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That nascent soul state level five saw that Ye Mo hacked his sword through his sword fire and was dazed. After all, he was nascent soul state level five and Ye Mo was only nascent soul state level one.
Was this luck or did this person really have such power?
Qinghan was dazed too. Ye Mo's superficial power level was weaker than hers and even she almost got hit. How did Ye Mo break it?
But soon, Qinghan realized that regardless, they were no match for the three despite having the advantage in numbers.
Understanding this, Qinghan yelled, "Who are you? How dare you ambush people from the Clear Dream Mosque?"
Ye Mo knew what Qinghan meant. If she called out the name of her sect, usually people wouldn't choose to start a conflict with 9-star sect members, but Ye Mo knew that it was pointless to say this now. These people weren't blind, could they not see their Clear Dream Mosque's mark?
Qingyue and the others understood and released their magic artifacts.
"What is Clear Dream Mosque? You think you little nuns and a punk can fight us?" that nascent soul state level five sneered.
"You're not from South Peace State, you're the beast cultivators from Heartless Sea…" Qinghan said in shock.
If they were from the South Peace State, they wouldn't' dare to be so rude to the Clear Dream Mosque disciples.
Ye Mo didn't speak. He knew that these people weren't beast cultivators. Beast cultivators were spirit beasts who morphed into human form through Illusion Form pills. He could see through that easily. Also, a beast cultivator needed to go through form tribulation before he could attain a human form. That was about the equivalent of disaster transformation state level. Otherwise, he could only use an Illusion Form pill, but usually, that meant one couldn't hide their beast chi.
There was also another pill called Morph Form pill that morphed the beast cultivator completely, but even that required level eight or higher beasts.
The three didn't have any beast chi at all - clearly, they were human cultivators.
The nascent soul state level five sneered and didn't answer Qinghan's words. He just said, "Leave behind your storage rings and go, I won't harm you."
Then he looked at Ye Mo. Clearly, he felt a little concerned with Ye Mo stopping his sword fire. If it wasn't that they were unsure of Ye Mo's power, they would've attacked already.
Ye Mo sneered, he had gone through too many schemes and battles. This nascent soul state level five clearly didn't mean what he said. Perhaps as soon as they handed out their storage rings, they would attack.
"Keep dreaming!" Qingyue looked shy, but when she got angry she wasn't hesitant at all. She released a lotus shaped magic artifact and was about to charge up.
Qinghan stopped her. She had fought with them and knew that if they fought, her side was no match for them. Their power was much higher and they weren't ordinary cultivators.
"We need to discuss about handing over our storage rings," Ye Mo said to the nascent soul state level five cultivator and then spoke telepathically to Qinghan, "Martial sister Qinghan, take the other martial sisters and go first. Leave it to me here. I will persuade them to not chase you," Ye Mo said.

The nascent soul state level five sneered and agreed.
"How can we do that?" Qinghan immediately refused.
Ye Mo knew that they were inexperienced but not people to leave friends behind, so Ye Mo immediately told her, "I will delay them and persuade them not to chase you. When you guys get out, I have a small transmission rune to use for escape. You guys go first, I can escape for sure."
Qinghan looked at Ye Mo in shock. The small transmission rune wasn't very special but it wasn't something any nascent soul state cultivator could obtain. It was enough to escape the range of their spirit sense. Clearly, Ning Xiaoma didn't lie about being able to escape.
Qingyi and Xia Youshan asked Ye Mo a lot of questions and worried about him the most.
Seeing their worried eyes, Ye Mo felt warm at heart. He knew it was now time to ask them for the map. Just when he wanted to ask for it from Qinghan, he heard the nascent soul state level five sneer, "Are you done? If you don't want to hand me the storage rings we will attack!"
The nascent soul state level five didn't want to drag it out too long.
Ye Mo thought that these three cultivators clearly weren't ordinary people. Since Qinghan and the others had a map, it meant that they had one too. He didn't need to ask for the map.
Thinking about this, he smiled and walked towards the nascent soul state level five. The nascent soul state level five took a step back instinctively, but soon he realized his reaction wasn't right and took a step forward.
But Ye Mo stopped and waved his hand. A pale yellow flame appeared that had some milk white mist around it.
"Snow essence flame?" the nascent soul state level five called out in shock.
The two other cultivators were also shocked. They didn't expect a nascent soul state level one to have a rare flame, especially one that was ranked very high in the cultivation realm.
Snow essence flame was ranked 15th amongst the rare flames of the cultivation realm. It was a pure water element flame.
Extreme fervor burst from the nascent soul state level five's eyes and from those of his two friends.
Even Qinghan and the others were shocked. Snow essence flame wasn't ordinary, they didn't expect Ye Mo, a solo cultivator, to have it. Even core disciples of pill sects didn't have it.
Qinghan didn't expect Ning Xiaoma to use this to make the three give up on hunting them. But indeed, whoever saw this would give up other things.
Seeing that they were about to attack, Ye Mo smiled, "This fire is already spirit controlled by me. If I want to, it will immediately extinguish and disappear from the world."
"What do you want?" the nascent soul state level five stared desperately at the flame. He already considered the flame to be his.
Ye Mo smiled, "Let the four go, I will be your hostage, you can keep me here."
"Okay, I'll let them go." The nascent soul state level five agreed without thinking. He waved his hand and the cultivators captured Ye Mo. One nascent soul state level three even started setting up a trap formation.
"Martial sister Qingyi, you guys go first. I'll come back soon," Ye Mo smiled and said.
"Okay, martial brother Xiaoma, take care. QIngyi, Qingyue, Youshan let's go," Qinghan said.
"Martial brother Xiaoma, you must come find us, we'll be waiting for you." Qingyi knew that it was pointless to stay here with their power.
The four girls immediately left while the three nascent soul state cultivators just stared at Ye Mo's flame, not saying anything.
After 7 minutes, that nascent soul state level three cultivator suddenly said, "Those pretty nuns are far gone, you can give us the snow essence flame now. This way, you can go meet up with them early."
Ye Mo suddenly smiled and nodded, "That's right, but I know what you really want to say. Your trap formation is ready, you can attack right?"
Then, Ye Mo put away the snow essence flame.
Seeing this, the nascent soul state level five said, "Attack, don't let him bring it out again!"