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"What's wrong martial brother Xiaoma?" Qingyi stopped and asked.
Ye Mo hadn't been with them for long but he knew a lot. Whenever there was a problem, martial brother Xiaoma would be right about it.
Even Qinghan and Qingyue looked at Ye Mo in confusion. The Season Wheat was very precious to nascent soul state cultivators, but they'd been with Ye Mo for a while. They all believed that Ye Mo wasn't someone who would want to take the Season Wheat for himself.
Ye Mo signaled for Qingyi to take a few steps back and then pointed at the Season Wheat, saying, "Scan that with your spirit sense. The earth next to it seems to have been disturbed and then covered with grass. This means that not long ago, someone dug away a spirit herb next to the Season Wheat."
The nuns understood without Ye Mo needing to explain. Since the spirit herb next to the Season Wheat was gone, there was no reason for the Season Wheat to remain. The strongest powered cultivator here was hollow spirit state and the Season Wheat was precious to them as well, there was no way someone wouldn't want to take it.
Understanding this, the female cultivators looked at Ye Mo in admiration. Which normal nascent soul state cultivator would scan the earth around the Season Wheat after seeing it?
"And if I'm not wrong, the spirit herb that was dug away is also another Season Wheat. If this person can take away one, why did he leave the second one?" Ye Mo continued to explain.
Xia Youshan quickly asked, "Martial brother Xiaoma, how do you know that the other herb was Season Wheat?"
Ye Mo smiled, "Most pill masters know that Season Wheat appears in pairs. A single plant can't survive alone."
Ye Mo was contemptuous in his heart at the guy who laid the trap.
There was one thing that Ye Mo didn't say. Many people in the cultivation realm thought of the Season Wheat wrongly. They only knew that it could be used to concoct the hollow meridian pill, but rarely did they know that Season Wheat was actually two spirit herbs. One was Season, the other was Wheat. The two could both be used to concoct the hollow meridian pill, but both also had another important use. If both herbs were used, it could be made into the Season Wheat pill.
Season Wheat pills could be used to repair cultivator's dan tians. Dan tian repair pills were very rare. They usually required level nine or level ten spirit herbs. But the level seven spirit herb Season Wheat could also repair dan tian.
This repair didn't mean mending Cheng Nana's uncultivated and simply broken dan tian. That condition could be cured by many other herbs in the cultivation realm. The Season Wheat pill could truly repair cultivator's dan tians.

If he could concoct a few Season Wheat pills, Ye Mo believed they would be worth a fortune.
"Martial brother Xiaoma, are you a pill master too?" Xia Youshan looked at Ye Mo in admiration.
Ye Mo said awkwardly, "I'm not." But he said in his heart, 'I'm a pill king!'
"Oh." Xia Youshan seemed a little disappointed.
"Martial brother Xiaoma, do you mean that someone has laid a trap here? But I don't see any trap. It all seems normal?" Qingyi asked.
"There really does seem to be a problem." Qinghan looked around and frowned.
Ye Mo nodded, "You're right, someone set a trap here. Wait, I'll show you one."
Ye Mo casually took out a few formation flags and threw them out. Soon, a trap formation appeared around the Season Wheat with 3 nascent soul state cultivators around it.
If Qingyi and the others went to dig it up, they would be trapped there. There was one nascent soul state level five and two nascent soul state level three cultivators, if they ambushed them when they were trapped, Qingyi and them wouldn't be able to get away.
Understanding this, Qinghan's face turned frosty. Their sect was easy to talk to, but that didn't mean they liked being ambushed.
Ye Mo knew that although this was a level three trap formation, the stealth formation disk he just broke was a level six one. Otherwise, Qinghan and them would've found out.
"Well punk, so you know formations! You could even find a level six stealth formation disk in a short amount of time. I really couldn't tell," the nascent soul state level five said.
Ye Mo sneered, trying to trick a level five formation master with a mere level six stealth formation disk? Even nascent soul state cultivators who didn't know about formations would be able to see through it if they were careful.
Seeing the three ready to ambush them, Qinghan was full of anger. Without a thought, she released a flying sword and charged out.
Ye Mo was speechless, he thought Qinghan was the leader of this squad and should be more reasonable than the others, but she was actually more impulsive than anyone.
Although he didn't know how powerful they were, Ye Mo could tell from the chi that the nascent soul state level five was far stronger than Qinghan. The other two nascent soul state level threes weren't people Qingyue could beat either.
Ye Mo was really stuck. If he was by himself, he would kill the three without hesitation, but if he killed the three easily, he would be doubted by the nuns.
Qinghan's flying sword clashed with the fire-red sword spirit artifact of the nascent soul state level five.
Qinghan's flying sword brought three rays of white light that turned into three intense sword rays seeping with killing intent. The three sword rays enveloped the nascent soul state level five. Two sealed off his escape while the last pierced at his dan tian.
With a clank, the three white rays were dispersed while the red sword hacked out a ten meter long sword shape. 
The sword fire was many times stronger than the sword rays. Before the fire even reached Qinghan, she felt that soul burning heat. The closer the sword fire came, the harder she felt it was to move.
Even if she was to release her defensive magic artifact or take back her flying sword, there was no time. She could only forcefully set up a cultivation essence barrier.
But that cultivation essence clearly couldn't stop the sword fire. After some sizzling, the sword fire hacked open the cultivation essence wall. The fire didn't weaken much but Qinghan spat blood. She was about to be hit head on by the sword fire.
Ye Mo saw that Qingyue still hadn't reacted and sighed. The nuns' battle experience was too weak. Even though Qinghan wasn't as strong as the nascent soul state level five, she shouldn't be spitting blood on the first round.
What was the point of Clear Dream Mosque sending these inexperienced cultivators out? But Ye Mo immediately understood - it was to put them through trials of blood.
Sometimes, too good of a talent wasn't necessarily enough. It meant you cultivated fast but didn't experience much.
Ye Mo wasn't going to watch them kill Qinghan. He took out a flying sword and then hacked out.
He was tens of meters from the sword fire, but once he finished his move, he clashed with the the sword fire.
Ye Mo flew into the sword fire and with a thud, it disappeared. Ye Mo was in front of the nascent soul level five.