Strongest Abandoned Son
1046 Appearance of the Truth Fall Palace
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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1046 Appearance of the Truth Fall Palace

At the same time, Ye Mo had to think about things. If Yu Baisheng couldn't keep the bitter bamboo alive, it didn't mean he couldn't. He had the book 'Thing' and knew bitter bamboo very well.
"Thank you qian bei for giving me another chance at life. Qian Ping will remember this forever." The female cultivator got up and put away the pill before leaving and squatting at one corner of the hall.
For the next few days, it was very boring. Ye Mo didn't even take out the map to look at, he just sat in one corner, meditating while thinking about how to find Fu Rong and place a spirit sense mark on him.
6 days later, the huge ship stopped at the peak of a mountain. Ye Mo followed the solo cultivators out of the ship and scanned out with his spirit sense like everyone else. He found that this place seemed extremely similar to the peak of the magical continent mountain.
This mountain top was very flat and smooth, with an area of a few hundred kilometers squared.
There was a huge sacrificial altar in the middle, but it was empty. Ye Mo felt strange, there was no teleportation formation nor some Truth Fall Palace.
But Ye Mo didn't ask anyone. He knew that many people didn't know anything just like him, he just needed to stand here and wait for news.
As expected, Ye Mo didn't wait long before a disaster transformation state tertiary stage cultivator flew out. He stood in mid-air and scanned the thousands of cultivators waiting to enter the Truth Fall Palace and said loudly, "The Truth Fall Palace opens again; theoretically, any cultivator on Luo Yue continent younger than 100 years can go in regardless of where they're from. However, due to limited spots and the level of danger, there are limited spots for Luo Yue continent's four states and the Heartless Sea. Our South Peace State is the head of the four states and always has the most people going in."
The cultivator paused and continued, "So, I want you guys to be getting the most benefit out of it too. The people going in the Truth Fall Palace are mostly the elite sect members of sects. Although there are countless treasures inside, if you don't even keep your life, nothing is worth it. Stay alive and you will have the chance to reach the peak, even the immortal realm is not just a dream.."
When the disaster transformation state cultivator spoke about the immortal realm, his tone was clearly excited. Those cultivators listening were more excited.
Ascending into the immortal realm was every cultivator's dream, every powerful being in the cultivation realm's dream. Although Luo Yue continent previously always had people ascending into the immortal realm, leaving behind countless blood boiling stories, in the recent millennium, no one has ascended into the immortal realm.
The disaster transformation state said after the excitement, "The Truth Fall Palace has 9 levels, each level has extreme quality things. Those cultivators who can reach higher than level five will have unexpected acquirements. But I need to remind everyone, assess your ability before you go."

He didn't say anything about avoiding killing nor anything about forgiveness. Clearly, it meant that as long as you had the power, you could do whatever you wanted in the Truth Fall Palace.
However, the cultivator didn't mention anything about going in the Truth Fall Palace, but no one asked so Ye Mo didn't either.
A few thousand cultivators waited at the top of the mountain. Many cultivators started scanning their spirit senses around however they liked, Ye Mo didn't hold back either. The first thing his spirit sense noticed was the Earth Demon Sect.
That female cultivator didn't lie, Ye Mo soon found Fu Rong. He also wore a stealth mask spirit artifact. If Ye Mo didn't look for him specifically, he wouldn't be able to find this guy.
His chi had changed and it was now at nascent soul state level one. He probably ate that Cao Huan pill. Ye Mo knew that in this case, he wouldn't be able to put a spirit sense mark on Fu Rong.
The cultivators started discussing about forming teams and squads, they didn't seem worried about going in at all. They probably knew how to get in but Ye Mo didn't. Six hours quickly passed and just when Ye Mo was getting anxious waiting and wanted to ask, the sacrificial altar suddenly lit up with countless vibrant colours.
After a rumble, the rays grew even brighter. Ye Mo found that he couldn't see what was going on, nor could he scan his spirit sense inside the light.
Did the Truth Fall Palace appear? Ye Mo saw that all the cultivators started to look at the bright place.
The rumbling sounded for 15 minutes before gradually calming. The bright ray also slowly disappeared.
Meanwhile, that disaster transformation state cultivator came out again. "The Truth Fall Palace is open, please go in now. Don't all rush in together, we'll start with the 9-star sects…"
Ye Mo saw a tall palace tower that soared into the clouds appear before him. It looked very ordinary and seemed old. There was a round light pillar in front of it, but no door.
This was the Truth Fall Palace?
Ye Mo was shocked to find that when he reached his spirit sense out to the Truth Fall Palace, he couldn't send it left nor right. He couldn't even see what was behind the Truth Fall Palace. He then subconsciously scanned the top but was shocked to find he couldn't even see it either.
Thinking that all the cultivators in Luo Yue continent could go, Ye Mo began to wonder. Did the tower appear like this at the other states as well?
But now, there were people going towards the Truth Fall Palace already. Ye Mo found that any cultivator who walked inside the light pillar was teleported away.
Ye Mo was shook, if this was a teleportation formation, it was of a far too high level.
Ye Mo and Gu Wei was with 7-star sect Green Pill Sect so when it was the Green Pill Sect's turn, Ye Mo followed behind them.
When Ye Mo walked into the light pillar, he felt his body become lighter and a feeling of dizziness. It seemed to last for both a very short and very long time. When he woke up, he was in a huge square.
This was definitely a super long distance teleportation. With his current spirit sense power, even if he teleported from the North Far State to the South Peace State, he wouldn't feel dizzy.
There seemed to be a void around the square, when he scanned his spirit sense inside, it felt like throwing mud into the sea. Although more and more people appeared, no one left to go into the void.
Ye Mo didn't understand the Truth Fall Palace at all so he didn't move upon seeing that no one else did anything.
In a short while, no more cultivators came in. Clearly, everyone had already arrived. Ye Mo found that Fu Rong was amongst the Earth Demon Sect members. He couldn't go up to mark him with spirit sense, it seemed he could only find another way later.
At this moment, Ye Mo found that the void started to dissipate. He could now scan his spirit sense inside.
Those big sect members started to form squads at the square, so did the solo cultivators.
They formed squads based on power levels. They were all quite similar and there were usually about four to six cultivators in a squad.
The few hollow spirit state cultivators also formed a hollow spirit state squad and left the square. Ye Mo was now nascent soul state level one, so there were a lot of cultivators asking him to form a squad, but he rejected them all. Since he needed to find the bitter bamboo, it would be inconvenient.
Gu Wei formed a squad with some golden core state level eights and left the square.
There were less and less people remianing in the square, Ye Mo wanted to wait longer, but he saw that Wen Caiyi and Ling Xiaoshuang were still here and didn't want to wait anymore. If he left last, then he would be noticed.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo dashed out and immediately left. After he left, he realized the place he came to was a big grassy plain, but when he scanned the square with his spirit sense, it was still the void. As time went on, the void disappeared.
Ye Mo exclaimed, such a powerful formation!
"Did that cultivator leave by himself? "the remaining cultivators noticed.
"So introverted," someone said.
Wen Caiyi frowned. She had stayed to see if there would be any strange cultivators and now she actually did see one.
Ye Mo left fast but his back seemed familiar. She sneered, she was sure that it was the guy who insulted her.

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