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1015 The Conflict Caused by the Jade Box

Hearing this, both Cheng Yugeng and Zheng Yidao looked at Fu Rong with surprise. They'd already agreed that Ye Mo could take any jade box he wanted. This meant no matter what was in the box, no one had a right to ask.
But now, they'd split up the loot and Fu Rong asked about what was in the box.
However, everyone had selfish thoughts. Zheng Yidao and Cheng Yugeng felt strange as to why Fu Rong asked this, but they didn't question it.
It was as though he knew that the two wouldn't question him. Fu Rong just stared at Ye Mo with a hint of threat in his eyes.
Ye Mo smiled, "I took the least things and everyone agreed to me getting a jade box. If it's the Huang Star rock inside then it's my luck, if it isn't then it's bad luck. But no matter what's inside what's that got to do with you?"
Fu Rong smiled, "We came together and we split things up clearly. The only thing we don't know is what's in your box. We didn't ask for your jade box, we just want you to show us."
Ye Mo sneered, "Then sorry, the jade box belongs to me now. Even if there's an immortal pill in there and I don't want to take it out, what can you do?"
"The choice is not up to you." Fu Rong's smiling face sunk and he threw out a few formation flags. The area where they stood immediately turned into a trap and attack formation.
It was just a level three formation, but both Cheng Yugeng and Zheng Yidao's faces changed. The two looked at Fu Rong and said, "Brother Fu, what is this?"
Fu Rong said, "Brother Cheng, brother Zheng, don't worry. To tell you the truth, my main purpose here is possibly for the jade box in Ye Mo's hands, but now he took it. Of course I'm not satisfied. If you two are willing to help me take it back, I'm willing to give you both what I've just taken.
Fu Rong not only took a dao artifact but also half of the spirit stones and large amounts of materials.
Half the spirit stones was 1.5 million spirit stones. That was a fortune for the two.
Cheng Yugeng and Fu Yidao glanced at each other but didn't say anything. Fu Rong knew that they had already agreed so he released a Bronze Bell and took out a few formation flags.
"Wait, brother Fu." Zheng Yidao suddenly called out. After Fu Rong stopped he asked, "What are you looking for? You're willing to sacrifice a low-grade dao artifact for it?"
Fu Rong hesitated for a moment. Then as though he had finally made up his mind, he said, "It's a hollow meridian pill. I found out that Yu Baisheng stole someone's hollow meridian pill."
"What? Hollow Meridian pill?" the two exclaimed.
Ye Mo was dazed, the hollow meridian pill was for nascent soul state cultivators to reach hollow spirit state, but Fu Rong said there was one in his box. He really knew how to bullshit!
Ye Mo didn't know what the other material was, but it definitely wasn't some hollow meridian pill.
Hearing this, the two didn't say anything. Cheng Yugeng was heavily injured so he didn't think much, but Zheng Yidao was beginning to question.

Who didn't want the pill to reach hollow spirit state? He thought Fu Rong was being generous handing out the low-grade dao artifact, but now it seemed too stingy.
Fu Rong seemed to know what Zheng Yidao was thinking and just said, "I have another way to get a Cao Huan pill. I can give it to you two later."
These words fully drew the two to his side. What could be more attractive to a golden core state peak stage cultivator than a Cao Huan pill?
The hollow meridian pill was good, but that was for nascent soul state tertiary stage. If they couldn't reach nascent soul state stage, it would be useless.
But the Cao Huan pill was different, they could eat it now and reach nascent soul state. Plus, Fu Rong had the absolute upper hand now. His power was also a little higher than Ye Mo's. The two wouldn't reject his proposal unless they were idiots.
But Ye Mo stared at Fu Rong and said, "Fu, if I'm not wrong, you probably had a special relationship with that Yu Niangyan right? You came to here 10 years ago to find Yu Baisheng qian bei's ruin. I even suspect that Yu Niangyan died in your hands."
"Brother Cheng, brother Zheng, we don't need to listen to his bullshit. Let's attack now…" Fu Rong said and threw out formation flags. His bronze bell struck towards Ye Mo. He didn't want Ye Mo to finish his words.
Before the bell even arrived, it emitted a soul piercing sound. Even Cheng and Zheng had to use their power to defend against it.
Ye Mo sneered and released Zi Xu. With a dang, Zi Xu and the bell clashed, making a huge sound. Fu Rong's face changed and took back the bell. He was about to ask the two to help him,
but before they could, Ye Mo threw out a few formation flags and suddenly the trap formation changed, sweeping Fu Rong inside as well.
Fu Rong looked at this scene in shock and even forgot to attack. He just looked dazedly at Ye Mo and said, "You, you're a formation master? No, not a formation master, you're a formation great master…"
There was no way a formation master could change up his formation in such a short time.
Ye Mo sneered, "You took out the items inside the storage ring but placed those formation flags down. You wanted to trap us three."
The two who were about to attack had paused due to Ye Mo's power, but hearing this they were shocked. They subconsciously stayed further away from Fu Rong and had no intentions of attacking anymore.
"Bullshit." Fu Rong had calmed down. He didn't expect Ye Mo to be acting weak but actually being a formation great master. This meant that everything he had done was already seen through by Ye Mo.
Ye Mo sneered, "You're a mere level three formation master, yet you're so familiar with a level five formation. If you didn't know Yu Baisheng qian bei's formation heritage well, how could you know? You knew this formation so well but you let brother Cheng get hurt, clearly you have no good intentions. Then, you secretly laid a trap formation while you were playing with the storage ring. Are you not planning to attack us after?"
Cheng Yugeng's face was bitter, he realized that Ye Mo was telling the truth for sure. But Ye Mo knew the formation would counterattack but hadn't pointed it out either.
"You can find Yu Baisheng qian bei's formation heritage and his ruin, clearly you have some relationship with him. And you said you found this place because of Yu Niangyan. You probably schemed against her as well right?" Ye Mo sneered.
"Stop framing me! Brother Cheng, brother Zheng, and I are friends of many years - why would I scheme against them? But you, you didn't do much but instead you get the hollow meridian pill? This is the most unfair thing." Fu Rong still wanted to get the two on his side.
But this time, Ye Mo couldn't even be bothered explaining and released Zi Xu again.
This time, he used Illusion Cloud whirlpool strike.
Fu Rong released the bronze bell again, but the whirlpool sword rays were too dense and the power of the cultivation essence wasn't something the bell could stop. Fu Rong was shaken and realized he was far from a match for Ye Mo. Without hesitation, he released a rune which swept up green light, taking Fu Rong away immediately. What was left in the air was just a bell.