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1047 Forming a Squad with Nuns

There was only Ye Mo on this grassy plain. He took out the map the female cultivator gave him.
It was very precise but it didn't tell him which level the bitter bamboo was at. This made Ye Mo very annoyed. To him, even if he only got the bitter bamboo in here, he would be very successful.
But Ye Mo had more to worry about. He didn't even know where to go to ascend to the second floor.
It seemed he could only check the area level by level. As long as he found the places described on the map, he would be able to find the bitter bamboo. It was hard, but for the bitter bamboo, it was worth it.
Understanding this, Ye Mo took out his flying ship. There were a lot of low level spirit herbs on the first level, but before he found the bitter bamboo, he really didn't have the mood to dig them up.
Just when Ye Mo felt amazed at the spirit chi density here, he felt his flying ship suddenly lower as though some force was pulling it down. Ye Mo was shocked and immediately took out Zi Xu while putting away the flying ship.
Zi Xu was Ye Mo's attack magic artifact, his control of Zi Xu was far better than the flying ship. The suction force was powerful, but after he got on Zi Xu, he instantly broke free from the suction force.
He turned back and looked with his spirit sense, it was a swamp. There were some broken magic artifact pieces on the top, it was clear that a lot of cultivators had died here.
There really were lethal traps everywhere in the Truth Fall Palace.
As he was thinking about this, Ye Mo suddenly heard a howl of pain. Ye Mo reached out with his spirit sense immediately.
He thought someone was accidentally sucked in, but what he saw was a golden core state cultivator being ripped to pieces in mid-air.
Ye Mo was scared quite a bit. There were space disposition here? You couldn't fly? This was too unfortunate, if he didn't see a cultivator getting ripped apart by the chaotic flow of space, he might have become the next victim.
Ye Mo didn't dare to stay in the air anymore. He landed, and as soon as he did, four female cultivators came. Three of them were dressed like nuns. When Ye Mo found the mark of Clear Dream Mosque on their sleeves, he subconsciously wanted to run, but soon he found that Ling Xiaoshuang wasn't present.
There were two golden core state peak stage, one nascent soul state level one and one nascent soul state level two cultivators.
Just when Ye Mo wanted to ask how to get to the second floor, one round faced nun walked up to Ye Mo and said, "Martial brother, you can't fly in Truth Fall Palace, there're spacial wind blades in the air."
It wasn't due to special chaos flow nor special disposition. This made Ye Mo relax - special wind blades were powerful, but not enough to take his life. The other two were a different story, even body condensation state cultivators would die.
Seeing that Ye Mo didn't seem to care, the nun said again, "Martial brother, you can't not care about them. Even hollow spirit state cultivators might not be able to dodge them, much less us golden core state and nascent soul state cultivators."

Ye Mo looked at this golden core state peak stage round faced girl and had a good impression of her. He saluted with his fists and said, "Thank you for your reminder martial sister, I'm a solo cultivator and don't know these things. If you didn't remind me, I might not even know how I would die."
The round faced nun smiled. "Martial brother you're too polite, we've been briefed by our masters before we came in. It's normal that a solo cultivator wouldn't know."
Due to this, Ye Mo's bad impression of Clear Dream Mosque greatly diminished.
"Are you by yourself? You need to form a squad in here. Otherwise, if you see the Four Direction Kill formation, you won't be able to run. We're from the Clear Dream Mosque, how about you stay with us for now?" The round faced nun clearly had a good heart.
"Qingyi, what are you on about, let's go. We need to meet up with the martial sisters above," the tallest, pretty-looking nun said unhappily.
Qingyi turned back and said, "Martial sister Qinghan, he's by himself. If he keeps going, he might lose his life before he gets to the second level."
The tall nun didn't say anything after this.
Qingyi smiled sweetly to Ye Mo, "My martial sisters are very nice, we have a map. There aren't many good things on the first level, you might as well come with us to the second level."
Ye Mo wanted to reject initially. Although he didn't know what the Four Direction formation was, he believed he would be able to deal with it with his formation skills.
But when Qingyi said they had a map, he was interested. Ye Mo wanted to ask them to copy the map to him, but thinking that it wasn't even sold in the Truth Fall City, it must be really precious, so he didn't ask.
Ye Mo quickly said, "Okay, thank you martial sister Qingyi, I'm Ning Xiaoma. I was troubled with not being able to get to the second level. I'm really grateful to go with you guys."
Qingyi smiled and introduced Ye Mo to her other martial sisters. The tall pretty nun was Qinghan, she was the strongest at nascent soul state level two. The shy looking nun was called Qingyue and was nascent soul state level one, and the one girl who didn't wear nun clothes but instead wore a purple dress was called Xia Youshan.
The female cultivators from Clear Dream Mosque were all very cultured. Ye Mo felt that Qinghan didn't really like him joining, but when he came, she didn't show any bad emotions.
At the start, they didn't talk much because they didn't know who Ye Mo was and he was a guy. But soon, they found that Ye Mo only followed them from far behind and didn't speak. Each time there were spirit beasts, he would help but never asked to share the loot. However, he wouldn't reject the loot given to him.
This way, Ye Mo soon got a good impression from the four female cultivators. Besides Qingyi always talking to Ye Mo, Xia Youshan began to speak with him as well.
Because Ye Mo showed nascent soul state level one power, Xia Youshan sometimes asked about cultivation, but she soon found that Ye Mo gave her answers easier to understand than her master. His words were truly golden.
Xia Youshan asked Ye Mo all sorts of questions realizing this and eventually Qingyi also came to ask Ye Mo questions. Even Qinghan and Qingyue greatly approved of Ye Mo and Qingyue began to ask Ye Mo about cultivation.
Ye Mo now felt that he had showed off too much. It was fine if he could answer questions for golden core state cultivators, but for nascent soul state cultivators as well - this wasn't normal. So, for Qingyue's questions, he just thought for a while and said he didn't really undertand.
Soon, they came to the entrance of the second level.
It was a stairway whose end couldn't be seen with spirit sense. There were a lot of cultivators gathered here, but most belonged to sects.
Ye Mo knew that these sect cultivators must also have maps. Solo cultivators didn't have maps and thus would take much longer to reach here.
Seeing Ye Mo, a guy cultivator with the nuns of Clear Dream Mosque, many cultivators seemed surprised, but no one spoke. Clear Dream Mosque was a 9-star sect.
"Martial brother Xiaoma, each level of the Truth Fall Palace has a stairway like this. Although your eyes and spirit sense can't see the end, this stairway isn't actually very long. From level one to level two, there are 222 stairs. Each stair has a greater resistance force than the previous one. Once you feel you can't go up further, you must not force it or you might be ripped apart by the stairway." Qingyi explained.
Ye Mo rejoiced, luckily someone reminded him. If he tried to force his way up, he might really be ripped apart.
Qinghan walked up first, Ye Mo went last. Indeed, after each stair he went up he felt greater pressure. But from level one to level two, it was fine for ordinary golden core state cultivators, much less Ye Mo.
At the second level, Ye Mo felt the spirit chi here was denser than level one. Ye Mo realized why Yu Baisheng placed the bitter bamboo here.
"I see Season Wheat!" Xiao Youshan screamed.
Season Wheat was one of the three main ingredients for the hollow meridian pill. This was only the second level, but it was already found.
"Wait!" Ye Mo suddenly called out, stopping Qingyi who was about to charge up.