It was a Cao Huan pill.
If Guo Qifan didn't realise that Xiaoma qian bei was Ye Mo right now, he would be an idiot.
No nascent soul state cultivator would be bored enough to be friends with a golden core state cultivator other than that brother Ye he had met.
Plus, he said visit 'you guys'. That clearly included Yan Qi and Ding Ling.
When he first met him, Ye Mo was only golden core state primary stage. Now, brother Ye was already a nascent soul state cultivator. What was a prodigy? Guo Qifan suddenly felt that the prodigies of South Peace State were a far cry compared to brother Ye.
Such a prodigy was willing to be his friend and give him a Cao Huan pill so casually. How lucky he was to have such friend.
Guo Qifan, who felt quite defeated after losing a few sect members, suddenly found the will to fight again.

Soon, the people left on this rocky beach only numbered in the tens.
Ye Mo didn't move. He was in no rush to go inside. He wanted to know how the bitter bamboo location became the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds. Of course, there was another thing that was more important. Fu Rong hadn't entered yet.
Yuan Guannan said to Wen Caiyi, "Martial sister Caiyi, everyone else went in, let's go in together as a team."
Wen Caiyi smiled at Yuan Guannan and suddenly walked up to Ye Mo. "Martial brother Xiaoma, hello. I really admire your heroic acts. If you don't mind, we can go in as a team. I'm Wen Caiyi, Infinity Sect's member."
No one expected Wen Caiyi to suddenly do this. There was such a difference between their status. How could Wen Caiyi call Ye Mo so intimately as martial brother Xiaoma?
Even Ling Xiaoshuang was dazed, not sure why Wen Caiyi was doing this.
Ye Mo wasn't sure either, but he was sure that Wen Caiyi knew that he was the cultivator who had slapped her face with ten million spirit stones.
But Ye Mo looked at the bleak-faced Yuan Guannan and those nascent soul state tertiary stage cultivators who hadn't gone in yet and realized Wen Caiyi's intentions.
This woman showed affection to him to make other male cultivators unhappy with him. If he was alone, it wouldn't do him any good.
This was a woman who knew how to use her looks. She was pretty, but she had a shitty personality and such sinister plots. Ye Mo suddenly felt disgusted with this Wen Caiyi to the extreme.
Wen Caiyi indeed did this for the reasons Ye Mo thought, but it was targeted at those few nascent soul state level eights nines.
And there was one more thing - Wen Caiyi genuinely wanted to invite Ye Mo to go with her. Lu Jianqiang wasn't much weaker than Yuan Guannan. If Ning Xiaoma could kill Lu Jianqing so silently, it meant that Yuan Guannan was no match for him.
From Ling XIaoshuang, she knew that Ning Xiaoma was a lecherous person, and she knew that Ling Xiaoshuang never lied.